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BT Broadband Full Fibre 150Mb (FTTP) - £9.99 Up Front / £29.99pm x 24 Months - Total Cost £729.75 @ BT
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Ultrafast and super reliable – stream and download as much as you like Download speed 150Mb Stay fast guarantee 100Mb Upload speed 30Mb Possible Quidco? Admin feel free to edit … Read more

I'm absolutely chuffed BT just confirmed they've credited me with the full £95 fee for moving from Shell. £113 Quidco confirmed And £29.99/m Service and speed been fantastic can't complain


Yeh had bad experience with VM fibre twice, nice when you can get the download speeds but throttled to hell at peak times and over subscribed in my area. Upload speeds were rubbish and so was the wifi


I had the choice of a 100meg connection from Virgin that drops randomly throughout the day (especially peak times) and a guaranteed 10meg connection from VDSL. I moved for a stable connection and it seems to have been worth it (although I've only seen one other person connected in my neighborhood so take-up is relatively low at the moment)


Hopefully there customer service has improved from my last experience many years ago. Now thinking of trying BT again now they do FTTP to see if it’s better and more stable wifi than Sky superfast. Saying that only paying £18 though for Sky superfast so is it worth the extra brass


I put the I put the reduced rate in my basket then went through Quidco and it was still there so I signed up. It tracked at £105 but that doesn't mean it will payout... I can confirm the installation was painless (they arrived at 7:50am) and that I've had constant speeds etc for the last two weeks.

BT fibre broadband 36Mb with free Amazon Prime for 12 months - from £29.99p/m - 18mths + £9.99/ £359.88 total
Posted 11th Jan 2019Posted 11th Jan 2019
BT fibre broadband 36Mb with free Amazon Prime for 12 months - from £29.99p/m - 18mths + £9.99/ £359.88 total£549.81
Take out various BT broadband packages & receive free Amazon Prime membership Take the faster 50MB broadband & get Prime membership & £90 reward card. This is £35.99 … Read more

Do not forget new contracts with BT started friday 11th Jan so you can no longer leave BT early due to price rises.Luckily i signed up 10th Jan :)


Vodafone were great till about 3 months ago and seem to be having issues with speed and dns again.


I’ve had Vodafone for over a year and in my area at least, it’s been great. I get sync speed of 76mbs, and download speeds of around 73mbs. The only exception it went down for almost two weeks and had to wait for OpenReach to fix the line, a problem that just wouldn’t happen on Virgin Media. VM’s service was exceptional. I’ve also had Sky ADSL and was getting 20mbs sync speed and 17mbs download.


BT (Bl@@dy terrible,) company, avoid like the plague!


And they are quick for online chat about problems

BT retention deal for Infinity 1 fibre broadband, line rental and weekend landline calls + £50 voucher £21.99 p/m 18 months - £395.82
Posted 28th Jun 2018Posted 28th Jun 2018
BT retention deal for Infinity 1 fibre broadband, line rental and weekend landline calls + £50 voucher £21.99 p/m 18 months - £395.82£395.82
Due to the BT price hike I decided to change my existing line rental and broadband contract from BT to Vodafone (from £29.99 per month with BT to £21 per month Vodafone). A couple… Read more

due to price increase, old contract kind of gets violated and you have the option to terminate it Free of Cost . The other options would be either renegotiate a new contract with a better and lesser price or continue the existing contract with increased price from 16 September . Getting a new contract comes under being recontracted if continuing with BT


What do you mean by recontracted ? had your contract already ran out ? TIA


I love these price rises mine goes down every time. It's the people that do nothing that get shafted. When I first took it out it was £32.99 a month but with £110 tcb plus £150 card so worth it for that. On first price rise I recontracted at same price thats all she would do. But got BT sport free again for another 6 months. The next price rise which was only a few months after paying for BT sport I asked about signing up again in my wifes name to get the card tcb etc... He checked and agreed its classed as new customer. I put that order in and they called me back and offered £26.99 so took that and guess what recontracted BT sport again for another 6 months free. I said about an offer that was free for the whole year and they bill credited me for £42 making sport effectively free for the whole year. This price rise phoned up and recontracted but I had 14 days to change my mind. Recontracted as knew it would give me more leverage. So phoned up and took the guys deal from here he went away and said yeah no problem. So £23.99 a month. Customer service is now in the UK. It Is much better than what it used to be most of the problems seem to be with their software rather than the operators. No deal on BT sport but even at the full £7 i still pay less than for broadband on its own when I started. The BT sport is not recontracted so come oct can either cancel or see if another offer is forthcoming. Don't worry about 18 month or two year contracts as a price rise will come around by next april. I want to get it down to £20 a month eventually. The service is rock solid never have to reset the router and get 40mb on wifi and 9mb on the up. Shame I didn't get the full speed upto 76mb but this speed is more than enough. Also the cloud of 200GB is coming in useful. Better than paying apple for upgraded icloud. The app is good as well i pay £2 extra for quarterly bills and non Direct Debit but quoted the normal prices for comparassion purposes. The app is excellent and I like BT sports. What more can I say i don't want to keep changing every 6 months especilally when its solid connection. The number I called was 0800 3457303 and he done the deal without the hassle of leaving and new routers that might not work or tcb that doesn't pay out. Thanks garble fot not sending me your deal or replying so I got the info elsewhere. On tje next price rise might be able to get £21.99 or maybe the £23.99 but with full fibre


Haha that’s the difference then sports was costing me £18 via sky so basically phone and fibre broadband for £15 !


Wouldn’t say it’s an amazing deal. I’ve had that for years and still leaving for a better deal. edit: I don’t get sports though.

BT Full Fibre 300MG (+phoneline) for £39.99 / 24 months via sales team live chat at BT (British Telecom)
-94° Expired
Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
If you speak to live chat, selecting Sales support, then you can get 300 meg down / 30 meg up, fibre to the property for £39.99 a month over a 24 month contract. This normally cost… Read more

I'm an existing BT customer on BT infinity (or whatever it's called this week). Even though I'm mid-contract till next May (yes...I know...) I can still upgrade to one of their Full fibre offerings. It's annoying when clicking through on my MyBt account to upgrade, you can't checkout, because BTs website is a joke. I've just got off the phone from them, and this is what they offered me: 100 halo 3 39.99 300 halo 3 48.99 500 halo 3 50.99 900 halo 3 56.99 I tried to get them to budge, and got put through to their loyalty no avail, so I just walked away :-(


Yeah annoys me you get the downvote brigade appearing even though this is probably one of the best deals right now for FTTP that isn't something like city fibre which is only available if you live in a tower block in a busy city centre.


how :O what sorcery is this :D


@mango888 Thanks for taking the time to reply, and for the info. Much appreciated.


Oh yeah I found the deal through a glitch when I went to upgrade and they fixed it the next day but still honoured everyone who got in with the contract before fixing. Some people managed to get 24 months 300mb for like 99p a month lol But yeah that deal was a one off, sorry lol Although, you can probably get something just a tad over if you are a new customer

BT fibre broadband - £24.99 x 24 Months - Total £599.76 with £100 TCB @ BT 6 months free Britbox
1120° Expired
Posted 30th Dec 2020Posted 30th Dec 2020
BT fibre broadband - £24.99 x 24 Months - Total £599.76 with £100 TCB @ BT 6 months free Britbox£599.76
Head to TCB first for the £100 cashback and take advantage of the January sale deal. BT also offering 6 months free Britbox £20.82 a month seems good for BT fibre? Expires 21/0… Read more

I checked today on TCB site, but could not see an option offer for £100 cash back for Fibre Essential. Anyone know TCB changed or reduced this to £85? Thanks. :)


Spot on. This is where OFCOM prove again they're ineffective.




Yep!!! It's just pure greed.


Ah really, that sucks. They find a way around everything

6 Months FREE subscription to BritBox with BT TV or BT Broadband
328° Expired
Posted 8th Dec 2020Posted 8th Dec 2020
6 Months FREE subscription to BritBox with BT TV or BT Broadband
Just received an email from BT. I don’t know if this is account specific. BritBox is the home of British Christmas specials, and so much more. And now's the perfect time to sign u… Read more

This person is right to an extent. I think the annoyance is you cannot watch ANY live TV. You have to pay fee even if you only watch ITV and sky channels. Or things on catch-up. The day people can choose not to pay the fee and subscribe to ITV and Sky, etc is the day the people on their BBC high horse can have the higher ground that would be a real choice. As for radio. The BBC choose to have would service as a soft power. I'd be happy for them to shut that. Also BBC news is no longer impartial so defeats it's purpose. It's reporting of US and Trump, Corona Virus and links to China, and Brexit have been sloppy and biased at best.


That's catergorically not true.


True, but how many people are savvy enough to do that, think about all those who pay full price for their Sky package! Most of the services rely of those who do not check how much they are spending. Constantly swapping services is a PITA though, the better thing to do is to buddy up with friends/family and share multiple services. I do that with Netflix, NowTV and others.


Best thing to do really is have 1-2 services subbed at a time and move from one provider to the next, ideally when offers arise.


The big attraction of the streaming sites was that you could get rid of your expensive Sky/Virgin/BT subscription. The problem is we're heading towards a situation where you need 3-4 streaming subscriptions to replace the Sky sub if all the content providers start making their content exclusive to their platform (like Disney). Like I said before, people won't want that many and providers will sink. Britbox could've worked had it launched 3-4 years ago but it's too late for it now.

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BT Fibre Black Friday - Fibre 1 £26.99pm (50Mb) £60 Reward / Fibre 2 £31.99 (67Mb) £110 Reward on Fri + 3 months free (24mo - Free P&P) @ BT
189° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
BT Fibre Black Friday - Fibre 1 £26.99pm (50Mb) £60 Reward / Fibre 2 £31.99 (67Mb) £110 Reward on Fri + 3 months free (24mo - Free P&P) @ BT£566.79
BT Black Friday offers are already live, but I've been given the heads up that the reward amount on the Fibre 2 package will increase on Friday to a further £10, making it £110 in … Read more

I got a bt of a result on mine. After recontracting my Fibre Essential (36mb) I saw they'd put me on Fribre 1, but hadn't lifted the line cap. After a couple of aborted attempts to find someone who could resolve this I wound up talking to Connections, who put me on Fibre 2 to lift the cap. They must have also done some infrastructure work since the last time I was one Fibre 1 as I'm now getting 52mb, despite the line checker telling me that Fibre 2 is unavailable as I can only get 36mb.


Upto £300, I've done it a cpl times (y)


Ok. Just off the phone to them. They're going to honour my price for Fibre with Halo and Complete Wifi at £22.27 and i've decided to drop my Entertainment package as i've got Now TV vouchers for entertainment for another 9 months. I wanted BT Sport as i do watch that so pushed at that and i got it for 3 free months and then £15 a month. Works out just over £13 per month over contract. So first 3 months pay £22.27 and then £37.27 which works out at £35.40 per month. Guy told me that the Fibre with Halo and complete wifi is about £60 on its own so i'm quite pleased with that. They sent me the wifi disc months ago after i raised a fault and a SH2 then too. So with me bagging Now TV passes at £3.50 for 8 months the cost over that period the total cost will be £39. I think i'm only losing the AMC channel and i stop watched The Walking Dead years ago. I'll actually need to look more into this Complete Wifi and Halo and find out what BT have committed to with me!! :D


OK to answer my own question I've just found that yes, they do buy you out of your old contract - BUT it can only be done over the phone as mentioned here: Solved: Want to switch to BT but still in contract with an... - BT Community and the terms listed here:


Ahh very nice, thanks for confirming. Now I just need to find out if BT will buy me out of my Vodafone contract which I have 6 months left on!

Fibre 100 FTTP £32.99 (plus 3 months free) - £692.79 @ BT
1053° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
Fibre 100: 150Mb - Download speed Your Stay Fast Guarantee 100Mb Upload speed 30Mb

Wow, lucky that. I tried so hard but didn't manage to get 3 months free.


Thanks for that, fingers crossed i get it


Same happened with me. Had 4 months left on my deal and rang them last Saturday. Eventually got them to offer me this deal after having it authorised by his supervisor. He said he had to fill in a separate form and send it to get signed off. Eventually got my confirmation through yesterday and my new hub arrived. Install date isn’t until Jan 11th though.


Tried online and it wouldn't allow 32.99 as existing, rang and they offered me s few offers but eventually said, I could have 32.99 with 3 month's free, that was Monday, no confirmation received, so rang again, they said it will be 5 working days to place ordefsnd confirm, don't know whether they will honour it.


I did. Got the three months free and the 2 years at £32.99 even though I was in contract.

BT Fibre 2 ( 67Mbps average) - 24 months Contract - £29.99 pm + £9.99 upfront (£729.75 Total) + Claim £100 Mastercard Reward
-257° Expired
Posted 19th Sep 2020Posted 19th Sep 2020
BT Fibre 2 ( 67Mbps average) - 24 months Contract - £29.99 pm + £9.99 upfront (£729.75 Total) + Claim £100 Mastercard Reward£729.75
Couldn’t find this on BT site ( could be wrong) £29.99 p.m x 24 months = 719.76 + P&p £9.99 = £729.75 - £100 mastercard = £629.75 . Effective total £26.23 Per Month .

You were wrong, hahah


The message told participants to expect broadband speeds of 50-150Mbps and warned about the likelihood of there being brief periods of no connectivity (well.. it’s a beta). In terms of pricing, selected beta customers in the UK were informed that the hardware (dish, terminal, router etc.) would cost £439 (vs $499 in the USA), then £54 for shipping and £89 (vs $99 in the USA) for the monthly subscription.


Wasn’t it supposed to be free ??


CNBC: SpaceX prices Starlink satellite internet service at $99 per month, according to e-mail. Plus $500 for the kit....


Worth keeping in mind that BT have built higher than inflation price rises into their contracts now, so you cant leave if not happy with it. Its on MSE of you want more info. Just coming to end of contract with them this week, so looking for options myself

BT Full Fibre broadband 100 Mbps for £29.99/month x 24 + £9.99 upfront (New customers / region specific) @ BT
340° Expired
Posted 8th Sep 2020Posted 8th Sep 2020
Great price for 100 Mbps full fiber in home. Only £9.99 activation with free installation.

My £125 quidco has been confirmed!


Wait a few days see what Black Friday offers they are doing. I expect "something".


Mine ends in 5 days just been offered fibre for calls packages included


Can't believe it - my Quidco has been confirmed for £130!


Were you drunk at the time? steal if that was a deal :)

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