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Virgin Media – M100 Fibre Broadband - £24pm + £75 Amazon Voucher (18 month - £432 total) via Broadband Choices
14/04/2021Expires on 14/04/2021Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
The Virgin Media M100 Fibre broadband offer is back. £24 per month on an 18-month term, with a £75 Amazon Voucher. To get the deal, follow the link. eGift is issued after 120 days… Read more

Usually the numbers are outgoing only and can vary. I usually end up missing them and they’re usually different numbers.


Thank you I did receive a call from a random number but when I called back the phone was switched off. Can you DM me the number they called you on?


It takes couple of days. I gave my notice on Friday and received call back on Monday. Some have had to wait for a week to 10 days to get a call back. Also it may come from a mobile number as the person was working from home and called frkm him work mobile number. Good luck


I found customer service at VM don't call back I called them I think this offer ends on the 14.4.21


Im still waiting for my call back

Virgin Media Ultrafast M350 Fibre Broadband 362Mb average speed* £32 month / 18 months plus £75 voucher via BroadbandChoices
14/04/2021Expires on 14/04/2021Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Virgin Media - Ultrafast M350 Fibre Broadband with £75 voucher. 362 Mb average speed. £32.00 p/m for 18 months £0.00 setup costs £576.00 total contract cost over 18 months The … Read more

You really have made a mountain out of a molehill ! My 4% was hypothetical price rise which was calculated wrong and should have been more as it would be on the full package price not the discounted price. I'm women enough to admit that. (lipstick) It was never the actual Virgin price rise percentage as I clearly said I didn't know. You have over dramatised it again. No one directly replied to me saying they had a price rise that was far over 4% 2 people replied before my post saying how much they had as a rise below. One was for £4.50 the other less than £1 How could you CLEARLY know or me for that matter that this "rise was far over 4%" with no idea of what they pay for full price package ?


All have their problems, like I've been with every major providor and had problems with them all at 4 different addresses. I'm on the new open reach fibre network in Newcastle and it's been the most solid connection so far.


And you said this after 3 or 4 people CLEARLY told you the rise was far over 4%, so once again I knew clearly what I was responding to, Maybe you are the one who should read.


Gez man give us a break like me most people will still have BT & Open Reach in their head still as the same. Sorry for the slight lapse.


Here is what you quoted from me below, read it carefully this time and then read both your replies. " I Don't know what percentage the rise was with Virgin this year, but let's say the price above at £32 rises by 4% that's a rise of £1.28 a month to £33.28 " Your clearly a very angry person and very upset with Virgin Media, maybe even slightly unhinged (shock) No need to take it out on me ;( You are just being silly now with your accusations because YOU misread what was posted.

Virgin Media Ultrafast M500 Fibre Broadband 516 Mb average speed* £36 month / 18 months £648 plus £75 voucher via BroadbandChoices
14/04/2021Expires on 14/04/2021Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Virgin Media - Ultrafast M500 Fibre Broadband with £75 voucher. 516 Mb average speed. £36.00 p/m for 18 months £0.00 setup costs £648.00 total contract cost over 18 months The… Read more

The new customers only part? Not heard about that! Do you know when?


Seemly this has or is in the process of being outlawed.


Thanks for the information. The one month wait is abit risky for me. I’ll call them up and see what they can offer me


You could try. They do advise that you have to wait a month before you can get reconnected but under a different name they don't always catch on. You may end up getting a good deal from the rententions team when cancelling. Depends who you get and what they offer.


They told me to reach the speed you pay for, all other devices need to have their internet switched off, and the router to be kept away from devices to prevent static and interference. The latter didn't seem belivable, but the former seemed ridiculous - what do I know, I'm just the customer

TalkTalk Full Fibre 150mb Broadband £29.95 per month for 18 months (Includes £70 voucher) via Broadband Choices
28° Expired
Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
TalkTalk Fibre 150mb Broadband Contract: 18 months Upfront: £0 £29.95 a month. Includes £70 voucher till 24th March 2021 (could extend?) Normal Price without voucher: £539.10 W… Read more

I called them and canceled my contract. They said it will be no early termination fee. Next i got the email with £57.50 eary fee and two days later letter through the doors with the same fee..


Don't forget to visit broadband choices via Topcashback or Quidco to potentially get an additional £24/25 cashback




Similar plan of 150Mb?


👌👏 (lol)

O2 5G Sim Only Plan / 15GB Data, Unlimited Minutes & Texts / 6 Months Disney+ / £10pm / 12 month contract - £120 at Broadband Choices
630° Expired
Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
Thought this is a good offer worth sharing with a decent amount of data.

Yeah - visual voicemail too if you have iPhone


Hi, yes it does. And it depends on what device you are using.


Does this support WiFi calls ??


Thanks for posting. Your thread was selected for the Highlights pages (highfive)


It certainly was!. Wow your set up was far more complicated sounds like you had a smoother transition, which is good. About customer services I find it's hard to get to actually speak to anyone, lots of automated voice options, usually ending in "thank you for calling O2 goodbye". So lots of call backs (annoyed)

108mbs fibre broadband £24 a month for 18 months (£432) - Claim £50 Amazon voucher + Cashback via Broadband Choices
886° Expired
Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
Total contract cost (includes all upfront costs as well as cashback/bill credit/voucher) - £331.50 Effective monthly cost £18.41
Get deal*Get deal*

I just got an extra £60 on top of this deal by being referred through someone via virgin's referral scheme. You might be able to do it online, but I personally did it via phone. I rang them (0800 052 0422), and let the guy about this deal and we did it. I also let him know early on I was interested in Virgin as my friend gave me his referral code, and then we arranged that too, to be added on top of this deal. He insisted that both the £75 and £60 bonuses were as bill credit, which will pay for the first 5+ months, which was good for me. (Reposting this advice as last comment was deleted for sharing referral code, which i've now removed)


Has anybody had any virgin services installed recently, still waiting for an installation date 😡


Broadband only


Does this include a line or broadband only?


It's not really my area of expertise so was kind of led by what I read - and the mesh system seemed to be the solution to the black spots we've always had in the house with every provider we've had. There is a decent review of the on amazon by a chap using VM which was another option i was considering. But what sold it was the TP-link M4 set up. All done in-app, and totally dummy-proof for someone like me. Only thing it didn't mention was the part about switching Hub 3 to modem mode - which i read about on reddit.

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Vodafone Superfast 2 Broadband - 63mbps for £22.95 per month (with £80 Gift Card - 24 month contract) via Broadband Choices
641° Expired
Refreshed 22nd FebRefreshed 22nd Feb
Update 1
Extended until 25th - Now includes £80 voucher
Just spotted Vodafone are offering their Superfast 2 Broadband for the price of the 1 tier over at broadbandchoices. You'll also get a £75 Amazon or Tesco Gift voucher 120 days int… Read more

I got gift card (amazon £100) last year march and claim for quidco but they refused


Was it possible to get tcb/quidco and the gift card?


Did anyone get quidco and the gift card?


had voda bb since november...slightly better voucher deal....has been rock solid since install.. would recommend at time a tcb offer also running via uswitch...not sure if still an option that way.... no time machine...i know this post is a good deal too imo


Says £85 cashback on Quidco

Virgin 36GB 5G Data • 12 Month £13pm Sim Only • Unlimited Minutes & Texts • £20 Amazon Gift Card - £156 at Broadband Choices
348° Expired
Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
Effectively £11.33 per month with the £20 Amazon Gift Card when bought via . Data-free text, audio and video messaging on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.… Read more

Can still get from Virgin but without the Amazon gift card:




Is this expired? Not seeing it on the op website.


Phoned up sales and been an existing broadband customer got 5 GB of 5G data for £2 a month 30 day rolling contact, happy with the that.


But they did say late 2021. Problem is O2 ain’t that great by me neither. Or as I like to call them NO2

O2 15gb 5G Data Unlimited Mins & Texts 6 Months Disney+ - £10 per Month for 12 months (£120) via Broadband Choices
404° Expired
Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
O2 15gb 5G Data Unlimited Mins & Texts 6 Months Disney+ - £10 per Month for 12 months (£120) via Broadband Choices£120
15gb of 5G Data Unlimited minutes and Texts with 6 months Disney+ via Broadband Choices £10 per Month

Why expired? Contract is still available (skeptical)


Haha, only took EE retentions 32minutes to call me from when I sent pac request text (lol)


For the sake of one month charge you can send a text to get your pac code, and it will advise what your exit charge will be. My £13 a month sim only contract with Virgin is due for renewal for 3 months but my exit fee is £17, so weight that up with this deal....


Unfortunately O2 has the worst 5G network in UK


Totally agree I paid 3 a fair few months to leave my contract as it was awful. EE isn't too bad for me locally, plus working from home I've been using (up until the last 3 weeks when I've been using my Voxi sim) my home broadband.

Voda4G TalkMobile 24GB/Unlimiteds 30 day sim £12 @BroadbandChoices
-18° Expired
Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
Voda4G TalkMobile 24GB/Unlimiteds 30 day sim £12 @BroadbandChoices£12
Voda no frills little sister, 4G/LTE but no VoLTE (4G calling) or VoWIFi (Wi-fi Calling) just good old Yorkshire Vodafone basics but cheaper than Vodafone Basics and without the 12… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

That’s a 12m contract, hardly comparable to this deal with a minimum 30 day term, PAC out to a better deal = NO CHARGE 6GB more, 12m, PAC out to a better deal= CHARGE$


6gb more same price same network.


Pretty good here on 4G


It definitely has 4G. I get pretty decent speeds too.


What? Vodafone little sister has 4G/LTE TalkMobile as a MVNO was sold back to Vodafone from CarPhoneWarehouse in 2015, it’s had 4G from mid 2017 iPhone 12 Mini: LTE

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