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Brew Republic 24 Beers & 2 Glasses for £25 - short-dated stock @ Brew Republic
410° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
A mega mystery selection of short-dated stock, expiring within the next two months. Includes two free Craft Master glasses and free delivery.

No, nothing strong and they're definitely not giving it away. No risk of breaching Wales minimum pricing laws here. Though for the price I was fine with what I got (quite like a lager or session ale). I was worried I would get a load of stout or something which was past it's use by date, so guess my expectations were set quite low.


Looks near identical to what I got. Really disappointed, about half of it is fairly low end session beer, a few half decent session beers, a few lagers and two bottles of real ale. Not one decent 5%+ can of craft ale and the only 440s were lager.


Arrived a couple of days ago, great selection of beers. Very happy.



Same and absolutely the same…. I was just about to see if they had any left :)

12-beer case and a glass for half a price £15 with a code (monthly subscription) @ Brewrepublic
90° Expired
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
12-beer case and a glass for half a price £15 with a code (monthly subscription) @ Brewrepublic£15
Use code BRSOCIAL at the checkout to reduce the price. Had a beer from them with a glass a while ago and was very pleased, great price. Via subscription, can be cancelled from… Read more

The glass is good for whiskey, I find...


Hi, Yes, I did know that, because I have a doppelganger in America, and I keep getting his emails... Some kind of heroic firefighter apparently.


Did you know if you have a gmail address you can add full stops with impunity before the @ Also you can add + after the first half of your address and add whatever you like


The glass looks nice, but be careful with it as its quite low quality. Mine shattered into dust and splinters of fine glass, which made cleaning up the mess a bit of a nightmare.


I wouldn’t bother, got mine this morning and 4 beers are exactly the same. Decent glass though

15 beers for £15 delivered at Brew Republic
132° Expired
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
15 beers for £15 delivered at Brew Republic£15 Free P&P Free
Seemed a good deal to me, this is a subscription but can be cancelled at anytime. Terms and conditions: This voucher is valid for 15 beers for £15 with a Brew Republic Classics o… Read more

Very easy to cancel Brew Republic and also Beer52. Just email. Don't call, you don't need to. Really easy to cancel both.


"Future 12-beer cases £30" I guess this means that the first order is £15 but after that it's £30 per month for 12 beers?


Email em directly and it's a million times easier


Ah I'm so late to the party! They have lager mega packs but no IPA. I would've been all over that! Might still get lager pack though so thanks.


I can still only see the low abv one :-(

20% off everything at Brew Republic
60° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
20% off everything at Brew Republic
Black Friday. 20% off everything at Brew Republic until 30th November.

Just the first case


If you take a subscription and use the code is it just your first month that's going to be reduced or the full time you have the subscription?


Lol, those prices make Beer52 look like bargain!


Dont forget Spend £50 or more, get £15 back on some AMEX cards. Ends in 5 days.

18 Beers & Advent Calendar Topper £18 delivered @ Brew Republic (New subscriptions, additional charges apply unless cancelled)
256° Expired
Refreshed 15th Nov 2020Refreshed 15th Nov 2020
18 Beers & Advent Calendar Topper £18 delivered @ Brew Republic (New subscriptions, additional charges apply unless cancelled)£18 Free P&P Free
Enjoy your first Classics case for just £18 ... + 6 x 440ml FREE premium lagers to welcome you to Brew Republic + FREE delivery for this and all your future subscription cases … Read more

doesnt seem to be available anymore :(


Rogue traders ?


I'm surprised by the comments about how easy it is to unsubscribe. My experience has been different. I've been trying for 2 weeks to unsubscribe. There is no option to do it on my account online. If I subscribe online, I should be able to unsubscribe online. I've sent several messages, both by using the form on their website and by email to All have been ignored. No replies and on my account it still shows my subscription as active. I tried phoning them but it just goes to a message saying they are unavailable. I can't remove my card details from their website either. I should have used PayPal.


No longer works, you got a good deal :)


wisebeer was the one I ised

12 x Craft beers with free glass £15 delivered @ Brew Republic
64° Expired
Posted 3rd Nov 2020Posted 3rd Nov 2020
12 x Craft beers with free glass £15 delivered @ Brew Republic£15 Free P&P Free
Might be of interest to anyone who missed out on the £12 offer last week, a few pounds more but still reasonable value (£1.25 per beer). Using the code WISEBEER you can get £15 of… Read more

Beer turned up earlier (Friday). Tasty treat for Friday evening.


I heard nothing until yesterday until I got an email saying delivery would take place later that day.


I ordered mine on 1st Nov but yet to receive it, still says unfulfilled online. Anyone else getting the same message?


Mine were despatched yesterday and just arrived. Comes via yodel sadly but they are on the way.


Got my £12 pack today and ordered on 31st , all look good , should have ordered the classic pack aswell for £12

12 x Craft Beers With Free Glass £12 delivered @ Brew Republic
2509° Expired
Posted 29th Oct 2020Posted 29th Oct 2020
12 x Craft Beers With Free Glass £12 delivered @ Brew Republic£12 Free P&P Free
Had the link to this deal sent to me on an email from BBC Good Food. For your first order, you can choose from 2 12 beer (craft beers from independent breweries I believe) bundles,… Read more

Ah thanks, its working via that link :)


I got it on on the classics case. It said new customers only so maybe that was why?


I've just tried that code and it didn't work for me :(


I found this deal again! It is in the olive mag with code OLIVE! Boom.


Nah Im dumb i thought oh maybe I thought oh maybe they didn't make it a subscription I think I remember reading something to do with earlier comments I checked after I ordered, no sub, I checked after delivery, no sub but apparently it appears 24hrs after delivery.. Getting really anxious I'm sure worse case I can refuse delivery than they'll have to send it back and refund me, defo can't pay £30