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Free delivery
Free delivery
Free Delivery on orders from The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.
Just bought some poppy appeal items from the Royal British Legion and received a code for free delivery on orders over £3.99. Code: REMFREEDEL20

Thank you. Website also has an amazon shop so placed an order with prime.


Thank you!


Thanks for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread (highfive)


I didn’t buy anything, just made a donation and was able to select gift aid as well


I'm confused. The delivery money goes to the cause too to help them cover their costs... Why not just pay it? They might be making a loss if you order something for £3.99 (confused)

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20 poppies sent to you for free to distribute
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Posted 29th Oct 2020Posted 29th Oct 2020
20 poppies sent to you for free to distributeFREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
This is outstanding. This year is a mess as we know, the british legion will send you 20 poppies in the post by filling out a simple form here. Please do it by 1st november to make… Read more

Most well run, highly efficient charities are benefiting from the skills of those who run them. It is no different than running a complex business but it can actually be a lot more stressful given the very public nature of it. I don't begrudge paying appropriate salaries if the performance is demonstrated. Pay peanuts, and the charity will run into the ground.


Thanks :)


Mate, nobody is going to take advantage of this to bounce around with 20 poppies on their coat.


This particular day is for the remembrance of the fallen, who sacrificed their lives in two terrible wars to defeat evil. They died so that you could speak your opinion freely. The white poppy is an oxymoron.


I think time (and results) will tell whether or not this is a good idea. How many people will order these and either: A. Not distribute them; B. Sell them and intentionally keep the ££ for themselves; C: Sell them and legitimately 'forget' or 'fail' to pass on the donations. I'm all for this initiative, but I wish they'd made the decision to charge £1, £2, £3, or £5 for these (deductable at donation transfer stage), rather than provide them for free. Plenty of people would still sign up, and do their bit. And with every dispatch there would be guaranteed cost covering and/or small +ve contribution to the cause. I appreciate that ultimately these are paper, and I suspect bulk postage costs are negligible/funded/donated by royal mail/something. But still, why not make them "purchasable" in different quantities, with costs and/or a minimum donation thereby covered up front?

FREE TAXI IN LONDON for all those going to and from the Remembrance Day Ceremony
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Posted 4th Nov 2018Posted 4th Nov 2018
FREE TAXI IN LONDON for all those going to and from the Remembrance Day Ceremony
London’s taxis are once again providing a FREE TAXI service, operating from 08:00 to 10:00 from various locations with a return for all those going to and from the Remembrance … Read more

So lets cover up the ineptitude that was abound in the ranks during WW1 and instead, all those that suffered at OUR hands, the ones we forced at gunpoint into the front lines to be slaughtered, we will call HERO'S whilst at the same time stating they were killed by the enemy. Sound like something out of Tony Blairs copybook, doesn't it.


Good idea - I'm a true hotukdealer (a leech) kind of like the people who go to Tesco buy something for £60, get the petrol voucher, then return it.


What about those Uber mugs ?


I don't agree with war, wear a white poppy etc, but you sir are taking the pee, what a horrible suggestion, shouldn't encourage people to exploit a grand gesture.


The indispensable U.S.-UK military cooperation across land, sea and air defenses. No other military relationship in the world comes close to the trust and inter-operability at the heart of U.S.-UK????Semper Fi from across the pond!!!

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Posted 26th Jul 2017Posted 26th Jul 2017
PASSCHENDAELE VR HEADSET Fill out the form to get your free cardboard virtual reality headset to enhance your Passchendaele 100 experience. Please note that there is a limit of 1 … Read more

who expired it? it's still live!


Thanks for that.


Thanks for all the hot votes. Much appreciated.


There should be some at your local Royal Legion Office in Bolton?


All gone.

Somme toolkit - free download  from the Royal British Legion
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Posted 3rd Jul 2016Posted 3rd Jul 2016
Somme toolkit - free download from the Royal British Legion
Please only use this for genuine reasons. You can order a toolkit from the Royal British Legion which is packed with superb resources to be used for commemorations or fundraising… Read more

​ Many apologies for placing my first post in the incorrect place - will try not to let it happen again. The deal to download resources is still available and well worth it - the hard copy version was still available when I initially posted so, again, please accept my apologies for any confusion but I genuinely do not believe that to be a reason to vote cold. Also, sorry if my explanations and apologies are deemed to be a disgusting attitude.


Cold - posted in the wrong section and the deal is unavailable, please research before posting - oh and disgusting attitude from OP.


​Exactly and I hope that the resources help to both educate and remind so that people might reflect. I thought that the coverage on television was excellent and achieved just the right balance.


Considering the subject matter, it's rather disappointing for there to be bickering over this.


​It was the first time I had posted an offer and when I put it in the correct place (ie Freebies) I couldn't find out how to delete the other one. Thank you for posting about the hard copy version - the download version will still be excellent although I am not sure why people would vote this cold. Are you not supposed to post things which are downloadable in some people's eyes? Surely an educational resource/fundraiser/information pack such as this is a fantastic giveaway. Certainly better than a 1 ml sachet of a perfume that nobody likes hence it being given away.

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