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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
BMW online shop - 20% off across the site
Visit the BMW online shop between 18 November - 2 December and take advantage of either 20% off across the site using code.

I cant see anywhere to add it either unfortunately.


Anyone know if this discount code can indeed be used on Connected services packages? I added one to my basket but could not see an option to apply codes? I'd really like to get the £99 map updates and real time traffic updates. Anyone had any luck?


Same here.


Code don't work for wheels


I’m a BMW driver & I always use my indicators.

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off BMW ConnectedDrive Digital Services using code
20% off applied when entering code: HAPPY2018. Offer still active!!

Thanks for sharing!


Tried it today and now expired


Just tried this on remote services and its still active.


I managed to buy without a problem. Got CarPlay yesterday and appeared in my car instantly after I deleted and added my phone again.


Coast2coastcars as an example 20% is the absolute minimum. Never ever pay full price for any car. BMW in particular have massive discounts. Last 2 BMW's I've bought have been 23% off and 24% off.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Expensive in the first place but 10% off might help someone.

Bargain. Just spent £800 on a mountain bike that's really worth about £250. (lol)


2 h8 bulbs cost £50 (flirt)


Been going for a month or two now .


You wont get 10% off a car.


thanks gonna use my loan of a million dollars to buy a car now bye

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Douglas Park Hamilton BMW 7 Series 740d xDrive M Sport Saloon £54, 495 @ BMW
909° Expired
Douglas Park Hamilton BMW 7 Series 740d xDrive M Sport Saloon £54, 495 @ BMW£54,495£84,86036% off
'Click View Retailer Offer'. Brand new BMW 7 Series 740d xDrive M Sport Saloon from Douglas Park Hamilton. Non-Standard Options: -M Sport Pro Pack -M rear spoiler -S… Read more

Not all UK drivers consider 100k as a limit. There are actually many cars with 200k+ on the clock running well. It was just about what manufacturers put as the “lifetime” when they declare that timing chain, gearbox oil etc. does not need to change


It is just something to remember when you see “lifetime belt/chain” or “lifetime gearbox oil” etc advertised. All that need to be replaced or serviced at certain point. Same about 20k+ miles oil change intervals - only work if you plan to dump the car in five years.






Thanks stockpiled a few in case of no deal

30% discount off Bmw connected drive services eg Apple car play preparation down to £185.50
279° Expired
30% discount off Bmw connected drive services eg Apple car play preparation down to £185.50
I.e Apple car play preparation down from £265 to £185.50. many other deals available if your bmw has expired connect drive.
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I’m guessing that as its a 67 plate you may already have had a service. They are only offering the service package to a car thats not yet had a service. As for your other comment, the ‘system’ should know your car and if like ours it may have features your not able to purchase as your car doesn’t support it.


Ive got a 67 plate BMW I bought used, connected drive just run out so trying to get plus bought but the site doesnt seem to be working for me? Also tried buying a service pack but it tells me to contact my dealer, who then deny any knowledge of this and try to sell me a standard 1 major 1 minor service for near a grand.....not impressed


Also just bought service inclusive. Not worth full price unless you'd get 3 services out of it but at the discounted rate seems pretty decent for 60k miles/5 years


It’s the same for service too, the bar stewards have been chasing my partner to book her BMW in since this Oct as thats when it was built, yet it was only registered in Jan 2019!. What with all the lock downs its hardly been used, so is only ever going to hit the service based on year(s) usage rather than miles. Opted for the service pack today for £586ish vs £800+


(horror) didn’t realise that. The 3 year thing is such a con anyway, never mind from build date!

BMW X3 XDrive20D with optional Technology Pack - 2.9% APR - £449 PCM and £4829 deposit - Total Cost £26,381 @ Ocean Group BWM
-521° Expired
BMW X3 XDrive20D with optional Technology Pack - 2.9% APR - £449 PCM and £4829 deposit - Total Cost £26,381 @ Ocean Group BWM£26,381
Current promotion for BMW X3 XDrive20D with optional Technology pack and 2.9% APR on 4 year PCP and a £4829 deposit. £449PCM I’ve managed to get them to include the comfort… Read more
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Thanks @ithompson5949 for sharing your first deal with us :)


I think the OP thinks the £26k buys it outright ... hope they have not pulled the trigger without realising another £19k final payment is due. This is a horrible deal.



It verges on insanity really...


£26k to rent a car for 4 years, wow that is crazy.

Brand new BMW 118i M Sport 5-door Hatch for £335 deposit and £335 for 48 months PCP Deal - Total Cost £16,415 @ BMW Halliwell Jones
-630° Expired
Brand new BMW 118i M Sport 5-door Hatch for £335 deposit and £335 for 48 months PCP Deal - Total Cost £16,415 @ BMW Halliwell Jones£16,415

The op’s had a gavin


If you have no intention of paying the balloon payment at the end to own the car, you could lease for £311.16 per month instead and it would be far cheaper. £15,133.68 total including fees here based on a 48 month term (1+47) and 8k miles per year (same as this deal as far as I can tell). Road tax is also included in a lease so another saving compared to this PCP. And that's probably still a bad deal.


loving the new shape looks better in person


Ours is 134bhp. When I say hard work, I mean forever changing gear. In a straight line it goes ok.


Typical BMW driver... apparently finds indicators 'sleep inducing' so never bothers using it! (y) Here's another one for you... What is the difference between a BMW and a porcupine? Porcupines have pricks on the outside! (lol)

0% APR on the adventure ready MINI Countryman SUV via BMW Store
57° Expired
0% APR on the adventure ready MINI Countryman SUV via BMW Store
Built for the great outdoors, with its spacious interior and array of innovative technology.

If it's any consolation, I think they are junk too (y)


But you posted a RangeRover Velar deal in the past (highfive) . No hypocrisy here then :D.


Why not I can fit my gym bag in it.


Fair enough :)


No idea I'm afraid ... it's a hybrid and hubby drives it ;) my Rav 4 which is an older diesel model does iro 56 to 60mpg, hence why we got another one x

BMW 440i - £399 a month - 1k up front - Total £10177 - BMW Military & Emergency Services
-258° Expired
BMW 440i - £399 a month - 1k up front - Total £10177 - BMW Military & Emergency Services£10,177
One for the purists and you need to be forces/nhs etc Indicators (yawn) etc included
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VW campervan, but I'm not jealous of people who have BMWs. They seem like a decent car. What do you drive?


BMW owner?


Realistically this spec will lose about £25k over 3 years, so to lease for 2 years at £10k makes perfect sense for people in the market for one. Not sure I would want this one in Germany, overtaking would be tricky.


If you live in Germany maybe. But you are right none of the options are financially sound.


Two years of driving pleasure in a £47k 3 litre straight six hatchback. Rather than several years of Bill's.

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BMW Connected Drive - Apple Car Play Unlimited - £118 @ BMW Store
-66° Expired
BMW Connected Drive - Apple Car Play Unlimited - £118 @ BMW Store£118£29560% off
Very good price for Black Friday weekend - BMW are offering Apple Car play for £118 rather than the normal £295, to have it permanently unlocked on your vehicle.
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Bmw idrive 7 is so good you don’t really need it to be fair...


You’ve got enough other issues if you have a Citroen Berlingo, they don’t want you to have another headache (lol)


I was looking at a newish 530d X Drive M Sport (was about £36k) the other day at a dealers as I'm getting itchy car feet again. Did all the biz and was quite tempted. However, in addition to the purchase price the BMW dealer also wanted £150 for a 'preparation pack' prior to purchase. They lost the sale there and then.


Ah ha, that explains why I have it, didn’t realise it was an option as my car is an AMG line model. I’m sure Audi were the first to offer unlockable options.


They do if you haven’t already spec-ed it in the build or as a pack. I.e premium plus merc carplay £299

20% off all items in BMW UK Store for their Black Friday event
69° Expired
20% off all items in BMW UK Store for their Black Friday event
Use code BF20, not valid on already discounted spotlight products. Also works on the UK mini store. I ordered a cap from a UK dealer and the delivery was free.


Yes definitely, prices are quite high in general. I got a classic cap for about £13 so happy with that.

I wish it included the cars 😁


Cold not Audi.


Never gets old does it?!

BMW connected drive black Friday e.g Online Entertainment is £125.30
49° Expired
Black Friday discounts available on the Connected Drive store. Click the link to see all discounts. E.g. Online Entertainment is £125.30 down from £179. £10 a month for 40 millio… Read more
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Totally agree. The best option is to go with their service/Deezer. It seems crazy to me that they can't get something right that you can do in a ford fiesta.


I have an 18 plate, using an S10 with premium Spotify. Like you say it is very hit and miss if it connects, sometimes I have to delete and pair my phone again, which 99% of the time I have already started my journey. Sound quality is also not on par with the radio, bluetooth/Spotify is alot lower, therefore you nearly have the car just under max volume and the phone on max volume. Updated to the latest software and still the same pretty much. Not something you'd expect from a premium brand.


The connected plus package is still £99, does that include the black Friday off? F32 2013 pro media.


Spotify does work through an android phone, though like you sat it does seem buggy and doesn't always seem to connect correctly. I only have the free version so I don't know if premium is any better. It is disappointing that they've not really bothered to improve the iDrive system through FW updates (even though they heavily advertise the update feature). I've had 1 update in 2.5 years and it was very minor. You would expect with the number of F3x cars sold they would be able to support them better. As with all of these things, they keep the best improvements for their newest cars but cars are supposed to last longer than phones (even if some people treat them that way)! Android Auto sounds good hopefully they will have it by the time I come to replace mine (which will be a fair few years). Also just realised the discount doesn't apply to the connected packages which is a bit strange. Does anyone have an alternative source for map updates?


It's independent of the phone. I'm android. I guess it's like the car system is it's own phone. You would need to cancel your current subscription and take out the new one (I think) you can then put that new one on your phone and iPad /computer etc.

Enjoy 25% off all services at selected BMW centres
185° Expired
Enjoy 25% off all services at selected BMW centres
Book between 15th - 18th Nov for service appointment before 24th December for 25% off on all services and MOTs. I paid £200 for my service last week which is now showing as £150. … Read more

It's 6.5 litres mate. The cost of the oil is a maximum of £60 and lets say £10 max for the oil filter. Unless they've done something else they are taking the piss IMO. I would phone another BMW dealership and get a price for an oil service and see what they say. Also, might be worth buying a Service Plan from BMW if you don't want to go to an independent, which is understandable if your car is only a year old.




A man with experience in that department one presumes (y)


(lol) 6.5 bottles (popcorn) (y)


Checking your stupidity is FREE (annoyed)

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