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Morphy Richards Accents automatic soap dispenser £4.99 @ Boyes Louth Lincolnshire
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Posted 1st Jul 2020Posted 1st Jul 2020LocalLocal
Morphy Richards Accents automatic soap dispenser £4.99 @ Boyes Louth Lincolnshire£4.99£8.9944% off
Found in Boyes Louth Lincolnshire ,but might be available at other branches,Morphy Richards automatic soap dispenser from the Accents range.They had them in ivory cream,which was t… Read more
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Thats what I said ,as lets just say he was on his own.


I loved mine until our cats started brushing past it, and put their heads underneath it. Still got the scars from trying to wash it out of their fur.


At least it wasn't Deep Heat.


There's clean and then there's dispensing way more soap than is necessary, which results in buying twice as much soap than is needed. Bad for your finances, bad for the environment but great for soap manufacturers...


You can never be too clean.

Frozen 2 Pop! & Toy Story 4 Pop! Characters just £4.99 in Boyes store, Louth
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Posted 24th Feb 2020Posted 24th Feb 2020LocalLocal
Frozen 2 Pop! & Toy Story 4 Pop! Characters just £4.99 in Boyes store, Louth£4.99
Funk Pop characters from "Frozen 2" instore at Boyes, Louth reduced to £4.99. Characters I saw were: Anna Young Anna Young Elsa Elsa Pop! Characters from "Toy Story 4" spotted in … Read more
Cross hatch puffer jacket, S/M/L,XL/XXL, £20.00 in store at Boyes Stores
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Posted 23rd Feb 2020Posted 23rd Feb 2020LocalLocal
Cross hatch puffer jacket, S/M/L,XL/XXL, £20.00 in store at Boyes Stores£20
Not sure how this deal will go down as I'm no fashion expert but I seen this in store at Thornaby Stockton and we were having one of them rough rainy windy stormy days so I bought … Read more

A worm coat for boys.


I thought it was puffer :|


I don't think Townies would wear that jacket, ok for London where anyone can fit in.


Another worm coat here ;)


Ahh... Done! (y)

Merrell thermo rogue instore at Boyes for £70
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Posted 23rd Feb 2020Posted 23rd Feb 2020LocalLocal
Merrell thermo rogue instore at Boyes for £70£70
Store and region specific I know but thought they were a good price. They had the low version for £60, mid for £70 and high for £80. Lots of different colours and sizes at the Scar… Read more
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I wish they'd clear the tmp folder! :@ :@ :@



Wreck it Ralph 2 Figure £9.99 - Boyes
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Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Wreck it Ralph 2 Figure £9.99 - Boyes£9.99£23.9958% off
Moving wreck it ralph figure. Has sound effects and slams his fists.

My suggestion would be 'Pants on Fire Johnson'


Breck-sit Johnson?


Just wondering if there will be a 'Wreck it Johnson' figure produced?


I was having a convo the other day about how Boyes (or "Boyses" as it's known here in Hull) is the most depressing shop in the UK. A beige, bleak 80s throwback which you only have to venture into if you find yourself wanting some superglue in a hurry. Good deal though.

3 for £5 The Gruffalo, The Gruffalos child & Elmer the patchwork elephant books & more 3 for £5 instore at Boyes
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Posted 13th Nov 2019Posted 13th Nov 2019LocalLocal
3 for £5 The Gruffalo, The Gruffalos child & Elmer the patchwork elephant books & more 3 for £5 instore at Boyes£5
Loads of books 3 for £5 in Boyes stores. Loads of top kids books including: The Gruffalo, the gruffalos child, Elmer the patchwork elephant (various titles), mr men books, Harry a… Read more

Same unfortunately. I'm from West Sussex.


There’s quite a few around in Yorkshire. If you google them it might tell you where they are located


That sounds great unfortunately I've never heard of that store before

Autoglym bodywork shampoo and conditioner 1L £7 @ Boyes - Barton (but national see link in comments)
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Posted 26th Sep 2019Posted 26th Sep 2019
Also srp 1 litre is £12

All stories local to me - Yarm, Stokesley, Northallerton have plenty. Good price. Stock up.


My wife stopped using it, it stings her eyes when she rinses...... (lol) (lol)


I always buy this when eBay have an offer on for about £22 for 5 litres. Best way to buy (y)


Possibly at all stores...


Hi @snoopy18 which store did you find this (y)

Box Of 50 ‘Corby’ GU10 5w LED Bulbs For £25 @ Boyes instore
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Posted 13th Aug 2019Posted 13th Aug 2019LocalLocal
Box Of 50 ‘Corby’ GU10 5w LED Bulbs For £25 @ Boyes instore£25
50p a bulb... gotta be too good to miss surely? Available in store from Friday 23 August for two days only
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Dyas do 10 for £19.99 and they are Osram so arguably better known brand


Currently available in-store priced at £30.


Can u shed some more light on this deal please?

Finish Powerball Classic Dishwasher Tablets 2 boxes of 110 tablets for £15.00 at Boyes
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Posted 20th Jul 2019Posted 20th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Finish Powerball Classic Dishwasher Tablets 2 boxes of 110 tablets for £15.00 at Boyes£15
This mimics a similar deal from Farmfoods about a month ago (not sure if that one's still live). I saw it in Boyes Holbeach branch but I assume it's across all stores.

Thank you for your support - it is appreciated, but as I alluded to in earlier comments, it is really the misuse of the forum that frustrates me, people voting cold because of prejudice against the product disregarding that there are people liking the product who would otherwise benefit. I seek no personal glory from posting, it annoys me to think that there are other peoples' posts that may interest me that I miss because of this behaviour. However what can be done about it I just don't know.


I total agree and see your frustrations when posting certain deals and when they go cold. When I find a good deal I will always check the big guys first (Amazon, eBay, Tesco etc) and the check HUKD and previous posts on the product to see it’s price history. I have found the image you post for the deal also influences peoples votes. On yours for example, the image shows one box of 110 tables, I would of put a picture of 2 boxes of 110. And in the title I would of put somewhere “(Total 220 Tablets)”. Try not to post deal to late night or early hours, it will just get missed and not have much traffic, aim for weekends (late morning to afternoon are good times to post). Don’t let this blip stop you from posting, you’re doing a great job. It’s all about timing and presentation of your post! (y)


Don’t let it put you off posting please, but I personally think the way the voting works on here is for a mixture of reasons and works well. It appears that on this occasion the people have spoken and that’s the way it goes sometimes. Sometimes even real bargains go cold for no reason but thats the way it goes. My theory is that if I post a deal and it helps one person then it’s worth posting. If you bear that in mind when you post, you’ll always be happy with your posts. People vote for a number of reasons, and I’d say most likely is that this is downvoted due to better products being available cheaper (also/Lidl) which seems valid and hopefully prevents someone buying a poor product.


I agree with you to a point, but the efficacy of a cleaning product is subjective and I would say that voting cold based on opinion not price is to be undermining the spirit of the forum. It doesn't mean you can't comment, as you say.


It’s good you posted it, and please keep on posting. I think its great that people are commenting on the efficiency of the product, and it’s a fair number of people who are all agreeing with them being a poor quality product, which should help people decide whether this product is right for them. I’d rather my post be voted cold if it’s a poor product than it go hot and have people disappointed that the product was terrible. There is such a thing as false economy and if the general consensus of the penny pinchers of HUKD are saying this is false economy then it’s advice I want to heed.

Hozelock Auto Reel with 40m Hose £59.99 instore @ Boyes
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Posted 13th Jul 2019Posted 13th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Hozelock Auto Reel with 40m Hose £59.99 instore @ Boyes£59.99£109.9845% off
Hoselock autoreel 40m and 20m found in Boyes at a huge discount. This is normally £244.99 but I’ve never seen it go below £70-90.

Very nice. Wish the Mrs would let me have one (lol)


Got mine yesterday fitted today bargain for £60 thanks Mr rudland


None in March.. just phoned to check!




Trying to get a closer store with stock I’m based at bishop auckland & checked 3 stores that don’t have any stock