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Bosch Nyon 8GB Upgrade Kit incl. Holder and Control unit £207.85 @ Bike Discount
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Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
Bosch Nyon 8GB Upgrade Kit incl. Holder and Control unit £207.85 @ Bike Discount£207.85 £13.73
Bosch Nyon 8GB Upgrade Kit incl. Holder and Control unit £221.58 included delivery!!! Bosch presents the first all-in-one eBike board computer: driving mode, speed, cadence, rang… Read more

Between Kiox and these, anyone had experience with either? I like the Kiox size however the custom ride mode on Nyon is interesting.


Depends on the motor I think.


Can I replace the basic bosch unit on my haibike with this


probably reduced as new 2021 version which looks epic


Yeah just seen that. Damn Brexit :/ (annoyed)

Full face detachable mountain bike helmet - £155 @ Bike Discount
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Posted 11th Dec 2020Posted 11th Dec 2020
Full face detachable mountain bike helmet - £155 @ Bike Discount£155
Beat price I’ve seen so far still over £200 in places like leisure lakes think it’s the same on chain reaction aswell

Yes, vents lol Brow padding also helps guide sweat away from ones eyes Not the lightest or best vented but a pretty awesome do it all helmet One vent allows for a brakeaway camera mount too


I got this for over £200 at the start of 2018 It's an awesome helmet, downhill rated etc. unlike the super r Looks awesome Matte black is slick You've got two helmets in one here, excellent for general mountain biking and enduro - you can remove the full face for the climb and then attach for descent Or just use it as a trail lid for trail riding days and full face for downhill or sketchier stuff Excellent deal Only issue is Bell's parent company (the sporting goods company that bought them) support the NRA. Real shame So by buying this you are indirectly supporting pro gun lobbying in the US effectively So worth bearing in mind so you can decide how that sits with you


I bought one of these a few years back, as well as a Met Parachute. Ended up returning this as it just wasn’t as comfy as the Met, and it was a faff removing the face bit. No regrets on the Met, still going strong.


You’re telling me our lass ordered me the endura mt500 for 170 (doesn’t have mips) then I seen this so the mt500’s getting sent back (lol)


Is it supposed to have holes in it?

Focus JAM 6.7 SEVEN Bike £1886.41 @ Bike Discount
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Posted 13th Aug 2020Posted 13th Aug 2020
Focus JAM 6.7 SEVEN Bike £1886.41 @ Bike Discount£1,886.41
Really good entry level full suspension bike with 150mm travel in the front, won’t find many full sus bikes sub 2k with a dropper fitted unless you can get hold of a vitus, good br… Read more

I don't think you can just blur them altogether and just say all brands have had some issues so they are all the same. Canyon has a huge amount of issues with many dis-satisfied customers, some had to rely on their credit card protection to get their money back and even legal methods but most it was just hassle. There has even been at least one Canyon ex-employee saying how dishonest the company is and that many of the bikes are fully manufactured in the far east and shipped from there and many of the marketing claims are false. If you ever see a picture of Quest Composites its a real low end facility with people sitting on small tables assembling carbon fibre components with incorrectly fitting hair nets so easy for particles to get into the carbon fibre as its being made and these are images promoted by the Quest Composite company themselves. See if I can find the image. I mean how on earth is that hairnet on the woman in the foreground going to protect particles getting into the CF as she makes those forks? One particle can cut into the carbon fibre as its repeatedly flexed in use causing a failure point in the future perhaps after a few thousand miles. Same factory also makes many Trek CF frames and probably other brands too. CF forks are one of the most dangerous components on a bike after the tyres and tubes. A failure with CF forks can easily kill the cyclist more so than a frame failure.


It maybe contraversal but the OP is kind of right with entry level full suspension. I'm on a hardtail but collectively they are cheaper without the component of rear. Myself, looking to upgrade eventually from a Voodoo bizango (which I have specced out to its limit now) I was literally going to do what I did with the bizango, which was go off again what MBR had rated as the best. So this year it would be the YT Jeffesy comp (not that I have ever seen a large frame in stock) but this discussion had opened my eyes to disadvantage to direct sale brands if you have a problem & that these reviewers don't look into the longevity of the bike. Then bricks and mortar bought bikes are slightly higher price (unless there's a sale) comparing specs for money but you have a base to go back too. Definitely need to research before you buy & know the market


£1900 bike being described as entry level. Love it (lol)


I got mine for £1100 too! :D


Cheers! :D

Radon ZR lady 6.0 Women's Hardtail touring bike - £617.78 @ Bike Discount
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Posted 13th Aug 2020Posted 13th Aug 2020Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Radon ZR lady 6.0 Women's Hardtail touring bike - £617.78 @ Bike Discount£617.78
Just purchased one for my partner, RockShox fork, Shimano deore brakes. Really good spec think it works out at about 600 with delivery. Delivery will take about 4 weeks. But worth … Read more

Thanks @Masse828 for sharing your first deal with us :)


Obviously theirs better out their but with the way bikes went i thought it wasn’t such a bad deal


The Rockshox XC30 forks are nothing special, they are just coil forks with only 30mm stanchions. It's got the Rockshox name but not really the performance. There has been many mountain bikes around that price even now with air shocks. Also buying outside the UK weakens your consumer rights. The brand seems to have lower weight limits than some brands and only a short 5 year warranty on the frame. You would definitely want to pay by credit card but even that isn't a guaranteed safety net since banks get far less commission on credit card sales now, their customer service seems to have fallen quite a bit.

Garmin Forerunner 945 - European edition £450.90 @ Bike Discount
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Posted 30th Dec 2019Posted 30th Dec 2019Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Garmin Forerunner 945 - European edition £450.90 @ Bike Discount£450.90£499.9910% off
The description indicates this is the hard to get European edition and in stock: Manufacturer Item no.: 010-02063-01 (Garmin GB website shows the same product number) Note there i… Read more

I've got the watch yesterday morning. All fine. Free delivery took a week.


Just bought this watch. I will let you know how long it takes to arrive.


Those voting cold let me know where can I get this cheaper or sooner. Don't hold it back.


645 is cheap for a reason, even the lowliest 245 is getting newer features than it. Unfortunately Garmin have messed up with their hierarchy on the “45” series, hopefully the “55” will sort out the mess. For me it’s the 245 if you don’t do Tri/need mapping/OWS, 945 if you do. And Fenix if you are a more rugged soul!


Yeah I wasn’t prepared to wait and I think the US version only comes with US mapping. I’ve ended up buying the fenix 6 titanium on Xmas day still waiting for delivery though

Flatless Commuter Tyre 2 x Marathon Plus 27.5" Tyres delivered to UK at Bike Discount for £47.29
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Posted 4th Nov 2018Posted 4th Nov 2018Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Flatless Commuter Tyre 2 x Marathon Plus 27.5" Tyres delivered to UK at Bike Discount for £47.29£47.29
Schwalbe Flatless Tyre These things are the best tyre I've ever used. Year after year of puncture free commuting on my bike. There is little choice if your commuting on a 650B wh… Read more

I use these tyres all year round. Heavier and slower than other tyres I have but they have been - touch wood - puncture free. Feel safe to ride on also. I have them on my MTB and on my hybrid.


is it me or is it just the back tyre that catches a flat?


Good price


If you cant get Greenguard, it might be worth you considering Delta Cruiser +..... 700x28 is only £11.99 at Chain Reaction with free del. They're the reflective band Reflex version as well.


£34.51 Delivered for a pair from Bike Discount

Mini Micro Scooter - Yellow - £40.07 Delivered - Bike Discount
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Posted 3rd Feb 2016Posted 3rd Feb 2016
Mini Micro Scooter - Yellow - £40.07 Delivered - Bike Discount£40.07
Again these sell for £59.99 in the uk, so again quite a discount available, provided you don't mind candy yellow as a colour. Other colours available but they are between £39 and … Read more

Is there much difference apart from the handle bar between micro and maxi ????


Ordered! Brill!


thanks ordered.


Sorry, I didn't see the delivery costs, as I originally ordered this and the postage was free. Ordered it at 11:30pm last night, and already received an email saying my order is pack awaiting DPD to collect. That's quicker than most UK stores. Also noticed that it is no longer available, so must have got the last one, hence why I didn't post that deal


£38.46 delivered for me?! still good discount, have you added delivery charge onto your header?

Micro Maxi with T-Handlebar black - £75.48 delivered  @ bike-discount
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Posted 3rd Feb 2016Posted 3rd Feb 2016
Micro Maxi with T-Handlebar black - £75.48 delivered @ bike-discount£75.48
Been looking at getting a Maxi Micro to upgrade my son's scooter, and came across this site. Since Micro scooters never come down in price, thought it was a nice saving to order fr… Read more
five ten impact 2 low team black £52 @ Bike Discount
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Posted 15th Dec 2015Posted 15th Dec 2015
five ten impact 2 low team black £52 @ Bike Discount£52
if anyone rides mountain bikes and like me hates being clipped in this is a great deal for these five tens great grip and hard wearing and can also be used as a walking shoe as wel… Read more

Great mtn biking shoes, can get heavy when wet. They are super grippy, loads of mates enthused about them, I now know why.


Great pair of shoes, heat OP.