British Gas discount codes

British Gas Discount Codes

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British Gas is one of the biggest suppliers of energy in the UK. British Gas offers its customers services like home equipment repair, as well as electricity and gas supply among others, all at the best prices. British Gas’s discounts and offers are all listed on the hotukdeals pages.

All British Gas Voucher & Promo Codes for September 2020

Free £5.99 Sky Store voucher to rent movie @ British Gas Rewards
Sorry I already claimed the offer and no longer see details of the offer. If someone could post details of the offer that would be great. Basically you can claim a £5.99 voucher … Read more

Anyone who won the Wilbur Penguin toy have you had it delivered yet?


I thought I would have until the end of January to claim the offer so didn't yet, and now the offer is gone from my Rewards page. I tried the above offered code but it seems to have already been claimed. Does anyone else have a one they are not going to use? Thanks


Nothing for me 😔


Got mine again this year thanks op


Claimed, thanks!

English Heritage 2-for-1 via British Gas Rewards
Just logged in to my account to check if I was billed after I cancelled my account couple of months back. I was surprised the account still works and moreover the rewards section w… Read more
£5.99 British Gas Rewards Sky Store Voucher for customers (75,000 available)
£5.99 voucher for Sky Store as a British Gas customer. I have the home care cover and it worked for me.



Nope nothing just blank. Tried desktop mode but nothing. I'll try my laptop but if its still blank not much i can do.


no it would show how much you are saving on all the other deals in the market try logging back in and click get an up to date comparison, it should then take you to a screen like the below, sorry its not very clear. At the top if shows what you are currently paying and what you would be paying if you were on a fixed rate and it ended. below are what can be saved or what you are saving by being on the package you are on.


I clicked the link, went through everything and results screen was blank. Am i to assume there is no better deal?


sorry but you simply do not get it, BG are one of the most expensive companies out there, forget inflation this has nothing to do with inflation this year alone they have increased the variable rate by 3.8% in Octover and in May 5.5%, now factor in similar rises each year and you if you are paying the same this means you are using a hell of a lot less electricity than 9 years ago. If you are on the pension type of Warm Home you can change suppliers today and still get the money it gets paid to your new supplier automatically may take an extra time to happen but it will get paid to you. I checked with my mothers account last year. Lastly dont think its pointless, its never pointless, give BG a call them and ask them to be put onto the cheapest tariff they can offer you with NO EXIT fees. Then as soon as you get you Warm Home money put all of your details into the site below and it will tell you which is your cheapest supplier, takes about 5 minutes to switch. Just make sure you get one that does Warm Home as not all do. Please promise me you will do the above, 9 years is a long time to not getting the best deal, and I would bet you will save money :) which is what we are all here for.

25% off Hive Home Products with British Gas rewards
British Gas rewards are offering a voucher for 25% of Hive products. Most products eligible but exclusions do apply Check your accounts

Shows how much profit this bloated bunch of Fat Cats are making , pity they don't pass these on the customer's overinflated , constantly increasing bills instead of the big bosses bonuses .


Great Thanks for Posting (y)

Free Photobox canvas (with free postage) for British Gas customers
INSTRUCTIONS: I've just found a FREE PHOTO CANVAS with Photobox in my email account. It also includes FREE POSTAGE. Just ordered mine- quick and easy. Welcome to your latest re… Read more
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Landlord British Gas Safety Certificate

GREAT! Is this only available via the telephone number? Not available on website?


wow good deal


Good deal!


Amended title - sorry, should have been more specific. This is for landlords who need a safety certificate when renting out their properties (not just to call them out and get them to check out your cooker!).


I think you have to read the instructions...

Get Free Contents Insurance through axa using discount code @ British Gas Home Insurance + poss £90 Quidco
Quidco are doing £90 cashback on joint building and insurance use free3 to get free contents insurance 65k, mine worked out at £89 for the year 4 bed semi so potentially free for … Read more

I will drop quidco a support ticket see what they say


Did this through topcashback the other day for £94.75 - didn't use the free3 code though as thought it might be declined.


Good offer but unfortunately unapplicable to N.Ireland /non British Gas customers :(

Swim Britain Discounts with British Gas code - Swim with children, friends and more from free to £40
Enjoy and swim together with your children, friends etc. It is a good deal. You can book many places in the UK from August to September. Get your team together, give yourselves a… Read more

thank you for the picture folks.

Free swimming voucher for british gas customers
You have up until the 30th Nov to get 3 vouchers for 2 adults and 2 children for simming at your local gym / sports centre. You have to be an british gas customer and use promo cod… Read more
Free British Gas Products - British Gas Standby Saver and British Gas Real Time Electricity Monitor - using code
British Gas Standby Saver and British Gas Real Time Electricity Monitor for free, just enter code "EF3"

ccheers, just got the tv standby saver,last month i got a free laptop from home access,loving being


No, we're definitely NOT over 70 and not on benefits either. Should that make a difference?????


Clear your cookies!:) You are over 70 on no benefits are you not? :whistling:


Thank you,heat and rep added.


I'm a customer but ...............................'not eligible'

Free Infrared standby saver units @ British Gas (qualifying criteria apply)
Save on electricity with these energy saving devices, you need to be over 70 or claiming one of the benefits listed to be eligible. Good luck Enter offer code EF7 in caps lock

I can't apply but passed to parents who can so thank you.


Yes - this is the same as the previous offer. Entering any code of any length seems to work (I did 8 digits last time) and it took around a month to arrive.


Ordered, heat and rep added as my bills at the moment are huge! I hope I get them, and hope they take less tahn the 28 days stated! would be good to monitor xmas! Also does anyone have any info and pics on both these items? thanks in advance


They did this offer sometime back. I ordered both and got both. It does work aswell, watching the monitor makes you aware of just what you are using.


I applied got accepted. [Might have told a little white lie, that someone over 70 lives with me ;) ]

£350 off new boiler + 2 years free Homecare worth £408 @ British Gas

british gas what a rip off never go with this company if your life depended on it. mum spent all last christmas without no central heating as boiler broke down even tho she pays for homecare every year. she had to wait ages for someone to fix it about 2 months. when they did manage to come out they told her she would have to pay over £5000 for a new boiler and labour, what the hell is the homecare for then. luckily after searching around i mananged to get a grant as my step dad disabled she didnt have to pay a penny plus it was half the price of what british gas was charging


They employ poor quality fitters and charge the earth. I love it when someone asks me for a boiler change or full system and tell me they have had british gas round to quote. It's impossible to go in higher than them


It's true British Gas aren't the cheapest, but they are reliable. If you don't know a decent gas plumber, this could appeal.


Quoted £3500 for a new boiler. Got the same boiler froman independant guy for £2000. £350 off doesn't do it for me im afraid. Cold.


British Gas are the biggest cowboys going for boiler prices

British Gas/Homecare (boiler & central heating repair)

I've had this cover for a while - had to have my hot water tank replaced - the tank alone would have been £600 so well worth the money


i used to have this cover, but found out that alot of plumbing problems wernt covered so i was paying money every month for this cover and still had to pay a plumber to fix my problems, better off just getting a plumber when you need one, it works out cheaper.

Newest British Gas Discount Codes:

DiscountBritish Gas Discount DetailsExpires
2 Months Free CoverSave at British Gas with 2 Months Free Cover with Home Insurance Orders18/11/2020
£5.99Free £5.99 Sky Store voucher to rent movie @ British Gas Rewards6/01/2020
50%English Heritage 2-for-1 via British Gas Rewards29/10/2018
% off£5.99 British Gas Rewards Sky Store Voucher for customers (75,000 available)11/09/2018
25%25% off Hive Home Products with British Gas rewards11/05/2018