BOGOF at Pizza Hut in January

BOGOF at Pizza Hut in January


for delivery AND collection???

I'm guessing this starts on January 1st?

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for delivery AND collection???

Yeah if you quote the code over phone when you order or enter it online.


I'm guessing this starts on January 1st?

Sorry not sure. Lame I know! But couldn't see a valid from date on voucher they sent me.

Last time I had a code on a leaflet and told them about it on the phone when ordering, they needed to see the leaflet with the code on when the pizza was delivered.

can this code be printed from online as well?

Good deal

not working for me when entering online.

not bloody working for me too

Guys to get this to work you need to add a slightly more expensive one first then add the second (slightly cheaper one).

Pizza 1 give it a stuffed crust or cheesy bites
Pizza 2 just normal pan

Then it will work.

If you add 2 of the same pizza it activates the code but then you get stuck in a loop trying to remove the redundant pizza.

Remember pizza 1 has to have a higher value than pizza 2 even if it's just a fewe pence difference.

cheers pinmkle

adding an extra topping to the first pizza dont work, so you have to have a more expensive crust to get the second for free. I have fudged around with this for ages

Promotional Code: BOG0201PB

Work for me. Thank you to pinkleponkle

I love HUKD

Just worked thanks.... 2 pizzas for £10.99 delivered plus quidco

this works
heat and rep added
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