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30% student discount on BSM driving lessons
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Posted 24th Mar 2014Posted 24th Mar 2014
30% student discount on BSM driving lessons
BSM are offering 30% off driving lessons for students. It does look like you have to buy a specific student advantage card but having had a look it seems that students count as si… Read more
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I past my test with BSM in 2003 and I was paying £20-50 an hr but it worked out better if you bought bulk. Worked out I psid £19-50 an hr. Past 1st time with them would highly recommend


How much are bsm these days, remember paying 13.50 for bulk bookings back in the day and that was steep :)


Does this include pass plus/ refresher courses?


Plus BSM are ridiculously expensive to begin with!!


Students get up to 30% discount* off standard BSM prices when taking lessons with a trainee instructor! Not saying anything about the trainee, they might be great. But that is the reason for the discount.

2 Hours For £20 @ BSM [Limited Time Only]
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Posted 30th Aug 2010Posted 30th Aug 2010
2 Hours For £20 @ BSM [Limited Time Only]£20
Test us out with two hours of lessons for just £20*. But hurry, there's already high demand for this offer and limited availability. So, don't miss out. Book your lessons today. J… Read more

I booked and paid for this supposed 'deal' and no driver turned up. When I called to complain I was met by the rudest people I have ever encountered. Suffice to say they don't want to give my money back even though I had no service. I have complained to Trading Standards and 2 weeks sent them official request for refund under 'Supply of Goods Act'... not even the courtesy of an acknowledgment.


Looks like a good deal, but they took my daughter's money then after a week said they had no 'assessor's' in our area, and she would have to ring another area. Now two weeks later they are saying they cannot refund her money as they no longer have the details and can't take them over the phone 'for security reasons', so they have to send her a form which she will have to send back... What a palaver! I voted hot originally but now wish I could vote cold cold cold!


Fair enough really. Unless there is a reason why you can't use a manual gearbox it makes sense to have the skills so that you can drive a manual if the need arises. I also doubt they have many Automatic instructors- Pretty much all of the driving instructors I know of teach manual.


I'm glad I'm not learning to drive in this day & age... seems like it costs a M/F-ing fortune!


Cold because this deal is not available in Scotland

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Posted 16th Aug 2009Posted 16th Aug 2009
Offer is available to NEW customers only. Prices will vary dependent upon area. Just follow the link Enter Your Postcode Select Manual Or Automatic Click Get Price Then on the … Read more
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I would rather recommend Stevie Wonder as a driving instructor than BSM. They are so remiss that when i followed the link in this 'deal' it says "But hurry, this offer ends 8 August 2009"


I did exactly the same and recommend that.


Yeah, I got a good deal with a small local firm, but good deal for anyone who wants BSM, though they normally run this kind of discount, from memory, most, if not all of the time.


Learning to drive from these big companies is so expensive. I'd recommend seeking out private instructors who will take cash. I took lessons from a BSM instructor privately and subsequently saved ~50%.

BSM Learner Driver Package
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Posted 30th Apr 2009Posted 30th Apr 2009
BSM Learner Driver Package£89
For just £89, receive 2 hours of driving lessons, 2 hours in a driving simulator, £15 off a 10 hour block lesson booking, plus a theory pack which includes the Highway Code, an int… Read more
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Absolute pants offer, 2 hours in a simulator is a complete waste of time. Also BSM are the largest school to employ trainee driving instructors (check yours out, if he/she has a pink badge then they are not a fully qualified, approved driving instructor!!!!). You want an instructor with a green badge. Save your money and book with a local instructor - this supports your local economy and you will get much better value for money. My friends instructor is doing the first 5 hours for £49 followed by £18 an hour at the moment. That's the kind of offer I would look out for if you are wanting lessons at the moment.

BSM Driving Lessons 5 for £75 is back.
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Posted 5th Oct 2008Posted 5th Oct 2008
BSM Driving Lessons 5 for £75 is back.£75
Saw this online...yet to be confirmed. Call 0845 494 0358 or fill online form at Lines open MondayFriday 8am8pm, Saturday 9am5pm and Sunday 10am4pm. Calls may be r… Read more

23.75/hour i guess


47.50 a lesson where they teach you afghanistan? danger money


i was with BSM. i chose them because i had a independent instructor before and he came up with rubbish like he was goin on holiday and that his car broke down and he would let me know when his car was fixed. i then found out my friend was having lessons with him and a few weeks later on my BSM lesson i saw the guy on his lesson with another pupil. the cheeeky mudda.:x My instructor i had with BSM is friendly, he had those badges on his window. he would show them off to me aswel. he had a green one and a orange one i think. but it just depends on the instructor your given. if you dont like the instructor your given your always allowed to ask for a different instructor, just depends wether your bothered or not. this deal sucks by the way. lol cause ive passed now and its no use to me.. i paid 47.50 per lesson. angry angry. :x


They never charged me for the time to get to me etc, what I meant is that if he was driving from a village, then Cambridge, then back out to a village it wasn't really worth it for short lessons as he'd lose 40 minutes of an hour just getting about and not earning. The 2 hour thing was very true in the Cambridge branch office when I used them. I did have a couple of hour lessons when that was the only time available but yes I didn't get as much from them either. I was going to go with a private instructor but got 10 2hr lesson vouchers for Christmas so had to use them. I would definately go on personal reccommendation for private instructors if you're thinking about learning to drive.


BSM keep going because they are paid by the instructors and not by the pupils. The franchise fee a couple of years ago was in excess of £325 (god know what it is now) and instructors HAVE to pay this regardless of how many hours they do. One xmas, for over 2 weeks, my partner didn't even earn enough to pay the franchise fee - he made a loss and still had to work (for free) and borrow some money off me to cover it. How many times have you watched the tv or seen in the paper - "become a driving instructor and earn over £30,000 a year". There are far more adverts for this than there are offering driving lessons because this is how BSM and the like make their money. Plenty of people take the bait and think they can ditch their day job, work for themselves and earn a decent income. Well you can earn over £30k a year, but these adverts don't advertise the franchise fee costs of over £17k a year, add in to that the cost of fuel, insurance etc and by the time you have paid all of this out, you are lucky if you are earning minimum wage. And there is no such thing as minimum wage when you are a franchisee as you are classed as running your own business - you could make a loss week after week and no-one would care). This is why the majority of decent instructors ditch the likes of BSM as soon as they become fully qualified and can work on their own. Their are plenty of new trainees to fill their place. And as long as this is the case, BSM will continue to have a poor reputation. Now I'm not saying that all BSM instructors are bad or are trainee's. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you may be lucky and get an experienced instructor or a decent trainee, but you are taking a risk. Not to mention that this is just another hook to reel you in - according to the DSA website, the average time taken to pass a driving test is 45 hours. So take up BSM's offer of 5 hours for £75 or 4 for £79 followed by the standard price of £24ph and you will end up paying over £1030. Compare that to an independent school charging around £18ph x 45 hours = £810 (and this doesn't incl discounts of up to 20% for block bookings etc). Now which is the better deal? Sorry for the huge rant, but I dislike BSM with a passion. I like good value for money. And I also want everyone on the road to be safe drivers so I'm on a crusade to educate the public :) On another note, my brother went with BSM years ago and passed 1st time after about 15 hours. The reason he only had 15 hours was because his lessons were on a Saturday and his instructor was always cancelling because it clashed with the football (the guy didn't actually admit this, but after 5 times it was too coincidental), plus the fact that he was one of the lucky few "naturally good" drivers, so he just booked his test in spite of the instructor and passed. I must say though, that although he can drive, his technique was pretty appalling for the first few years until he started to get better with experience, and even now, I don't feel 100% safe being in the car with him..........................

BSM Driving Lessons 5 for £75
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Posted 2nd Sep 2008Posted 2nd Sep 2008
BSM Driving Lessons 5 for £75£75
BSM are currently doing an offer of 5 1-hour driving lessons for £75, which I think is good. I've been meaning to start driving for a couple of years so this might be a good time t… Read more

yeah......same with me......just booked 6 lessons. Its gud ...... if they really provide 2 hrs. per lesson..... lets see......:thumbsup:


Not Bad^^


The Institute of Advanced Motorists is nationwide and their teachings are now DSA recognised. Roadcraft is the method of driving used by Police pursuit drivers and forms quite a lot of what the IAM teach, but the IAM focus more on safety than out'n'out speed. There are books on Roadcraft to DIY, but I was taught it by an off-duty pursuit officer which was brilliant both educationally, and in the fun sense. For track driving contact any of the racing tracks around the country, even the major ones like Silverstone and they almost all have tutors available where you can be taught either in your own car or one of their vehicles on high speed cornering and vehicle balance to make your driving safer both at speed and at normal speeds. I always tell people I teach that although I am teching them the very basics of driving, what I am really teaching them is how to pass a driving test. If you are interested in driving well then every time you turn the key is a learning experience which will continue your whole life. Any additional tuition will keep you safer, possibly make you faster and bring more joy to what many see as a mundane means to an end, but what can be a very entertaining part of modern life.


Nice find. I rang to book 5 lessons and the lady i spoke to said we do 2 hours per lesson. So then i manageD to book another hour to make up 6 hours and was quoted with £96 for all 6 hours working out £16 per hour. I might as well stick to them if their that good in price :D


im learning to drive now my first 5 lessons were 60 then 17 pound each i cant believe how much some people are paying. this seems very expensive to me! voted cold

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£2 Off every 1 hour driving  lesson w/UCAS Card  BSM
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Posted 11th Aug 2008Posted 11th Aug 2008
£2 Off every 1 hour driving lesson w/UCAS Card BSM£2
Get £2 Off every 1 hour lesson for Students with ucas card
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Does depend on the individual instructor though, doesn't it?


I learned with BSM a couple of years ago and got a really good service. To be honest they gave me the student rate without ever seeing my NUS card (even though I had one). I think they always did student discount. Good info for anyone who didn't know


yes i agree BSM are very expensive. so you are not really saving any money. plenty of cheaper deals around if you care to shop about. :oops:


BSM are one of the most expensive driving schools though... search around first guys...

Buy Two Hours, Get One Free With BSM
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Posted 16th Sep 2007Posted 16th Sep 2007LocalLocal
Buy Two Hours, Get One Free With BSM
BSM are offering a free 1 hour driving lesson when you buy two hours worth of lessons. You can also get a discount for booking a block of 10 or more lessons, and NUS or UCAS holde… Read more
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