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Vodafone Superfast 2 Broadband - 63mbps for £22 per month (with £100 Amazon Voucher - 24 month contract) £528 via Broadband Genie
693° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
I just found this whilst searching for the best Vodafone deal and have signed up myself as I move next week. Better offer than the other £75-£80 giftcards/cashback deals. Offer en… Read more

Maybe occasionally. Having said that, I work as a Network Engineer and wasn’t able to get call backs from them, or get anywhere with support cases. I felt I described all the issues with a fair amount of detail and pandered to them with silly troubleshooting steps. 100% absolutely useless on every occasion. With Sky Broadband now, much less contention on the line. They must be paying for more capacity at the data centre. No issues at all since switching. The provided router is less upsetting to look at, too!


been solid here.....since december....router been better than bt hub for outage....voda really good....put unltd data on mobile sim.....that issue was openreach...a cable at cabinet had been cut during other repair....down for 2 days.... i would still recommend voda based on my experience.......i got similar deal and worked out around 18 quid ...ish a mth after factoring in cashback and voucher (both paid within 3 mths)


I have this and its great


Cheaper to go through Quidco broadband comparison. They're offering £75 gift card + £51 cashback + £25 cashback boost (ends today and you need to opt in) Total cost for 24 months = £382 / £15.91 a month


Super fast? Are you having a laugh? Virgin media runs at 1.5gbps. My 5G phone runs at 1300mbps. This is a joke.

108Mbps Virgin Media Fibre Broadband £23.95 per month for 18 months (£431.10) £100 bill credit / £331.10 via Broadband Genie
811° Expired
Posted 23rd Nov 2020Posted 23rd Nov 2020
£23.95/month * 18 months minus £100 bill credit works out to £18.40 / month

When does this expire, my VM contract finishes soon


The refer a friend does not seem to work


Anyone had the 50 quid referral credit yet


Has everyone who signed up for this after the broadband genie offer end date had the £100 credit added to account without any problems?


Yes, no issue with having the new contract with someone that has the same surname

M50 Fibre Broadband + Talk Weekend £23.95 @ Virgin Media for 18 months + £100 Bill Credit (£331.10) - Possibly claim £50 Amazon Voucher
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Posted 20th Jul 2020Posted 20th Jul 2020
M50 Fibre Broadband + Talk Weekend £23.95 @ Virgin Media for 18 months + £100 Bill Credit (£331.10) - Possibly claim £50 Amazon Voucher£331.10 Free P&P Free
Go via this Broadband Genie Virgin Media link and you’ll pay £23.95/mth, but you’ll be able to claim a £50 Amazon voucher. Virgin Media will also apply £100 bill credit to your fir… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

It is credited to your Virgin Media account and thus will be applied to your next bills until the credit has been depleted. However, before you make any commitments this may may you more, click here.


How does the £100 off work? I assume if I cancelled before the 18 months for any reason I'd have to repay the £100 as well as the usual fees. The issue is that I've just moved into a rental property that doesn't have a telephone line but already has virgin setup. My house contract is only for 12 months and I'm kind of reluctant to ask the landlord's permission to get a phone line fitted.


Well yeah, it is pretty good. So rather than get £100 off you saved £89.10, not too bad really.


Nothing But 19£ with weekend calls and decent speed.i think its alright contract


Would have done the same but they never offered and I doubt you got £100 off your bill?

Virgin Media 54Mb Broadband £26/18 mth, £75 bill credit, £50 Amazon voucher from Broadband Genie.
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Posted 29th Jun 2020Posted 29th Jun 2020
Virgin Media 54Mb Broadband £26/18 mth, £75 bill credit, £50 Amazon voucher from Broadband Genie.£468
54 meg broadband and phone line with weekend calls, via Broadband Genie. New customers only. £26 per month, 18 month contract = £468 £75 Bill Credit from Virgin £40 Amazon Vouch… Read more

No 5g here, No 5g phone here, Luv my Honor V20, Not changing phone, 2 years away .



5g is 2 years away !


Yes, it'll work in 4g and 3g, what I meant was if you had a 5g device your experience would be even better as that Sim works on 5g too


Surely a 5g SIM would have to use 4g and 3g like my 4g which uses 3g and 2g.

Vodafone Superfast 2 (63Mb) for £22.95 a month on a 24 month contract and a £50 Amazon gift card + £49.50 TCB at broadbandgenie
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Posted 23rd Jun 2020Posted 23rd Jun 2020
Vodafone Superfast 2 (63Mb) for £22.95 a month on a 24 month contract and a £50 Amazon gift card + £49.50 TCB at broadbandgenie£550.80
Now go faster for lessNeed more speed while working from home? Get average speeds of 63 Mbps for the price of 35 Mbps. Promotion ends 25 June 2020 This Deal is from broadbandgenie… Read more

Hi all I’m going to sign up to the Vodafone 63 Mbps Average download speed Superfast 2 Great for all-round streaming and gaming in busier homes. It’s 23£ a month with no setup fees Just wanted someone to post a speed test screenshot using the app. What kinda down & up do you get on speedtest app Any screenshot would be much appreciated. I currently get these speeds with 5g broadband do you guys get similar speeds ?


Greate first deal @k3r0s1n Thanks :)


But the Apple TV+ subscription is included for one year and the Vodafone contract is for 24 months. Besides you need a 4K TV and Apple TV is a bit crap isn't it?


Bad deal : go to Vodafone site via TCB select top package for £28.50 (if have a Vodafone account) then get £80 cashback fromTCB and free apple 4k tv. Sorted.


I forgot to mention that their Superfast 2 promotion that has the same price as Superfast 1 finishes at the close of day tomorrow and then the price goes back up.

Virgin Media Big Bundle for £29.99/month with no setup fee + £80 Amazon Voucher = £359.88 over 12 months @ broadbandgenie
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Posted 17th Jun 2020Posted 17th Jun 2020
Virgin Media Big Bundle for £29.99/month with no setup fee + £80 Amazon Voucher = £359.88 over 12 months @ broadbandgenie£359.88
VM Big Bundle for £29.99 with no setup fee and £80 Amazon Voucher and possible TCB With a complete home entertainment package from Virgin Media, you can take your broadband and TV… Read more

It was 12 months when posted in June. All changed with Virgin in July and contracts are now 18 months. This deal is expired.


I don't think that TBC cashback will work if you are hiring the service from broadbandgenie Actually, you have a £120 cashbask from TBC or Quidco, but there is £35 up front cost. Its mean £85 *net cashback is better than £80 Amazon Voucher. And its not 12 months contracts, is 18 months. Voted cold! for big mistakes in redaction


They called themselves the customer care team, so unsure if they are customer service or retentions these days. Maybe a bit of both but definitely call them up, give them a price you want to pay in terms of budget and say you've found an offer elsewhere, can you match or get close to my budget and they'll get it to match or as close as and will generally offer credit or free channels or boosted internet. If that person doesn't play ball, say you'll think about it and call up again in a few days. Main thing is, if you want a lower price, just keep trying. Annoying as it is, they don't automatically give discounts to loyal customers (all companies same) so just have to persevere!!


Did you have to get through to the retention team to get this or just general customer service? I now have less than a month to go out throw the a cancellation request and am expecting a call back from them in n xt couple of days


There’s still time for it to happen. Have also heard cancelling direct debit can trigger the call. Altho who knows what’s happening with their call centres with COVID right now.. I’ve previously been able to call retentions and request a call back from the outbound team and got one the next day

Virgin Media 54Mb Broadband £26/12 mth, £75 bill credit, £50 Amazon voucher from Broadband Genie.
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Posted 10th Jun 2020Posted 10th Jun 2020
Virgin Media 54Mb Broadband £26/12 mth, £75 bill credit, £50 Amazon voucher from Broadband Genie.£312
Go via Broadband Genie Virgin Media* link and you'll pay £26/mth, but Virgin will apply a £75 bill credit to your first bill. You will also be able to claim a £50 Amazon voucher fr… Read more

OK thanks. Its expiring tomorrow


Thanks to "shayanden" for find this deal (y)


I haven't gone for the deal yet, waiting for a few weeks for current contract to expire. Not upgraded my TCB yet either


Have you upgraded? Did the cashback increased?


108mb Virgin Media £24, no setup fee - BroadbandGenie deal - Term - £288
417° Expired
Posted 20th Apr 2020Posted 20th Apr 2020
108mb Virgin Media £24, no setup fee - BroadbandGenie deal - Term - £288£285
108mb £24 per month 12 month contract

Hi thanks that's interesting,I wouldn't have ever thought of that,thanks


Consider switching to 4G. Look on mobiles. for an unlimited data SIM and grab a router from Amazon. Initial outlay is a little high, but worth it long term. With cashback we are paying under £15 a month for unlimited data.


Have you told them to cancel your package?That's the best thing to do and wait for them to call you back,sounds daft but make sure they have a contact number for you


Had a go at haggling and have tried the disconnection as best they would offer was £33 for 100mb broadband. Hopefully they come back with a deal or might have to try getting a new account in the wife’s name.


£10 - Really? How?

Plusnet 66mb broadband - £26.99pm = £485.82 (+£75 Cashback = £22.82pm) via Broadbandgenie
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Posted 8th Feb 2020Posted 8th Feb 2020
Offering £75 cashback at the moment along with free activation (usually £10). From what I've heard, plusnet customer service is pretty decent and the line is the same that the rest… Read more

How did you manage to go through broadband genie and Quidco? Everytime I go through Quidco it opens a new plusnet page and the order in basket is no there ??? It’s been 2 months since you signed up an y luck with getting both?


Just signed up today for the 36mb fibre as the estimated max on the 66mb was 45mb (even though it says the same for the 36mb!) and the minimum guaranteed of 27.3mb was the same for both, so didn’t seem worth paying the extra £4/month for maximum 9mb more when I may well get the same speed as the 36mb fibre. £60 cashback from Plusnet for the 36mb and I’ve gone through Quidco too just on the off chance the £30 cashback through broadband genie works too. Sky wouldn’t offer me any discount (sorry they did offer me £1/month discount off £27/month) to keep me even though I’ve been with them for years. Time to move I thought!


thumbs up for plusnet you can save £30 with line rental saver too, all in, mine is about 17 a month for basic fibre so seems the prices went up. Probably because a certain Martin Lewis went on national TV telling every one to switch to them ?


Why cold? sounds like a good deal


No necessarily, if you are a short distance to the box in the street Hugh speeds can still be obtained. I have copper to the box in the street and have a 160mb connection, line supports up to 330mb if I want it. (This is called g-fast)

Vodafone Superfast 63mb broadband. £120 Amazon voucher. £23.95pm x 18 month contract - £431.10 via broadbandgenie
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Posted 4th Feb 2020Posted 4th Feb 2020
Vodafone Superfast 63mb broadband. £120 Amazon voucher. £23.95pm x 18 month contract - £431.10 via broadbandgenie£431.10
Get the faster Vodafone broadband 63mb for £23.95 a month and qualify for a £120 Amazon voucher. Brings effective monthly cost to £17.28 Or get the fibre 35mb for £21.95 a month wi… Read more

Wow how did you manage that deal?


Thank you(y)


I chased up last month but they said just to wait as it would auto generate and indeed it did. I contacted them via Facebook and they responded really quickly.


Great! Did you have to chase or just wait? I placed the order in early February but have not heard anything so far.


Got my gift card today :)