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FIXIE Inc. Blackheath Street black City Bike - £286.99 delivered @ Bikester
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Sharp looking minimalist bike with 10 year warranty. Especially light aluminum frame in many colours … Read more

This is a good bike if you like minimum maintenance for bikes. Messing around indexing gears is not fun when you have to on a geared bike. I can go up a hill on a single speed. It's actually not as bad as you think, because the bike weighs less and your more focused on riding it up the hill I find. Alternatively you do have second gear which is walk up the steepest of hills which is actually faster than geared bike sometimes.... I miss my single speed bike which broke because I came flying off it when I hit a pot hole and broke my arm. Looks like a great bike and it has an aluminium frame! Heat


If you want to change the cog to one that suits you, meaning buying a few plus the changing tool and removal isnt easy without a vice. Absolutely not for a beginner.


Fixed gearing can be low or high. You could have a nippy bike that moves off quickly but just isn't capable of particularly high speeds without a ridiculously high cadence. I actually think a fixed gear bike could be a good commuting bike as it gives you that stronger feeling of control as long as you have some form of foot retention.


I just got the 8.9 with the gates belt last week, it's like where have you been my whole life! Amazing (lol)


Thank you for your feedback!

FIXIE Inc. Blackheath Street black City Bike - £328 delivered @ Bikester
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Especially light aluminum frame in many colours Flip-flop hub (freewheel & Fixie option) … Read more

I think God might disagree...


Actually God's creations, e.g. animals, don't have gears - which prooves bikes shouldn't have them too (angel)


God invented gears for a reason.


I guess I am weak! I will stick with my Trek hybrid bike...with so many gears (some I have even never used but it's comforting to know they are available)


The weight may be 10,8 kg. Multiple gears are for weak cyclers anyway :D

Ortler Miss Liz women glossy black grey city bike (2020) for £468.99 includong delivery @ Bikester
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Posted 2nd Jun 2020Posted 2nd Jun 2020
Ortler Miss Liz women glossy black grey city bike (2020) for £468.99 includong delivery @ Bikester£468.99£600.9922% off
Ortler bikes are famous in Germany for being smooth, well-oiled machines ideal for cruising the city's flatter roads. This one from Bikester is no exception — the Miss Liz is a bea… Read more

The GF has a Pashley and she loves it but it weighs an absolute ton (23Kg). It's fine for nipping to the shops but any further or any kind of hill and she's struggling. Low maintenance with hub brakes and hub gears but a wicker basket (that's rotted) and a leather saddle that also doesn't like rain. She's considering a conventional bike (probably a hybrid) now because she wants to go further than just the shops.


Decent set-up this...


I expected a 3 speed hub gear at most but no, 7 speeds. That'll probably give you enough range to get up hills and go at a decent pace on the flat.


The landscape looks flat until you get on a bike. Places that you’ve stomped over with ease for years suddenly have gradients when you cycle. 🥴


Not all cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow for example

Ninebot by Segway Electric KickScooter (Scooter) ES2 - £263.99 Delivered @ Bikester
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Posted 24th Jan 2020Posted 24th Jan 2020
Ninebot by Segway Electric KickScooter (Scooter) ES2 - £263.99 Delivered @ Bikester£263.99£33521% off
Wowza, reduced again, making this I reckon one of the best electric scooter buys of the last 6 months. It's recommended that users wear a helmet. Electric scooters must not be us… Read more

Deal expired? Showing up as £349.99 now..... ;(


Just wait until they are made legal and don't waste your money now.


No problem mate


Bought it,looking forward for delivery,thanks for post!


No problem :)

Ninebot by Segway Electric KickScooter ES2 - £299 Delivered @ Bikester
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Posted 12th Jan 2020Posted 12th Jan 2020
Ninebot by Segway Electric KickScooter ES2 - £299 Delivered @ Bikester£299£34914% off
It's recommended that users wear a helmet. Electric scooters must not be used on public highways, pavements, cycle lanes or bridleways, but only on private property with the owner'… Read more

I know its bonkers. Its illegal to ride your bike on the pavement too! The police are way too busy/tired/underfunded/understaffed to care about someone riding an electric scooter however keyboard warriors so distant and far removed from the subject try and tackle it like a grave apocalyptic situation. Anti Scooter People - get a life. The world would be better place if you channeled your efforts elsewhere, the grass is greener (y)


It's ne bother just mind numbingly dull (zombie) You and the other nay-sayers certainly are advocates, here is the definition from Google... advocate /ˈadvəkət/ 1. a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. "he was an untiring advocate of e-scooter reform" upholder supporter backer promoter


i tried to buy it but the price is different any chance ? Segway KickScooter ES2 blackID: 978185 £483.99 before £379.99 after


Had mine now for over a year and i love it, i do however recommend the extended battery as it gives more range and speed. And to all the ney sayers about these being dangerous, well you put an idiot or irresponsible person in ANY vehicle and it will be dangerous, its not the scooter or vehicle its the person controlling it, drive safely and consideratly and you will greatly reduce the risk of having an accident.


These are fantastic for inner city or short journey use and tech like this is both Greener and the way forward. HOWEVER, they will find it incredibly hard to find some 'ground' we're they can be used because of the Petrochemical and services (carparks for example) who face losing a HUGE amount of revenue should they be legalised. The best thing to do IMHO is to all work towards a mass demonstration we're we can take to the streets and promote our case. Inncer City congestion would be reduced in days with only more and more roads pace being opened for those with a cocktail sausage for an ego.

Garmin Forerunner 245 - £228.99 @ Bikester
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Posted 7th Jan 2020Posted 7th Jan 2020
Garmin Forerunner 245 - £228.99 @ Bikester£228.99
Best price around for this Garmin Forerunner 245.its the updated version to the 235. For this year. Nice upgrade for ppl looking. Next best price is like £250

Yea I have no plans on upgrading to be honest. Ah that's good then. Long as your getting the most out of it. That's the important thing. O that sucks. I know loads of people that have gone down with the flu this year. It's crazy. Well hope you get better soon.


The 235 has all the best and most recent stuff so if that's what you do with it I wouldn't bother upgrading really. The Fenix was the only thing I really bought for myself in the last year but I use it so much that it's a worthwhile expense. Garmin's watches are all pretty similar, as soon as you get to like a Vivoactive 3 and above, there really isn't a lot separating them other than minor features and body/casing. I can't really do anything in anger until I get over this viral infection...


Hmm. That's still not terrible. O see I didn't have to worry about that. I've only had 2 watches. The Garmin Forerunner 35. Then jumped to 235. I'm sure I'll get a new watch at some point. O OK now that actually is a fancy watch!. Slightly jealous not going to lie. 😄. Very nice indeed. O see I only do running. So for me the Forerunner makes sense. But I just started doing a running challenge to do 1,000k (621 miles) in a year. Works out 20 miles a week. So it's doable.


COLD Was under £200 at Amazon recently and only £207 at Runnerinn.


Yeah 500 is plenty especially with how simple the sync of playlists is, you just sync 1-2 playlists and go. 6 hours is fine but it does assume you have the watch charged up, that’s what I was getting at. I remember the early days of Garmin GPS where you basically had to charge before a run! I have a 6X Sapphire (51mm) but it’s too big for my wrist, it’s a nice watch with a huge display and battery but I had the 5S before (the small one) and I keep clipping it (the 6X) on stuff so I’ve got a 6 Titanium now. I use them for multi-sport so it made sense to choose that over a Forerunner.

Serious Bear Rock E- bIKE (2019) Bosch motor & Bosch battery- just £1087 delivered @ Bikester
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Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
Serious Bear Rock E- bIKE (2019) Bosch motor & Bosch battery- just £1087 delivered @ Bikester£1,087.20
Absolutely cracking one day deal at Bikester . Serious Bear Rock E Bike (2019) with BOSCH performance motor BOSCH Performance line Battery and PURION Display ...was £2199 has been … Read more

I liked your comment but needed to let you know that your comment has literally changed my life (lol) . Got badass on my ebike and have not stopped smiling. Ebikes need deristricing imho (y) .


17mph average is a good lick - sounds like you dont need an ebike


i personally would love a 20mph limit as i usually average around 17mph on my 12 mile daily commute ...i think any faster would be dangerous , ie cars misjudging your speed and pulling out in front of you


A bit of googling suggests that the EU epac regulations have a 10% allowance for error on the maximum speed. If that is indeed the case, then if you buy a bike with a controller that can be tweaked, and adjust it accurately to 17mph, it still should be road legal. Still too slow for me to want one, although it would be handy going up hills, the extra weight of the electrics would slow me down on the flat.


You can have the opinion that you'd like more motor speed and you can have the opinion that the current legislation is wrong and cut of speed should be higher. But that doesn't change the fact that the cut off speed was set because of average bicycle speeds. Legally 15.5 mph is all you can have currently. If you dont like that, you can either ride illegally, with the risks that entails. Or you can actively try to get the law changed.... and good luck with that.

Endura MT500 in Azure Blue - £123.99 @ Bikester
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Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019
Endura MT500 in Azure Blue - £123.99 @ Bikester£123.99£149.9917% off
Great reviews for this MTB jacket, this looks like a good discount. Colour may not appeal to all, but where I will be wearing it, no one will see me......

Yeah really expensive ride out .. somehow I only had one scrape on my shoulder, the left chest of the jacket was falling out and arm was ripped to shreds about 20 barb wire cuts. I bagged a singletrack enduro jacket for £60 last winter so making do with that, not as nice but waterproof


Zoiks, that was an expensive fight. What did you replace it with?


heat from me, ive been using endura for many years, yes their stuff is expensive BUT its quality clothing,fits well and made in the uk (scotland)


They are good jackets although quite short at the front and a bit flappy on the shoulders, sizing wasn’t great for me was between a medium and large ended up with the bigger one purely for length at the front Had a fight with a barb wire fence and lost , sent it back to endura repair service but it was beyond repair :(

Bikester cyclocross bike - Serious Grafix Cyclocross Bike Black (2018) - £501.99
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Bikester cyclocross bike - Serious Grafix Cyclocross Bike Black (2018) - £501.99£501.99
A good all round bike, available in 6 sizes with decent components that will last thousands of miles. weight about 11kg and includes pedals! black friday deal may end soon. … Read more

Be careful with those 'Serious' bikes I had an email flyer with a so called deal for a £250 mountain bike bargain but the bike while having reasonable components in other areas had some utterly junk hybrid quality forks not off-road yet was fitted to a mountain bike. The stanchions were only 25.4mm thick the same thickness as handlebars. They claimed and original price of £500 for this bike with these junk forks. Not only a con but quite dangerous in my opinion. Maybe the bike was designed just to get you going until you upgraded to some decent forks of your choice but this definitely wasn't made clear in the description or maybe the rider weight limits are quite low to allow for such weak forks but again not made clear. From what is written above regarding customer service I would be very wary of buying a Serious bike from bikester. I bought tyres previously from them, not much to go wrong there.


RRP obviously a joke.For £500 I'd expect carbin forks. Looks nice


Do not buy from this seller. I bought an electric bike one year ago and when the rear wheel went wrong, they blamed me. They don't honour the warranty. I sent the case to the manufacturer, Haibike, and they sent me a new wheel for free, given the special circumstances of the case. Anyway this is the worst place to buy a bike. Special thanks for Winora\Haibike they really know how to treat their customers.

Cube Attention MTB Hardtail Grey 2018 Model £599.20 Delivered W/Code @ Bikester (In black or white)
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Posted 8th Jun 2018Posted 8th Jun 2018
Cube Attention MTB Hardtail Grey 2018 Model £599.20 Delivered W/Code @ Bikester (In black or white)£599.20£74920% off
Looks to be a really decent price for the 2018 model. I've seen the 2017 at this price recently, but not this one. The code gives 20% off all Cube bikes over £699, so you might f… Read more

I've seen some good deals on tyres recently from bikester but can't see this as much of a bargain looking at the components fitted. Looks like a fairly generic Chinese frame with mid level components. The front suspension looks pretty low end coil design. I think the same money could get you an air shock elsewhere. Not a bad price but not really a huge bargain. I guess one for those happy to pay extra to have a German brand on their Chinese bike. I've only had a fleeting look elsewhere but even after a quick look this bike appears much better. Not even discounted currently so with Halfords roller coaster pricing just have to wait a week or so. Looks like the Cube has limited frame sizes available too.


also works on already discounted bike, might be a bargain out there.