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Up to 33% off blink cameras at blink
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Posted 25th Apr 2019Posted 25th Apr 2019
Up to 33% off blink cameras at blink£99.99
Up to 33% off blink systems at and amazon

Assuming you've registered with IFTTT, then you need to search for "Blink Europe" and grant it access (need your Blink login). Then you can set it to do things like arm/disarm when you leave home. If there isn't already an Applet that does what you want you just create a new one and set what you want for the "this" trigger and "that" action. I also set Blink motion alerts to trigger my TP link WiFi socket attached to a lamp. Unfortunately couldn't see a way to only do this at night so not as useful as it could be.


Thanks, managed to do that. Any ideas how to get it to turn off again though? Thanks..


Just set up a free iftt account and link both accounts


Can I please ask how you integrated into ifttt please? Many thanks..


Can you wait til I've got my pants back on at least?

Up to 40% Off All Blink Cameras direct from Blink website
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Posted 10th Dec 2018Posted 10th Dec 2018
Up to 40% Off All Blink Cameras direct from Blink website
Up to 40% Off All Blink Cameras direct from Blink website. All systems.

No problem at all. Pm me if you want any help .


Thanks so much dude!!!!


Use ifttt and stringify. In stringify create a flow that turns a specific light on and off from specific times, you can make it as complicated as you like so mine will only turn on if it’s after 10pm. I’ve also set it to flash my hue hue colour in my man cave blue to mimic police. Then set ifttt to run the stringify flow if motion is detected. Sounds complicated but it’s easy. Have a go


One of the easiest setups ever-if I recall correctly, you plug the sync unit into the wall and router, then run the Blink app on your phone. There’s a wizard, which is basically turning each camera on when it says, and it connects it to the sync unit automatically. Decent cameras, but outstanding value for money and ease of use.


Had no idea you could do did you do it??

Blink xt camera 2 pack £155.99 @ Blink
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Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Blink xt camera 2 pack £155.99 @ Blink£155.99£239.9935% off
Great for inside or outdoors, night or day, Blink XT is our latest wire-free security camera. Have theses at home excellent home security camera, easy installation. Edit: 1,2,3 a… Read more

Usually does that if there is activity on going.


Have they fixed the "camera busy" and "not available" issues? Bought them and returned as very often when I tried watching liveview they'd crash.


The £239 is for the 3 camera package on amazon, the 2 camera's are the same on both sites £156


amazon theyre £239 thats alot more


I have 2 of the indoor cameras and am very impressed with them so far. Ordered this XT 2 pack from amazon. Great deal.

Blink 4 camera bundle with sync module. Save £89.99 while stocks last.
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Posted 21st Aug 2018Posted 21st Aug 2018
Blink 4 camera bundle with sync module. Save £89.99 while stocks last.£299.99£389.9823% off
Current offer saves £89.99 when you buy the 3 indoor and 1 outdoor bundle direct from blink. Four Cameras + Sync Module Bundle The Blink wireless home security & video monito… Read more

Thanks, interesting..usual with amazon it might be worth waiting for the next sale day


I'm sure it said it sends you 20 seconds before and after in an alert? But that could have been one of the others as I've literally spent hours reading reviews and information! It was between that and the Blink in the end but the mixed reviews of the Blink swayed it for me. Plus it's really just to watch my cat when I'm out and see an intruder if they broke in in the night so I don't need more than one camera.


Got the deal with 2 Outdoor cameras earlier this year for £149. Absolutely brilliant little cameras - highly recommended.


are you sure about the continous recording bit? I have both a cocoon and the blink system. Blink system is by far so much more useful, granted its a multicamera system and I have them mounted on the outside.


I bought a Cocoon yesterday after spending ages researching cameras! In the end I went for it because it has continuous recording with 7 day access to the cloud and no subscription fees plus excellent reviews on Amazon - literally all the others had very mixed reviews including these. I'd best not look on here over the bank holiday 🙈 (lol)

Blink - Father's Day Sale 20% Off All Systems
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Posted 9th Jun 2018Posted 9th Jun 2018
Blink - Father's Day Sale 20% Off All Systems£104£129.9920% off
Offer only available until 16th June

If buying today (11-June) Its cheaper to buy direct on Amazon as 25% discount

Blink spring sale - multiple packages up to £100 off
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Posted 29th Apr 2018Posted 29th Apr 2018
Blink spring sale - multiple packages up to £100 off£299.99£399.9925% off
Five Cameras + Sync Module (£100 off) The Blink wireless home security & video monitoring system is the simple and stylish way to protect your home. Blink is easy to set up, … Read more

Hi, Does it have live view other than on the phone ? i mean can i stream them on a screnn for instance ? Edit: can't be possible by wire but technically on a ipad/Android Tablet it could be possible. I've bought one pack of 5 XT, thx for the deal. Look at your email, after the order i ve received a £20 voucher Very good deal


The cameras do support IFTTT. So some basic integration can be done.


Since Blink is owned by Amazon, then one can assume that Google Home integration will not be forthcoming...

D.J.Fryer This links to details of the new Alexa skill that shows live streams of your Blink cameras. Great update.


as I Assume he means if you have one of the Amazon echos which has a screen like the spot or Show, then you can see the video from the blink on this device, and probably with some voice control too. I have no source for this I'm just guessing

15% off at Blink - including Blink XT One Camera System for £127.49
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Posted 14th Apr 2018Posted 14th Apr 2018
15% off at Blink - including Blink XT One Camera System for £127.49£127.49
Blink currently has ~15% off, unsure when it ends. Price without that is £127.49, compared to £149.99 on Amazon. Thought I'd share.

Does this work with BT wifi routers now? Thanks


Faulty two then.


Sounds like you had a faulty one then?


It was 3 feet away. My broadband has 30mb download and 10mb upload


I must admit you do have to have a strong WiFi connection and the Sync box thingy does need to be near your router.

Blink cameras. Wireless security camera. 14% off with code £207
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Posted 8th Feb 2018Posted 8th Feb 2018
Blink cameras. Wireless security camera. 14% off with code £207£207£23913% off
Great little wireless security cameras. Records to cloud (free storage). Battery or mains powered. 14% off with code CUPID18X

Shame they removed the SmartThings integration...ow long before they remove the IFTTT integration too?


I've got 3 internal Blink Camera's and two of the XT version outside - all work brilliantly. I have previously tried the Canary offering and Arlo - these are streets ahead in my opinion. The quality of the picture is great, the app works really well, customer service (UK Based) has be quick and responsive when needed and they have been working flawlessly for around a year now. They work very well as part of an IFTTT set up and you can also arm / disarm with Alexa. Given that Blink was acquired by Amazon last December, I'm guessing we will see a lot more integration going forward. Just my opinion of course... :)


Mine work with ifttt which connects to lots of other services.


Shame they don't work with anything anymore!


Yeah, assuming the reader can be bothered to read our dull banter. Most will probably mute my posts before realising the implications.