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10% off all TP-LINK products this weekend using discount code @
While hunting for a new router, stumbled across this. Long time lurker on HUKD so hopefully hot for some. Wasn't sure if a voucher or deal but applies to lots of products so some… Read more

Makes a great priced deal on the Archer D9. Some stores seem to throw in a WiFi extender with the D9 though which this site doesn't seem to do. Still, some great deals to be had and as yet, no other retailer has released spring/Easter sale codes to bring prices down to be competitive like this.


Sorry I forgot to put the code in and it won't let me edit. Use code EASTER10

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EnGenius ECW120 WiFi 5 PoE Access Point (1267Mbps AC) £140.66 at Broadbandbuyer
01/12/2021Expires on 01/12/2021Shipping from United StatesShipping from United StatesPosted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
EnGenius ECW120 WiFi 5 PoE Access Point (1267Mbps AC) £140.66 at Broadbandbuyer£140.66£152.118% off
Very rarely that i post up here but ive just bought one of these. As im an IT guy and a born tinkerer ive abandoned a traditional router for a custom job which has no wireless buil… Read more

Not sure what you mean - mine are hardwired into a 48 port managed poe switch. With regards to placement i gather (although waiting for confirmation) that mine are directional hence the placement. They will mesh but through the LAN


Hi there, looking to improve my signal in the house (currently running vm sh 3 (annoyed) ) and looking for some easier to set up hardware. Have basics on networking but always like to improve so to start with was thinking First of will get just 1 AP to place it on the 1st floors ceiling in the middle of the house and then at some point will put more if needed (cheeky) . Anything to change or replace here needed or it will be just fine? Thank you


I wouldn't expect a great performance from a mesh with wireless only backbone (i.e when only one AP has wired connection), just because of its nature. Also, instead of 2 APs don't you want to try to install your one somewhere between the roofspace and the basement? Btw, cannot watch the video, says "Connection was reset".. :(


Well, that depends on your own house layout....right now im in the only black spot in my house ( a huge 2ft x 5ft rad right next to me) that for as long as ive known has killed any wireless signal down to literally nothing....currently at 100% signal but, its right above me so id expect it. The dynamic has changed so (from my point of view the old setup to the new one is chalk and cheese) the old system ran the whole shooting match as the crow flies, right in the centre of the house. The new setup is currently one ap at the top (and soon to be) one at the bottom one radiating down the other up. As i said before im more than happy with the new system. Probably didnt warrant a "Hot UK Deal" but, it just works really really well....


Would would you expect to get from a standard router in the rooms you mention?

WD Ultrastar DC HC530 14TB SATA Enterprise Hard Drive - £256.98 delivered at Broadbandbuyer
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
WD Ultrastar DC HC530 14TB SATA Enterprise Hard Drive - £256.98 delivered at Broadbandbuyer£256.98
Enterprise Class Hard Drive, built to be run 24/7. Ok you could save £60 and shuck a drive (which I have also done) but for the difference your getting a Data Centre graded drive … Read more

Is it worth getting a self-encrypting drive? How do I know my computer support it? My computer is HP Proliant Microserver Gen8


Generally regarded as allot better than the Toshiba's, but don't have any first hand experience myself on them. As for the Ultrastar, has been going good so far in my unraid server.. not an exact science as it depends on where it's installed etc, but is running significantly cooler than my WD Reds, Shucked WD Whites and Seagate EXOS.


I'm going to give this a go. The price rose after this was posted but has come back a bit since then. I don't know how it compares with Toshiba MG Series 14 TB Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive. Hopefully much the same. Stick it in and just let it get on with itself.


I remember paying an arm and a leg for a 48mb hdd for my Atari ST and here we are now casually talking about 14TB drives .... where did the time go? ;)


What you've described is a Raid 01 aka a "mirror of stripes". The result is the exact same as going Raid 10 but you get less fault tolerance. Pops

Ubiquiti ER-X EdgeRouter 5-Port Broadband Router w/ 1x Passive PoE Port £50.12 delivered @ Broadbandbuyer
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Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Ubiquiti ER-X EdgeRouter 5-Port Broadband Router w/ 1x Passive PoE Port £50.12 delivered @ Broadbandbuyer£50.12
Ubiquiti Networks introduces the Ubiquiti ER-X EdgeRouter X 5-Port Broadband Router, part of the EdgeMAX platform, that combines carrier-class reliability with excellent price-to-p… Read more

Hi. I haven't really looked at reporting. I get the Unifi reporting for my access point but not the router. Some areas of the controller application are disabled because I don't have a USG but I can still do everything I need. The ERX has a fully functional management application too, it's just that the systems aren't integrated.


Do you get the same reporting as the USG offers?


That's a very important thing you mentioned there. The NAT throughput is otherwise mediocre at 350 mpbs tops. I need load-balancing, so would not likely be able to achieve that number you mentioned with this one ;( I'm hoping the ER4 can, otherwise I will go for the new Draytek...


Great router, config can be challenging, if you can roll your own iptables you'll be fine...


Happy with mine, with a wap AC as my wireless ap

Draytek 130 £76.63 @ Broadbandbuyer
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Posted 31st Oct 2020Posted 31st Oct 2020
Draytek 130 £76.63 @ Broadbandbuyer£76.63
Great bit of kit For anyone looking to replace your ISPs crappy router. The DrayTek Vigor 130 is an ADSL and VDSL modem with an Ethernet connection; it is not a router but a true… Read more

For most people, the difference is negligible.




What're the pros of getting this vs using the standard isp modem-router, or vs getting a third party modem-router combo? Is there a performance benefit to getting separate modem and routers?


that's turning the WIFI off yes but that's not putting the hub into modem only mode as you cannot do this with bt hubs its not the same thing meaning you will have problems with mesh systems. more info for you quote "Absolutely cannot use as a modem only. You can turn off DHCP and wifi but it will still be routing and natting." Smart Hub 6 - Bridge/Modem mode,-Go to solution&text=Absolutely cannot use as a,still be routing and natting.


This is my mesh system I live in a block of flats and share my mesh with a friend in who lives in the next block which is about 300m away and going through 4 different flats.. I am surprised it's works but he can stream from his flat. My bt speed is quite is 50mp download so I get much better than my estimate speeds.

Seagate ST8000VN004 IronWolf 8TB SATA Hard Drive for NAS w/ 7200RPM 6Gb/s 256MB Cache £205.12 @ Broadbandbuyer
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Posted 5th Sep 2020Posted 5th Sep 2020
Seagate ST8000VN004 IronWolf 8TB SATA Hard Drive for NAS w/ 7200RPM 6Gb/s 256MB Cache £205.12 @ Broadbandbuyer£205.12£217.366% off
Seagate ST8000VN004 IronWolf 8TB 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive The Seagate ST8000VN004 IronWolf 8TB SATA Hard Drive is optimised for NAS in multi-RAID environments and can handle both t… Read more

There are 4 different model variations of the HC520. The one inside the WD Black D10 is the worst of the 4.


That doesn't seem that great? You could have had brand new 12TB HC520 with a 3 year warranty for £180 inc. shucked from WD Black D10 drives in the past couple of weeks.


NAS drives have a feature to work more reliably when used in a hardware RAID set in a server (e.g. in a data center). By hardware RAID I mean the server motherboard has a dedicated RAID chip. 90% of consumer NAS do not have this, they have software emulated RAID so there is no benefit.


If that’s the case then what’s so special about a ‘nas’ drive compared to any other drive?


If it has a case fan like a PC then yeh. 7200rpm can get toasty.

DrayTek Vigor 130 ADSL2+/VDSL Modem £80.23 delivered @ Broadbandbuyer
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Posted 1st Jul 2020Posted 1st Jul 2020
DrayTek Vigor 130 ADSL2+/VDSL Modem £80.23 delivered @ Broadbandbuyer£80.23
For anyone looking to replace your ISPs crappy router. The DrayTek Vigor 130 is an ADSL and VDSL modem with an Ethernet connection; it is not a router but a true ADSL/VDSL Ethern… Read more

Nice one. I just resubmitted the deal. Hope it helps someone


Not sure why it's been expired, it's actually cheaper now at £76.63!


Was the draytek brand new? Sounds like an amazing deal!


I believe there will be no further firmware updates to the OpenReach modem



Amplifi Instant Router + Meshpoint - - £100.45 (+£3 Delivery) @ Broadbandbuyer
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Posted 3rd May 2019Posted 3rd May 2019
Amplifi Instant Router + Meshpoint - - £100.45 (+£3 Delivery) @ Broadbandbuyer£103.45£169.9939% off
Not Just a Wi-Fi Router, It’s a Mesh Wi-Fi System! Everywhere else seems to be retailing the kit for £180-210, so could be a pricing error, but mine have been dispatched. Can als… Read more

Ordered, thanks :)


Not sure it would be worthy of a new deal, but the AFi-R is at a pretty decent price at Lambdatek for £124.82.


Heat added decent find. I would expect the older mesh systems to start dropping in price with wifi6 and the next gen versions being released.


I think, considering the difference in pricepoint (especially at this price point), the reviews are still very favourable to the product. Another interesting point, and one relevant to me, the Instant sets remote node can do Eth backhaul, whilst the HD mesh points cannot... swings and roundabouts given the lesser radio it has, but for 95% people the AC1200 2x2 shoudl be more than enough. The AFi-R (which is the bigger standalone device) is around about £130+, and the AFi-INS-R (which is the standalone Instant device) is £89+. You can keep on adding these standalones to the kit, but you cant combine kits...


Yeah, but your kit is the AFi-HD.... the reviews for this particular bit of kit (which is a somewhat cut down version) don't seem very good in comparison.

AmpliFi AFI-HD Home Mesh WiFi System (1750Mbps AC) w/ Router and 2x Mesh Repeaters £311.98 @
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Posted 15th Jan 2019Posted 15th Jan 2019
AmpliFi AFI-HD Home Mesh WiFi System (1750Mbps AC) w/ Router and 2x Mesh Repeaters £311.98 @
These are currently around £360 on Amazon and are reputed to be the bees knees for wireless mesh networking. They are triband and so have a dedicated channel for the wireless backh… Read more

Are you using these two kits separately or have you managed a way to merge them together? I have a second one on order but have just read that they would not work together which is extremely disappointing.


Quick update - I got mine delivered on Tuesday & am extremely happy with it. The base unit is very stylish & Apple-looking and the mesh devices are fairly unobtrusive. Connection speeds are amazing and it has been rock solid so far. It would be nice if they also had a web interface for fiddling about with the settings but the app is actually very good. The only problem I have had is that 2 Sonoff switches out of 5 have refused to connect.


You can get an old UAP (2.4GHz only) on ebay for around 30 quid so it's a cheap and easy way to increase coverage where the 5GHz band isn't too important.


Cheers didn't know that.


You can run the Unifis in wireless repeater mode - I have a UAP connected wirelessly to an AC-LITE, it was pretty easy to set up via the controller.

D-Link DWR-953 4G LTE WiFi Router AC1200 £119.99 at Broadband Buyer
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Posted 7th Apr 2018Posted 7th Apr 2018
D-Link DWR-953 4G LTE WiFi Router AC1200 £119.99 at Broadband Buyer£119.99
Went to purchase this D-Link and noticed they have made changes to original DWR-953, was AC750 but now AC1200, below are basic details from D-Link website and the product design ha… Read more

b325 huawei better for nearly same money

Synology DS115j DiskStation 1-Bay 3TB Network Attached NAS Storage w/ 1x 3TB Hard Drive 151.93 delivered. @ Broadband Buyer
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Posted 17th Jun 2017Posted 17th Jun 2017
Synology DS115j DiskStation 1-Bay 3TB Network Attached NAS Storage w/ 1x 3TB Hard Drive 151.93 delivered. @ Broadband Buyer£151.93
Compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient, the Synology DS115j DiskStation 1-Bay Network Attached NAS Storage device is perfect for budget-conscious home users looking for a simpl… Read more

good os but poor hardware. so slow. try ds116 for a snappier solution. more ££££ but worth it


Have one of these 1tb version use it to watch movies on my tv excellent and extremely reliable NAS highly recommended


I use mapped drive as it's easier for wife and kids to use. I have a full back up on a removable drive done once a week. And a second removable back up of the really important stuff. E.g documents and photos. Overkill but worst case I nuke computers and diskstation and lose very little


Cannot recommend synology enough. I've had a ds210j for about 6 years and it's superb for all the above reasons. took the time to clean about 2 inches of dust off the fans and it still runs quiet.


Don't have it as a mapped drive in that case, most ransomware will encrypt that as well! Use ftp or make sure you have an offline backup of this too!

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