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:? :? :?

:!: :!: Link does not work!!

Dont know if anyone has been more successful than me? Have tried lots of hotels in Madrid for 23rd - 26th June but only ever getting the minimum 5% off?:-(

[url]www.easyjethotels.com[/url] is powered by [url]www.hotelopia[/url] which you can get 9% cashback through quidco.

[SIZE=2]minimal discounts for me to[/SIZE]

minimal discounts for me too :?

I went through Hotelopia but apparantly the code is incorrect or invalid.
I think this code may only work if you go through Easyjethotels as the OP suggested.

if anyone has a code worth a reasonable % that they don't want, can they PM me? Mine was only worth 5%

code not working for me
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