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Posted 17th Jul 2020Posted 17th Jul 2020
This is supposed to be NORTON PREMIUM ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE for people with ee broadband to claim for free, but the link on EE's website allows you to claim it even without logging in… Read more

Got this a while ago


It exists and still receiving updates daily, Windows Defender however, that's on older computers and very outdated. MSE is the same as Windows 10's Windows Defender Here's a quote "Windows Defender in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 is built into Windows and ready to work as soon as you turn your PC on. Microsoft Security Essentials works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. You can download it from the Microsoft Security Essentials website. Before the release of Windows 8, Windows Defender was a separate tool for antispyware."


Google offers 25GB and Outlook 5GB for free, besides 25GB isn't enough to store most things

ohmydiggydays Probably a better bet if you trust mcafee


Tbh I doubt I'm even gonna use this I might just download it and run a scan and if it doesn't pick up much I'll delete it again

EE Fibre Broadband £23 per month for 18 months £414 + £100 Quidco premium / £90 Topcashback
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Posted 27th Mar 2020Posted 27th Mar 2020
EE Fibre Broadband £23 per month for 18 months £414 + £100 Quidco premium / £90 Topcashback£414
I missed out on the Now Broadband offer a few weeks ago, but this looks like a pretty decent deal, especially with the cash back! No calls included, no set up fee. Cashback: Qu… Read more

You can as long as your line doesn't need an engineer - like mine. I can't packages so EE Fibre Max etc is out the window. If your line simply needs reactivating or ready to go, you can switch.


If they change the details of the original agreement you normally have the right to end the contract early penalty-free.


How about shells 12 months 35 Mb equivalent to £16.33 a month after £80 bill credit


Hi, thanks for your reply, looking at the Vodafone super fast 62Mb for the price of 36Mb for 24 months, it’s like £22,not too clear whether they might up the price per month during this duration


Hiya, I had 0.75 Mb speed but that was due to the area I live in. I was expecting it to be at least 2Mb as the post office never gave me the actual speed in my contract so I rang them to say they had not put in black and white the actual speed, but they weren’t interested, so put up with them for the year, now looking at maybe Vodafone fast fibre 62Mb for £22 odd, however it is a 24 month contract and also not quite sure if the monthly payments may increase during the time.

EE Fibre PLUS 67megs £30 x 18months £540 (£120 Amazon credit = £420) @ Vouchercodes TODAY 4/8 ONLY
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Posted 4th Aug 2019Posted 4th Aug 2019
EE Fibre PLUS 67megs £30 x 18months £540 (£120 Amazon credit = £420) @ Vouchercodes TODAY 4/8 ONLY£540£75629% off Reduced from £42pm - month 19 onwards reverts to £42pm Vouchercodes exclusive £23.34 a month/£420 total,with 29% off and then the £1… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Hi can anyone let me know how good ee broadband is I've just changed from sky which was costing me £45 pound a month just for broadband which ran at 49 and line rental ee is giving me it for £30 pound a month with speed of 60 so they say I need the speed to run my devices


Lol a bit of conundrum that then (lol)


Well you should take your dispute to Ofcom


Any recommendations on a good provider? Just handed in my notice to Sky.... Seems like a minefield


You can get fttp/ftth services which are 40/10 but they aren't being sold by isps

EE Home broadband up to 36mbps - £28 per month 18 months - £504
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Posted 22nd Jun 2019Posted 22nd Jun 2019
EE Home broadband up to 36mbps - £28 per month 18 months - £504£504
EE home fibre broadband. 36 MB £28 per month 18 months. Possible £110 cashback through TCB.

I pay £20/m unlimited with no line rental and it is portable!


It's being down voted because of the rubbish description. I asked a mod to amend it but got the "we sorted it " MB is not Mp/s


The mod must have been a bit dumb, I reported the mistake but it wasn't amended except (up to)


If you have good Three you can pay £26 for a 30 day contract, includes roaming.


I agree I have EE broadband inc anytime calls £30 month. Had Bt but always dropped out not had a single prob with EE even though its the same line essentially , also benefit from extra 5gb data on my mobile contract that I have with EE.

EE fibre unlimited £27.99 (18 month. £110 Quidco)
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Posted 13th Apr 2019Posted 13th Apr 2019
EE fibre unlimited £27.99 (18 month. £110 Quidco)£27.99
Quidco are running special deal over the weekend and doing £110 cashback on the above package. Maybe useful for someone.

I’ve used TP Link MR6400 available on Amazon for £69.99. The alternative is Huawei B315 which is around £89 on Amazon. I streamed 1.4GB in 1 hour on HD with a poor (25%) signal!


I'm of the same mind to do what you have done with a 3 data sim, could I ask which router you chose please? Thanks


I know that pain. I’m moving into a new build and BT wanted £100 to come and connect cable (joke as it’s prewired). Got Three for 20 quid and a router from Amazon (70£ - same as Quidco cashback for Three). At least no more thinking about internet!


I was already with EE for phone and got decent signal so got 4 G EE router with small antenna feeding it. Quite expensive I know but get strong signal and usually about 50 mbps.


After 18 months they silently put the price up to £40 as the "loyal customer penalty" kicks in, and you have to spend 3 mins signing up to TalkTalk or whoever for a £25 per month contract for exactly the same thing, then EE will ask you do you know you're leaving? Are you sure you're leaving? Please fill in this survey explaining why you're leaving? LOL! I'm leaving because I can save £360 for 3 mins googling "uk fibre broadband".

Save £90 year on BT Premium email (If have EE Broadband)
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Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Save £90 year on BT Premium email (If have EE Broadband)
Was paying £7.50 a month for BT premium email and spoke to advisor on phone today and mentioned I had my broadband with EE, she said in that case you can have keep premium mail for… Read more

right after my complaint heres my response from BT:- This is to confirm you that there is no outstanding amount on the account and You will not be charged anything for your email Account. If you have any issues related to your premium mail Account, please reply to this email and we will get back to you.


update, BT have now started to bill me again including late payment charges of £7.50 also, but also providing a credit for previous months services but because the invoice is for a future period there seems to be a problem I will now raise this as a complaint and ask them to listen to the previous conversation when they said i could have it for free. either way im not paying them and i will tell them this, the worse that can happen is theyll end my service. I hate BT with a passion anyway


To get to the bottom of it as it appears you are the only person that's managed it. If I can't get someone in the BT executive office to offer it who else is there to shed any light on this? Do you have a contact? Nobody on the EE community web page seems to have managed it. I put a post on there myself too.


why would you speak to EE when its BT who are charging


Went on EE chat too they denied all knowledge

EE Superfast Fibre plus broadband Retention deal - £24 p/m including line rental
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Posted 6th Jan 2019Posted 6th Jan 2019LocalLocal
EE Superfast Fibre plus broadband Retention deal - £24 p/m including line rental£24
I have been on EE superfast Fibre plus Broadband for the last 18 months, I had been paying £33 minus some cash back I had received. Anyway was meant to be going up to £41, after a … Read more

Know this deal is expired but my EE broadband is up in just over 30 days and I've just had an unsolicited call from their retentions team, obviously getting in early. Was offered £24/month for 36mbs fibre with 10gb of data for my wifes EE mobile (which she pays £5/ month for). It's another 18 month deal but I'm happy enough to stick with them.


I was looking on Ebuyer at the tenda mesh system, seems good value at £76 for the 3 box version....


What have you used to do this? Just out of curiosity!


Using ee, i have put a cheap tenda mesh system in. cant fault it...


I've just upgraded from EE Broadband Standard ADSL to EE Broadband Fibre Plus. They offered it for £29 pm...I said can you do better than that? They came back with £28 pm....I said okay, I'll think about...when can I cancel my EE Broadband, without incurring a fee? They said 20 days before my contract ends. I said okay, I'll think about case I find a better deal. Then they asked what other deals did I see....I mentioned the Sky Fibre Max £27pm deal with Sky Talk Anytime Extra and a £70 one-off reward (equates to about £23.67 pm over the 18 month contract ) They said they'd talk to their supervisor again. They came back with Fibre Plus with free weekend calls for £24pm. I thought that's a pretty good deal....I'll take that. I never use the landline, that's what mobile phones are for. I've had no real problems with EE ADSL....of course I've always used my own TP-Link ADSL Router. Fingers crossed the EE Fibre plus is just as reliable with a huge download/upload speed boost. If you're with EE already. I highly recommend giving them a call about getting a better deal. Just make sure you've found some other deals you can compare them with.

20GB addon for existing EE customers joining EE broadband instore / by phone
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
20GB addon for existing EE customers joining EE broadband instore / by phone
So I've been eyeing to change to EE broadband for a while now just because for the same price as my current provider (sky) I would get the broadband plus 5 GB data added onto my Si… Read more

They've spelt Fibre properly now, and I now have more confidence in them.


Has anybody had this message when clicking through the top cashback site? I get this message once I proceed with the order and enter my landline number. Does this mean you cannot keep your existing number? "It looks like the landline number you've provided isn't compatible for EE Broadband. This means you will need an engineer visit and you will be issued with a new telephone number." :/


Out of all the companies I've been with we have been the best .Leaving them at the moment due to FTTP being available at my address now.If we could of provided it I would of gladly stayed.No complaints at all.Moved to BT ultrafast 2


Yup however after speaking with the representative, this is only true on fibre packages and not the standard broadband.


I've been with EE broadband for around 2 years now. All good!

EE Fibre Plus broadband packages for £33 per month with no set up fee  + £200 cashback via quidco - Exclusive
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Posted 8th Oct 2018Posted 8th Oct 2018
EE Fibre Plus broadband packages for £33 per month with no set up fee + £200 cashback via quidco - Exclusive
Fibre Plus broadband packages for £33 per month with no set up fee + £200 cashback

I think cashback is attached to a specific order, so if they had to raise a completely new order to accommodate the delay then cashback might be affected - otherwise you should be OK.


I eventually went with sky as £50 MasterCard and £90 cashback worked out better. I rang BT who offer me a £19 a month for fibre to 50mb including rental. Thought I might as well stay with BT at that price.


I feel it might have something to do with the lack of info in the initial post, and the fact that it links to the wrong place. I tried using the "add info" option, just to help out, but it seems a mod must have rejected it or something, so I had to write most of it out again as my previous comment. The only bit I left out of my comment is that this is an 18 month contract, and the full price after that is £41 (which is almost competitive!). P.S. I just had to call EE today, and they were really friendly and helpful, even if their automated system didn't seem to be working, and I got through to entirely the wrong team to begin with. P.P.S. I was calling to delay my activation date (as my previous provider, BT, told me I was out of contract when I wasn't, and wanted to charge me £65 "for equipment") - does anyone have anecdotal evidence as to whether this puts my cash back in jeopardy? It shouldn't, going by the Quidco rules, as i completed the purchase entirely online, but of course I'm still worried.


£160 cashback now


Thank you :)

EE Fibre Broadband. 36Mb/s £25pm for 18m  + £165 Cash back, No Setup Charge @ EE
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Posted 31st Jul 2018Posted 31st Jul 2018
EE Fibre Broadband. 36Mb/s £25pm for 18m + £165 Cash back, No Setup Charge @ EE£450
Evening all, Just spotted this deal and thought it worth sharing. £25 per month for 18 months, £165 cash back in total, no setup charge. £20 of that via an offer on Quidco. htt… Read more

Received my £145 cashback 8)


Updated. Thanks for letting me know.


Looks suddenly “expired”, much lower cash back amount of GBP30 to 50 now showing on Quidco, cold


No you need a subscription mate


Is the sports app not free ? not sure if you can cast it on to your tv.