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50% Off great coffee - That's £8.50 for a Kg of quality coffee beans! (plus £2.99 Delivery)
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Posted 9th Aug 2017Posted 9th Aug 2017
50% Off great coffee - That's £8.50 for a Kg of quality coffee beans! (plus £2.99 Delivery)
I have ordered this coffee for my machine, however, the company stopped selling. They are now back with a full range and some. Great flavour to their coffee and knocks the socks o… Read more
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There's a range of 3 types - same style of packaging, different strengths - pick the one you fancy (I prefer the 5)


What Lidl one would you recommend?


Ordered, for £2.50 a bag and only £3 for postage it seems pretty good. Also the owner is a real coffee guy (Guy Wilmot) according to my PayPal. Does anyone know what the grind is like? I prefer espresso but cannot see any mention online.


I've had some of the best coffee beans ordered online from that store. Well worth a look if you are more of a connesieur!


Cheers bud! Love Algerian coffee but never knew you could order online. Like many others I always make sure I make a trip to Old Compton Street whenever I'm in London ;)

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£10 Discount
Brown bear coffee £10 off £20+ spend
Brown bear coffee have relaunched their website. They are offering £10 off orders of £20+ (or 10% off larger orders with THENEWBEAR)

Oops it looks like this has just now (4 months later) flagged up as a notification, sorry. I usually drink 1 cup per day plus (at around 15g of beans per cup) plus a couple of times per month I'll use more for friends/family coming round, so it's roughly 2 x 250g bags per month, yeah. Making 1 cup then aeropress or OXO dripper because they are both quick and easy to use and clean, and I get good results. I use a V60 (with a gooseneck and scales) now and then but not often. For 2 people I tend to stick the moka pot on the gas, and for more people I make a cafetiere but strong and water in down as pouring into cups.


How much coffee do you drink? Just wondering as you go through 250g bag in 2 weeks. You use a pour over method?


Objectively, coffee beans, like other foodstuffs, are deteriorating all the time but of course it's gradual so they're not going to be delicious one day then stale the next. Tip: Don't keep 'em in the fridge because they absorb moisture and flavours. Keep them in their bag and then in an airtight container in a cupboard where it's relatively cool and dark. Subjectively, I've made pretty nice coffee (in my judgement) from beans, carefully stored, that were about a month old (where age is measured from roasting date) and surprisingly they still bloomed a bit ('degassed' CO2) but I generally go through a 250g bag in about 2 weeks so my coffee (like the gent above) is usually less than 3 weeks old. If you like your coffee from beans which are 1 month, 2 months or whatever age then that's fine too :)


That must work out quite expensive. We get through about a kilo a month. How often do you think I should buy a bag of beans?


How is the coffee from here?

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