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Good find

Dont Know Why People Are Voting Cold - Good Find Voted Hot

definately not cold - super find, realistically you could print off loads and get loads of stuff!

Great will be printing one off, thanks

excellent find!! have ran out of my no7 eye pencil and will go nicely along with my staff discount!

Great, I was going to my a new mascara on Friday anyway. Cheers!!

Voted hot!!

voted Hot, Could anyone help, i have tried printing but only the black in the voucher someone help Please.....:)

Thanks!!! Voted hot :thumbsup:

I'm sorry dobby I'm not very technical!

Thanks Anyway Suze, I DID IT !!!!
had to change the colour for black in the printing bit lol...........

Fab voucher. Doesn't mention any minimum spend either. Voted hot.

i dont know how to change to black can someone do it then paste it plz :?

It's really hot, but couldn't this be posted in the freebies? If there's no minimum spend?

brill find !!. not a freebie as theres not really much you can get for a £5.00, your have to put money to it, so not free.

IT DOES NOT WORK. Just had a nasty conversation with Boots store manager telling me this voucher has been copied, i.e. scanned and printed. They would not accept it!!!!

sab where did you get the voucher from?

Great find! - i'll try it later today :).

Original Poster


sab where did you get the voucher from?

They emailed it too me, I dont know why it wasnt accepted for the other person as it states that it needs to be printed off!

It even says " Click to print your voucher"

oh right i will try today and let you know if it worked!!!

brilliant thanks - voted hot

I went in to boots today with my £5 off voucher got a lip gloss totally free, The lip gloss was 1/2 price to £4.50 ish and the voucher made it free, great deal, voted hot!!!

Emma&Joshua, was it in the reduced bit or is it an offer on the makeup in general???
dont want to pick up a sale item and get told you cant.......:oops:
Y dont you print off a few more and get a few more colours!!!!!

Hi it wasn't reduced stock, It was just on offer, couldn't believe it when I saw it, I have printed 4 more off, For another 2 for me and 2 for my mum, lol.

Great !!! i will be buying a couple then, sorry getting a couple, Thanks.:thumbsup:

Great find. Will be in Boots over the wekend to use it (or them!). Thanks

can you tell us the title of the lip gloss please. i looked in boots yesterday and didnt see anything under £5.00

Hi its called liplicious ultra shiny lip gloss £4.38 the exact price.

just been to boots and got my free liplicious lipgloss,:thumbsup:

Printed my voucher off today and already been down to my local Boots. Bought stay perfect nail colour - normal price £6.25 only had to pay £1.25.
Going to print another three off, as I like more of the colours!
Voted Very Hot!!:thumbsup:

has anyone tried this, did it work?

I used for lip liner n eye liner..i voted hot..it does work great..

brilliant - printed and used on eye pencil £7 but only pid £2 thank you


has anyone tried this, did it work?

yes bought eye pencil £7 paid £2:)


good post

The No. 7 lipicious is already in promotion so it cannot be used in conjunction with the voucher, its originally 8.xx now reduced to 4.xx. I have tried in 3 differnt boots stores and the all attempts failed. nonetheless, i am very satisfied as i brought their eye penical for 2 pounds, thanks. Besides, i think its fair enough for them to not accept the voucher for the 1/2 price item. just want to let others know to save time

Bought a few more Stay Perfect Nail Colour - normal price £6.25 each, only had to pay £1.25 each. Already saved pounds!!!
Very pleased in finding this voucher deal - Even, the lady serving in shop thought it was brill and she asked the website address!

Hi, I used mine on Saturday and got some new foundation and nail varnish and the free bag, printed off another on to get the free lipgloss, but it wouldn't work as I hadn't spent £5.00, but at the bigger boots, my friend and her mum both got them!! will maybe go back before it runs out to get some more stuff as my daughter wants the free bag!! Great find voted HOT HOT HOT!!!

Got an eyeshadow yesterday, nice green one for 2.00,:-D

used 3 vouchers in 3 separate transactions in Boots Basingstoke with no probs at all. Great hot deal, cheers sab, repped

thanks - looking forward to boots doing this one again.
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