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Watch Bradford City Vs Oxford United for £1 ! @ Bradford city AFC
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
Watch Bradford City Vs Oxford United for £1 ! @ Bradford city AFC£1
Watch the game live between Bradford City and Oxford United on Saturday 24th November (15:00 Kick off) for just £1. All ticket types (Adult, Concession, Children) are £1 for this … Read more

3000 sold so far, taking expected attendance up to 17,500.


(y) Brilliant, neither are my team but anything to get adults/kids/families to a live match has to be applauded (highfive)


Just don't expect a great game, we only just beat Aldershot (in Conference) on penalties tonight in the FA Cup first round and we are bottom of the league :(


Season tickets were £169 and have been below £200 for around 10 years.


Excellent deal. Well done Bradford. Should be packed at this price.

SEASON-TICKET PRICESEARLY BIRD (March 7-April 6)Adults £169, senior citizens & students £149, juniors £99 and under-11s £19. 23 games in a season... works out at less than £7.50 a game for an adult
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Posted 12th Mar 2018Posted 12th Mar 2018
SEASON-TICKET PRICESEARLY BIRD (March 7-April 6)Adults £169, senior citizens & students £149, juniors £99 and under-11s £19. 23 games in a season... works out at less than £7.50 a game for an adult£169
Bradford City Season Ticket 2018/19

Aston Villa season ticket for under 18s is £69 .


Excellent price per game


Got fond memories of Valley parade as my team, wba fc, scored a crucial injury time penalty winner basically guaranteeing our promotion to the prem after a 16 year absence. I couldn't get a ticket in our (their away end) so got one in the "home" end I got no trouble from any home fan when I when I went mad at the award and then the scoring of the pen. I also liked it when they beat the villa in the league cup semi finals.


Still giving away season tickets better than playing in a half empty stadium.

Bradford AFC season tickets just £149 for adults @ bradfords ticket office
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Posted 27th Feb 2017Posted 27th Feb 2017
Bradford AFC season tickets just £149 for adults @ bradfords ticket office£149
Bradford season tickets now the lowest price in the Football League. Adult : £149 Older child : £99 Young child:£5 Young child's ticket works out at less than 30p a match


£455? It's a good job you don't sit on the North then isn't it! £555 for my renewal! Let's hope one of us wins something from the 150th draw!


​Bradford are league 1


Why can't I vote on this?


What a bizarre post, do you know football existed before 1992?!! English teams used to win the European cup for fun in the days of cheap tickets. Liverpool, Forest & Villa won it 7 years out of 9 in the 70s & 80s. On the other hand you quote Arsenal as never winning it...they currently have the most expensive season tickets in England, so on your logic, they should be winning it every year lol!

Bradford afc kids tickets just £1 vs gillingham @ Bradford online ticket office
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Posted 30th Jan 2017Posted 30th Jan 2017
Bradford afc kids tickets just £1 vs gillingham @ Bradford online ticket office£1
Just £1 tickets for kids at Bradfords home match vs gillingham on the 4th of February

GREAT OFFER, great team.... come on you BANTAMS. HOT


Tbf they get 15k AVG as ST only £149!


Now they're copying Huddersfield. £10 versus brighton!


Important bit of information but still hot from me. Hope they get a bumper crowd with this offer


Adults tickets (£10)must be purchased at same time, max. 2 child tickets with each adult. Heat ☀️

Bradford City FC Season Tickets: Juniors £99/Adults £149 @
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Posted 17th Jul 2016Posted 17th Jul 2016
Bradford City FC Season Tickets: Juniors £99/Adults £149 @
LAST CHANCE TODAY... 2016/2017 Season Ticket and FlexiCards are available to buy in person via the Bantams Ticket Office, over the phone (0871 978 8000) and online. Supporters over… Read more

Precisely. Dont mind Huddersfield; their ground is the template for more successful sides in Wigan - identical and Bolton. It also, for a large town, has a huge catchment area of Kirklees/ Calderdale and even Wakefield. In fact, Bradford has a sizeable number of Town fans from the Parl Avenue days when they went bust. Both also huge Rugby League towns and Bradford Bulls dominated until only a decade ago.


​thought it was first 15k havent they sold even 15k?


No it's still on offer now.


Awesome deal, I reckon the Huddersfield town season ticket (which I now have!!) prices are as good! £179 adult & £69 kids. Heat.


"Well apart from those who follow Premiership teams that is.", living in Leicester, I think you would be wise to make the distinction between the Man U/C, Arsenal, Chelsea, and the rest of the Premier league. Most other PL teams are still mostly based on local support.

Bradford City F.C Adult Season Ticket Only £149 until 17/07/2016
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Posted 23rd Jun 2016Posted 23rd Jun 2016
Bradford City F.C Adult Season Ticket Only £149 until 17/07/2016£149
For a second year running, Bradford City F.C are offering one of the cheapest season tickets in the land for a great club with a great fan base. With the appointment of club legend… Read more

Great deal!!! Fair play to Bradford City again.


But are they as rich as the Prem teams? Apart from Bayern Munich, probably not.


I've seen some of the crap deals you've posted, like the ones that reach minus 190 degrees! Now they are stuid deals!


Ask German clubs that charge this and still do better than Prem teams in Europe


Close but not close enough.

Bradford City Adult season tickets for just £149. Cut off date 05/07/2015
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Posted 7th May 2015Posted 7th May 2015
Bradford City Adult season tickets for just £149. Cut off date 05/07/2015£149
On the back of a fantastic season which saw the defeat of Sunderland, Chelsea and Leeds, Bradford City have slashed the price of an adult season ticket by £50 quid. Makes a mockery… Read more

Hmmm troll, of course it is.


Still not worth it.



Likewise. Ar Hyd Y Nos!


As a Swansea City fan I can honestly say the Bradford fans at Wembley were the best I have ever seen! Good deal, good fans.

Play off final League Two Wembley £26  @bradfordcityfc
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Posted 12th May 2013Posted 12th May 2013
Play off final League Two Wembley £26 @bradfordcityfc£26
Bradford City v Northampton Town 18th May 1.30pm Wembley Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

the fa own wembley, what sense would it makr to spend more money letting out another ground?


Look at the average attendance of those club and then find a stadium that can hold that amount of people, having the play offs and all those minor cup competitions and semi finals at Wembley is taking away the special feeling of reaching the cup finals , Wigan yesterday won the FA cup and what A story that is but it would have been allot better if it was their first ever trip to Wembley which it should have been, I have no problem with playing the playoffs at big stadiums like old Trafford but Wembley should be sacred. There has been A huge change in the atmosphere of England internationals since they started having something at Wembley every week, if you kept Wembley for cup finals, Internationals and for the biggest concerts it would have that special feeling back, but where's the justice in the teams finishing 3rd to 6th in the championship and league 1, 4th-7th in League 2 and even worse, 2nd-5th in the conference getting A day at Wembley? We might aswell bring in A playoff like they have in Holland for A place in Europe, 4th-7th in the premiership could play off for A chance to play in the champions league at Wembley just to take all the meaning out of Bayern Munich and Dortmund qualifying and progressing through all the rounds of the Champions league for their chance to play at Wembley.


they should play them at neutral venue which is an equal distance from each team playing, and at a venue suitable for the amount of ticket sales...when man city got to div 2 (third tier) play off final they would have been pleased to travel to ground with a smaller capacity than maine road...I'm sure craven cottage could be suitable if it is was two small london teams (like daggers and hammers!!)




Blooming mobile!! it said it didn't post first time so had to retype it!!

Free Wycombe v Bradford City tickets (City fans) 2000 available
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Posted 17th Dec 2012Posted 17th Dec 2012
Free Wycombe v Bradford City tickets (City fans) 2000 available
The mighty Bantams slayers of Arsenal are giving an early Christmas present to the fans. The club have purchased as many as 2,000 tickets for this Saturday's (22 December 2012) npo… Read more

nice, but i support arsenal! amazing value for good football tho


Would have went if I was still at uni. Travel from home is too expensive unfortunately.


Nice one guys-hope it gets more folk along


And coach travel for only £10, well done Bradford! Just a bit disappointed that I'm not at uni right now as I'd have probably gone.

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Posted 21st May 2012Posted 21st May 2012
UNDER 11'S = £5 = 22p per game JUNIORS = £99.00 = £4.30 per game STUDENTS AND SENIOR CITIZENS - £149.00 = £6.48 per game ADULTS = £199.00 = £8.65 per game UPGRADE TO A SUITE FOR £… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Why is football so cheap up North? I pay something like £350 to watch the Mighty AFCB.


£8.95 per game to watch Bratford is a great deal, do they give you it before or after the game ? Only joking. Hot deal. I'm jealous Wish bates would sort our prices out.


Poor ownership. Oddly I'm a Sunderland fan living in Bradford so I hear the news coming out of the club. They were charging £20 a ticket last season if you want to get to just one game - it was against Plymouth!!! I hope they do make it back to sort of Championship level - they're bigger than some of the clubs in there.

Good deal and good luck to them.Miss our local derbys with them


Even when they charge £1 for a game its too expensive....