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£10 Discount
£10 Discount
£10.00 Hoilday Each @ Haven or Park Resort using discount voucher code
We are pleased to let you know that £10* holiday special offer is still available. BreakFree Holidays are giving you the opportunity to book a Spring or Autumn UK family break from… Read more

None of the words suncream etc work anymore, not valid!


Still should be expired the hols are £15 unless im missing something ?[image missing]


Brilliant, im glad this is back again, we booked one last time through this website. As this is unexpired again now I think you need to put in a bit of information about how the bookings for the summer holidays opens again on Friday May 7th and will anybody be collecting the code words for us again?


Stayed at a park holidays UK for the first and last time this weekend! I know they vary from park to park, but I've been put off for life!


couldn't find a deal for myself but Lakeside, Burnham-on-Sea seems to have quite a few dates available - hope this helps someone x Forgot to say - not the Haven site

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£10pp UK Holidays are back (Codes in Post) @ Breakfree Holidays
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Posted 27th Jul 2020Posted 27th Jul 2020
£10pp UK Holidays are back (Codes in Post) @ Breakfree Holidays
Got the email this morning that they'd gone live for this year, seems like good availability, and may be a good option for those who want to keep local this year. CODES: Beach… Read more

Terrible , nothing available for school holidays


If you have a look on Hoseasons they do the same holidays but not the £10/£15 offers as alot of the holidays are Parkdean resorts (they are same prices on the Parkdean website). Scotland seems to be one of the cheapest places. I ended up booking next week for 4 nights in Sundrum Castle (a Parkdean site) in Scotland for £269 - in what looks like a nice caravan. I know it's not cheap and they have a cheek because there will be no entertainment but for a caravan in the UK, in the school holidays it is relatively cheap. We just wanted a change of scenery and a caravan is a perfect place because it's easy to social distance from other holiday makers. On the website they say you can get a refund if the holiday can't go ahead if there is another lockdown and you have to arrive an hour later than usual so the caravan has time to air as well as for more deep cleaning. We will take our own pillows and have a clean around ourselves when we get there. We wouldn't be going away if we could have days out instead but we will go insane if we don't do something during the school holidays.


Codes aren't working for me can anyone think why? (annoyed)


Who pays 350 for two nights anywhere on a caravan site. Would be a lot cheaper if you bought a tent, but not for September... for December (horror)


(lol) (lol)

Breakfree Holidays : 3-4 night uk holidays from £10pp (codes included)
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Posted 13th Jan 2020Posted 13th Jan 2020
Breakfree Holidays : 3-4 night uk holidays from £10pp (codes included)£10
Book online via deal link from 15th Jan From £10 per person, per break for Comfort accommodation only, depending on selected date. Prices are based on four people sharing and st… Read more

I got a great deal in easter holidays last year. This year still reasonable but almost the same price on Haven direct. £130 Breakfree v £134 Haven.


not that good this time loads of holiday not on the date i put in


Your stay at this holiday park will incur a park charge of £65.80 as detailed below Service charges: (4 x £8.95 pupn) £35.80 Entertainment pass charges:(4 x £7.50 pppb) £30.00


Not panicking really not nothing nada


The t&c's on these deals with service charges and passes are a jokes, we wanted to book one that was going to cost nearly 400 quid for everything for 6 people, booked direct with the same site, twice upgrade on the caravan and cost 219 quid.... Pays to shop!

Breakfree holidays 3-4 night breaks from £15pp
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Posted 3rd Apr 2019Posted 3rd Apr 2019
Breakfree holidays 3-4 night breaks from £15pp£15
Noticed this in my local paper (teesside gazette) yesterday . I presume the codes will be generic. This deal looks similar to the sun holidays deal and i believe they are availabl… Read more

Hi deos anybody know the Star and Echo Breakfree codes? There is 7 codes of them?


Hi everyone, pls help with July's codes should it become available, many thanks .


Is there a post anywhere for the July codes? First one came out today

Thanks Mart (y)


I've just returned from a two week holiday to Essex and Suffolk where I stayed at 4 of these holiday parks back to back (Steeple Bay, Valley Farm, Charlton Meres and Dovercourt). Three of these parks are run Park Holidays UK which I had previously avoided after getting a dreadful chalet at Landscove Brixham in 2007. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of the accommodation at all three of their sites this time however, especially Carlton Meres (the best site I have ever stayed at) which now even has high speed Wifi in the caravans. Charlton Meres also has a new entertainment complex including a Gym and a new indoor swimming pool and their recently acquired Dovercourt site has a new entertainment complex.

BreakFree Holidays From £10pp - collect keywords here
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Refreshed 25th Jan 2019Refreshed 25th Jan 2019
BreakFree Holidays From £10pp - collect keywords here£10
Ready for a holiday? We’ve teamed up with your local newspaper to bring you these incredible UK short breaks from just £10 per person, at more than 170 brilliant holiday parks acro… Read more

been over a fortnight now for me, will wait until the end of this week then give them a call just to confirm.


Takes up to a fortnight.. i got email confirmation from haven after 12 days


thanks for the reply, first time booking one of these Breakfree hols so was getting worried that the holiday park hadn't yet confirmed. Will wait for the confirmation :)


It takes time, also you will get confirmation by post first from the park


booked a break in Scotland, got the confirmation email from breakfree but haven't had an email from the holiday park yet. Booked on jan14 Going to wait a couple more days then give them a call. Anyone else not had an email confirming?

Breakfree £10 Holidays Local Newspaper Promotion
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Posted 28th Jul 2018Posted 28th Jul 2018
Breakfree £10 Holidays Local Newspaper Promotion£10
Booking open until 31.08.18 Passwords below: FLOP BOOK TIME PACK SPADE TRUNKS

You do need to tick a local paper but it doesn't seem to matter which one!


Thanks OP. Do we need to specify which of the local papers?


The daily mail passwords would be useful if you have them :-) thanks


Two or three bedrooms.


4% Quidco. 4.2% TCB

Breakfree holiday £10 per person
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Posted 28th Dec 2017Posted 28th Dec 2017
Breakfree holiday £10 per person£10
Just received an email to say that the promotion opens on Wednesday, 3 January, when you can start collecting passwords from your local paper. I will add more details once it's liv… Read more

When are the new dates available for? It says autumn 2018.


Try holiday pirates forum. You will have to Google


Any codes for the new promotion on breakfree holidays


I found the same. Am I doing something wrong?


It's only allowing you to enter 5 codes so doesn't appear to be working this morning

Breakfree Holidays £10 promotion, Caravan Holiday - Now live
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Posted 21st Dec 2017Posted 21st Dec 2017
Breakfree Holidays £10 promotion, Caravan Holiday - Now live£10
codes needed are 1: CHUMS 2: DAFFODILS 3: SHINE 4: RIPPLE 5: DUNES 6: DANCE Just wondered onto Breakfree holidays site and it says News Paper promotion starts 3rd January. Had a… Read more

Would a baby under 1 year old consider as a "person"? Do all the parks have park charges?


Its only asking for 5 instead of 6 but when enter 5 of the 6 it says theyre incorrect. Tried in capitals aswell but still the same


Cold, all the alternative dates are like 6 weeks away from the date I want... Load of rubbish


Are you using the link by the OP, still working for me


Check my comment above

*Heads Up* Short breaks from £10.00pp with codes in LOCAL Newspapers Starts 22nd July @ BreakFree Holidays
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Posted 14th Jul 2017Posted 14th Jul 2017
*Heads Up* Short breaks from £10.00pp with codes in LOCAL Newspapers Starts 22nd July @ BreakFree Holidays
Thought this worth a heads up - my sil / nieces use the offer a few times a year & always have a great time £10pp* holidays are back! To book these great value breaks simply co… Read more

Big thanks to helcatamy1 " sunshine " works a treat


Yes the original password is sunshine i think to login to enter those passwords.... its one they reckon they email over when you sign up - think it was sunshine..if not let me know and I'll find where I got it from last time


Anyone managed to input the passwords.??


Hey help!! How on earth do I get it to accept the passwords/codes? Can only enter one code at a time and it tells me its invalid...anyone able to help me please?


Page won't let me enter more than one code :(

*Heads Up* Short breaks from £10.00pp with codes in LOCAL Newspapers Starts 24th April @ BreakFree Holidays
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Posted 18th Apr 2017Posted 18th Apr 2017
*Heads Up* Short breaks from £10.00pp with codes in LOCAL Newspapers Starts 24th April @ BreakFree Holidays
Thought this worth a heads up £10pp* holidays are back! To book these great value breaks simply collect four passwords from your local paper – starting on Monday 24th April There a… Read more



Our local paper is only once a week so I'm hoping all 4 are in today's?! lol I'll check anyway xx


Me too but living in Scotland we don't get the papers it was in and the daily mail doesn't have the park that I want x


I can only find the daily mail ones :-( Xx


Does anyone have the codes?? Thanks

Short breaks from £10 per person with your local newspaper - Now Live
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Posted 23rd Dec 2016Posted 23rd Dec 2016
Short breaks from £10 per person with your local newspaper - Now Live£10
Breakfree have teamed up with your local paper to bring you holidays from £10 per person at amazing holiday parks across the UK. Collect six passwords from your local paper. They’… Read more

plz recommend me a place to go during feb hoildays(10th feb -20 feb) with kids


Mine was a disaster in the caravan I booked in Devon last year. They put us in the smallest oldest caravan that shouldn't even been in use. Was awful, just be careful when booking as they throw you the accommodation dregs


thanks bitm2007, Booked for Woolacombe in the (scottish) summer hols for a cheaper than camping week away! got to be worth a go :)


This pretty much sum's up my experiences of cancelling the entertainment passes on over 40 of these holiday's. I've never been denied access to the shop or the children's play area, but there are some parks where the only bar and restaurant are in the same open plan room as the stage, then it's off limit's unless you pay for the passes. Most park's however are more than happy for you to spend your money at the bar and in the restaurants (it's where they make their money out of these deals), so including entertainment passes even if you haven't paid for them is in their interest.


Not sure if it works like this at all parks, but certainly for Haven and Park resorts, it works like this.... The entertainment passes will automatically be added to your booking, but then when you get the invoice from the park operator you can simply drop them a line and ask for them to be removed. On arrival at the park, they will probably try to flog you some passes but again you can decline. Without passes you can certainly get access to most facilities - Pub, Shop, Play area etc - Obviously you can't access the pools or show-bar, but everything else should be fine. What you will probably find is that in the evenings they will have somebody checking passes at the entrance to the show-bar. Sometimes due to the layout of the entertainment complex, the person checking passes might be at the entrance to the complex (where the arcade machines are etc). Though from my experience if you explain that you don't have passes and simply want to get to the arcade machines / pub etc, they'll just let you in. A couple of times with Haven I've had the passes removed, but they have still included them anyway for free! To be honest if you're worried it's not really an issue as you can have them removed from the booking, but then when you get to the park if you find something you can't access, you can always pop to reception and they will sell you some entertainment passes.

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£10£10.00 Hoilday Each @ Haven or Park Resort using discount voucher code3/06/2010