Blockbuster 10% over every £10 spend until 24/12/07

Blockbuster 10% over every £10 spend until 24/12/07


why is this cold??

I can't see any negatives about this?

i received mine this morning. On my way there after work to see what games i can get for my ps3

Got my card yesterday - I don't think this is a "hot deal" though as its restricted to those who received a card in the post....

Yep as gari said you need that thing in the psot to get it so cold on that basis

Link is dead for me.


Link is dead for me.

Theres no link - you have to have got a letter in the mail

not recieved one, annoying as i got ratchet and clank ( £44.99) and the departed on blu ray ( £17.99) today to use up some credit at one store. i would have saved £6.30 with this card.

I posted this last week but mods removed it saying not available to everyone so cannot be on forum? But it is for all blockbuster customers when they receive the mail shot.

Anyway I got the 40GB PS3 for £269.99 bundled with Fifa 08 !
Even though I thought they would not apply it to bundles.

PS Anyone want to buy Fifa 08 I just wanted a blu-ray player?

Added heat too.. even though I had posted it ! :santa:
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