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£10 Discount
£10 Discount
Save £10 and clean your carpets for only £12.99 using voucher code @ Bissell
At the moment Bissell are giving away vouchers for £10 off when renting a Big Green professional carpet cleaner at Tesco. This means that to rent a carpet cleaner for 24 hours it o… Read more

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No loss of suction vacuum cleaner-£59.99 less 10% @ Bissell
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Posted 28th Aug 2014Posted 28th Aug 2014
No loss of suction vacuum cleaner-£59.99 less 10% @ Bissell£53.99
BISSELL C3 Cyclonic Cylinder Vacuum 1229A - £59.99 was £249.99. Use code BISS10 for 10%.

tried mine today and very impressed. only downsides are size and weight but i guess that's same for all standard size hoovers


Ellie Phant - Agreed, but it will when the revised limit comes in - the limit will be either 800/900watts, next year sometime. If anyone wants the exact details you can find them online I am sure. All this is to combat global warming by using less electricity. I haven't bought one myself but I think tis a cracking deal if you need one.


It has a 1400w motor so doesn't come under the new regs. Mine arrived today and it is one hell of a sucker.


keejoonc - I don't know as I am not daft enough to pay more than £100 for a vacuum cleaner! So I have never used a Dyson. I note on BBC TV today that the EC is brining in new regulations to restrict the power of vacuum cleaners, to help protect the environment apparently, which may explain Bissell's sale on their website - the above model is one of their most powerful at 350 air watts.


how do these compare to dyson vacuums? obviously one is more expensive.

Bissell Vac and Steam £99.97 from Bissell Direct with free P&P and 0% over 2 months
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Posted 21st May 2014Posted 21st May 2014
Bissell Vac and Steam £99.97 from Bissell Direct with free P&P and 0% over 2 months£99.97
Looks like a good deal as around £150 at other places. We're moving into our new house soon which has laminate downstairs so easier to hoover and sanitise the floors for the kids.

Thanks for that! How you liking it so far?


Get another 10% off by using this code BISS10 Got mine today


Use this code to get another 10% off BISS10 Got mine today


Thank you for replying with your thoughts. I'm still undecided as I have found my steam mop is much better now i've added a coral noodle pad to it (the one with microfibre fingers) this catches a lot of the dust that I used to just push around with flat microfibre mop. I better make a decision soon though as I think the offer only has just over a week more to run!


Tried it at parents house and works well. Picked up loads of crumbs off floor - it's no dyson for vacuuming but great as a steamer and means the bits don't get trapped in the cloth. Well worth it

Free Pair of Bissell Socks
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Posted 14th Oct 2012Posted 14th Oct 2012
Free Pair of Bissell Socks
As part of their White Sock Test, Bissell are giving away loads of pairs of free socks. Like their Facebook page and order a free pair of white Bissell socks today. Everyone always… Read more
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Looks like this has expired now. Just had this email reply... Hi. Due to the extremely high volume of requests for white socks over the weekend, the BISSELL white socks have now run out. As per our Terms & Conditions, availability is on a first come first served basis. If you still want to enter, you can easily use your own socks to do the test and upload your findings to our Facebook page for a chance to win! Facebook - T&Cs - All the best Aaron


The competition side of it is after you recieve the socks and take a photo of your dirty carpet feet. :)


I believe you have to request them by email to


this is good


it looks like a competition rather than a giveaway?

Bissell Twin Power-£67.00 (inc. p&p)  ORIGINAL PRICE £127.19 @ Bissell Direct
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Posted 4th Jan 2009Posted 4th Jan 2009
Bissell Twin Power-£67.00 (inc. p&p) ORIGINAL PRICE £127.19 @ Bissell Direct£67
Twin Power is a multi-cyclonic, upright, bagless vacuum cleaner. The multi-cyclonic filtration system keeps filters cleaner longer and the Air Flow indicator lets you know when the… Read more

After reading all the postive reviews on this site, I bought this item a month or so ago. Let me start by saying that the suction is awesome, as people have said the first time you run it over your carpet it fills the dust container in no time at all. However, having used a Dyson for many years before it blew up, overall I would say that the Bissell is fundamentally flawed. 1. It's too heavy. 2. The dust container is too small. 3. It's ridiculous noisy to the extent that my neighbours actually complained. 4. The hose is not very flexible. 5. If you are using the tools, it is very easy to pull the thing over and smash stuff. 6. If you pull it the other way, it can dig into and damage the carpet. 7. It is very easy to run over the cable. My advice is if you want to simply clean your carpets in your isolated bungalow then it is fine, but otherwise pay the extra and get a Dyson. That's what I am doing and my 1 month old Bissell is going into storage as an emergency vacuum cleaner.


Bissell rules the hoover world - hot deal :p Bought from Bissel direct before - said 2 week delivery, came in 2 days!


THANK U pet2000,i have made those changes


to the OPcopy this link (without the brakets ) where it says: 'Image Link' and the picture will appear on your listingAlso mention that it is a 'Vacuum Cleaner' and from 'Bissell Deals' in the head line and may also reduced from £127 to £67, which a very good price, imo. (more info in the head line is better because some people have their browser set to just the headline and they won't see the rest)[image missing]


I got the Pet Erazor, which is very similar and has a few more tools for pet hair. Here is my verdict: Very good suction. All tools are on board so when you need them they are there. Very long hose (14ft/4m) which reaches easily up my stairs (12 steps). Very strong brush which requires to set the correct pile height on your carpet, otherwise your cleaner will wonder off across your front room by itself (when motor on). One thing which I didn't like was the noise (too noisy especially for my pets) but if you can live with that, its one of the best hoover I have. This is not reconditioned but new. Hot.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum £49.95 del 1 wk only save £100
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Posted 15th Oct 2008Posted 15th Oct 2008
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum £49.95 del 1 wk only save £100£49.95
What a price, and its new not reconditioned. They also have the Healthy home model reduced by £130 to £99.95. Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum £149.95 £49.95 (inc. p&p) AMAZING OFFER … Read more
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got mine today havent had time to use it yet my dad gets annoyed if i vacuum in the evening and for the first time ever im actually dying to vacuum lol


Yes, it as an hard floor setting. :thumbsup:


Can I use it on hard floors? thought I read it somewhere . . . and that is probably why it has the scuff resistant bumper and height adjustments ???


it does almost wheelspin away , like a boy racer in a corsa at traffic lights


i was using it on pet hair setting and not using tools!!!!!! it must be very powerful lol

Reconditioned bagless upright hoover    £49.95 inc p&p
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Posted 2nd Oct 2008Posted 2nd Oct 2008
Reconditioned bagless upright hoover £49.95 inc p&p£49.95
The Bissell Lift-Off vacuum cleaner utilises the latest in vacuum technology by giving you 2 vacuums in one. RECONDITIONED 1 YEAR WARRANTY Lifts off for easy use on stairs. So… Read more
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looks great.


ordered - thanks. heat and rep added from me. although a three week waiting list


this is the most amazing hoover ever! buy one!!!!!!!!

emmajk42 is already in the merchant list, please try not to crete duplicate merchants. Thank you .


Dillingers, paste this into the IMG URL and it will display the picture in your deal :) If you use Opera, all you need to do is right click on a picture and click copy image address, easy.

Bissell lift off reconditioned now only £39.95
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Posted 19th Jun 2008Posted 19th Jun 2008
Bissell lift off reconditioned now only £39.95£39.95
A really good hoover, reconditioned, direct from Bissell. The Bissell lift-off Vacuum cleaner utilises the latest in vacuum technology by giving you 2 vacuums in one. With its abi… Read more

Ive had the blue one for over a year now and I love it! Cant fault it at all, best vac Ive ever had!


I am also very pleased with my machine, I got the blue one and also didn't receive the stair tool. I called Bissell and explained it was missing; they were kind enough to send me one FOC within a few days. As you say, great service and great product!


I ordered on over the phone yesterday (lunch time) and I payed £1.95 for quicker delivery and it arrive about an hour ago!!!! WOW that was quick, and it is a great machine, it works really well and is not as noisy or heavy as some reviews i have read, it is brilliant!! my other vacuum motor blew up 3 days ago and I vacuum every day due to having 3 boys and 2 of them have allergies and asthma.( I tend to blow motors,i have had about one a year but now it is cheaper to buy new or a deal like this) this machine has everything I want and for a great price and even with 1 year warrenty. I didnt get the stair bit but I dont use that anyway as the bit that is on the top of the vacuum does the job. I got the red one. x :)


My Mum wants one now lol


Glad to hear it. We have never regretted buying ours, a friend of ours has decided to replace her Dyson with one too!

Bissell Lift-Off Vacuum (Reconditioned) £49.95 - Back again.
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Posted 5th Jun 2008Posted 5th Jun 2008
Bissell Lift-Off Vacuum (Reconditioned) £49.95 - Back again.£49.95
This was hugely popular last year, though this time around it's a little more expensive. These are usually £150-£200 new. Although it is a refurbished item it is in very good condi… Read more
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Looks like a good deal, heat and rep added. Ordered, so will see what the filters are like when I get it. The spec says both filters are machine washable. edit: Used it a few times and no loss of suction as yet. It picks up lots of dirt compared to my old dyson!


We've got one and find the filters block up every other time we use it causing a complete loss of suction - anyone else found the same?


[SIZE=3][COLOR=SeaGreen]This has now been reduced to £39.95 !!![/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3] :thumbsup::thumbsup:[/SIZE][SIZE=3][/SIZE][image missing]


Thanks very much for this, I've been looking for a decent vacuum for ages and this looks ideal so have ordered one! Reviews on Amazon look good and only fault is a small dust compartment apparently and weight of machine - well I live in a ground floor flat so hopefully these shouldn't be issues for me! Thank you again, it's great to find something you really need at such a great price! :-D


wow-what a coincidence! i ordered one of these on wednesday (4th) and now i see a thread on it! does anybody know how long it'd take for them to deliver only their website doesn't really say anything regarding delivery times etc.... it's becoming a nightmare cleaning with a dustpan and brush lol especially as i'm 37 weeks preggers!!!

Bissell Powerwash 2 Carpet Washer £99.95 delivered
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Posted 11th Oct 2007Posted 11th Oct 2007
Bissell Powerwash 2 Carpet Washer £99.95 delivered£99.95
This retails at Tesco Direct for £199 but is on the Bissell Direct site for £99 brand new, not a reconditioned model. It appears identical (apart from the colour) to the Proheat… Read more
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hi have had the old one for 8 years and is good for keeping the carpets clean if used reg or good for cleaning up accidents but if you need a deep clean eg an old carpet needs cleaning do not expect to see a massive differance angel


Just what we were after. Does anyone have one of these and can let us know how it is? Cheers :thumbsup:


Ordering one now


How does this compare against a VAX?


:thumbsup: Thanks have just placed my order.

Bissell Lift-Off (Reconditioned) £49.95 Delivered
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Posted 7th Aug 2007Posted 7th Aug 2007
Bissell Lift-Off (Reconditioned) £49.95 Delivered£49.95
Thanks to an earlier posting by simate I managed to find a link posted by mike1212 and barneybar whereby the Bissell Lift-Off is available for £49.95 incl. P&P. Ordered one la… Read more

Hi there anyone who brought this do you find it really noisey? im sure it wasnt when i first got it ive cleaned all filters but still very noisey.


sorry for delayed response. ordered it on the monday evening and they attempted to deliver the following monday morning. as wasn't in, they redelivered on the tuesday morning. v happy bunny. :) :thumbsup:


How long did you have to wait for the bissell to arrive? Im pretty desperate my dyson blew up yesterday.


[image missing]


Had to report absence of stair cleaning tool on Tuesday evening - it arrived first thing this morning! This really does seem to be a great company to order this product from. :)

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