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have used this your self
is it def working ????


have used this your selfis it def working ????

copy and past the link into your browser, should work then, HOT DEAL! heat added:-D

Can't see any reason why you couldn't use another copy of the voucher either :thumbsup:

Ooh BOGOF. I don't go to Blockbuster much (once in the last 7yrs) but I will try out this voucher and print some off for my friends. Go round a mayes house and have a movie marathon if a few friends get 2 dvds each.

Heat added as I think this will become hot very soon :-) xx

surely this is a ROGOF?

Original Poster


have used this your selfis it def working ????

Not used it myself, I don't use blockbuster, but I'm sure it shoud be ok, stuff through Pigsback usually is.

I used it on Friday night at my local Blockbuster in Long Eaton.

They didnt even study the voucher, just scanned the bar code on it, happy days, great post OP.

Wonder if you can do it more than once on same account???

I used it fine in Swindon branch....just scanned it through the till. Also they still give you two nights for two dvd's even though one of them is free!

Just to say i work for blockbusters & theres no limit in t&c's about how many you can use per account!!
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