Bowl for £1 at Charrington Bowl or Hollywood Bowl

Bowl for £1 at Charrington Bowl or Hollywood Bowl


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great find, heat added by me. but why has people give it minus

Can't understand why this is cold?! Added my 9 for you - back in the red now

Fantastic deal printed off the voucher and took my lad bowling tonight. Had two games between us for £4 (normal price would have been £14 so saved a tenner).

The woman at the desk accepted the voucher without any hassle but had a good read through it first and checked the validity date, so presumably she'd not seen one before.

God I used to be good at bowling back in my school days but these days I've really gone downhill. My seven year old son beat me in both games (though he did have the rail down on his goes so I guess that doesn't really count! ;-))

Again I can't beleive the mentality of some come this deal barely scrapes 20 degrees of heat, in almost two months, yet the likes of "10p off a box of Bran Flakes" deals get red hot?????

Same think happened when I submitted a similar deal for AMF through Virgin Mobile a while back.

Anyway have 9 degrees and some rep for your troubles.

heat added x
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