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BT Broadband covers the internet and landline services offered by BT. It boasts the best availability in the country meaning it covers the most address UK-wide. There's a wide range of options available from super high-speed gaming broadband to multi-connection wifi which covers every room in the house. BT Broadband also regularly has deals for their services such as cashback and discounts which are all listed on hotukdeals. How to redeem BT Broadband vouchers

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BT fibre broadband 36Mb with free Amazon Prime for 12 months - from £29.99p/m - 18mths + £9.99/ £359.88 total
Posted 11th Jan 2019Posted 11th Jan 2019
BT fibre broadband 36Mb with free Amazon Prime for 12 months - from £29.99p/m - 18mths + £9.99/ £359.88 total£549.81
Take out various BT broadband packages & receive free Amazon Prime membership Take the faster 50MB broadband & get Prime membership & £90 reward card. This is £35.99 … Read more

Do not forget new contracts with BT started friday 11th Jan so you can no longer leave BT early due to price rises.Luckily i signed up 10th Jan :)


Vodafone were great till about 3 months ago and seem to be having issues with speed and dns again.


I’ve had Vodafone for over a year and in my area at least, it’s been great. I get sync speed of 76mbs, and download speeds of around 73mbs. The only exception it went down for almost two weeks and had to wait for OpenReach to fix the line, a problem that just wouldn’t happen on Virgin Media. VM’s service was exceptional. I’ve also had Sky ADSL and was getting 20mbs sync speed and 17mbs download.


BT (Bl@@dy terrible,) company, avoid like the plague!


And they are quick for online chat about problems

BT retention deal for Infinity 1 fibre broadband, line rental and weekend landline calls + £50 voucher £21.99 p/m 18 months - £395.82
Posted 28th Jun 2018Posted 28th Jun 2018
BT retention deal for Infinity 1 fibre broadband, line rental and weekend landline calls + £50 voucher £21.99 p/m 18 months - £395.82£395.82
Due to the BT price hike I decided to change my existing line rental and broadband contract from BT to Vodafone (from £29.99 per month with BT to £21 per month Vodafone). A couple… Read more

due to price increase, old contract kind of gets violated and you have the option to terminate it Free of Cost . The other options would be either renegotiate a new contract with a better and lesser price or continue the existing contract with increased price from 16 September . Getting a new contract comes under being recontracted if continuing with BT


What do you mean by recontracted ? had your contract already ran out ? TIA


I love these price rises mine goes down every time. It's the people that do nothing that get shafted. When I first took it out it was £32.99 a month but with £110 tcb plus £150 card so worth it for that. On first price rise I recontracted at same price thats all she would do. But got BT sport free again for another 6 months. The next price rise which was only a few months after paying for BT sport I asked about signing up again in my wifes name to get the card tcb etc... He checked and agreed its classed as new customer. I put that order in and they called me back and offered £26.99 so took that and guess what recontracted BT sport again for another 6 months free. I said about an offer that was free for the whole year and they bill credited me for £42 making sport effectively free for the whole year. This price rise phoned up and recontracted but I had 14 days to change my mind. Recontracted as knew it would give me more leverage. So phoned up and took the guys deal from here he went away and said yeah no problem. So £23.99 a month. Customer service is now in the UK. It Is much better than what it used to be most of the problems seem to be with their software rather than the operators. No deal on BT sport but even at the full £7 i still pay less than for broadband on its own when I started. The BT sport is not recontracted so come oct can either cancel or see if another offer is forthcoming. Don't worry about 18 month or two year contracts as a price rise will come around by next april. I want to get it down to £20 a month eventually. The service is rock solid never have to reset the router and get 40mb on wifi and 9mb on the up. Shame I didn't get the full speed upto 76mb but this speed is more than enough. Also the cloud of 200GB is coming in useful. Better than paying apple for upgraded icloud. The app is good as well i pay £2 extra for quarterly bills and non Direct Debit but quoted the normal prices for comparassion purposes. The app is excellent and I like BT sports. What more can I say i don't want to keep changing every 6 months especilally when its solid connection. The number I called was 0800 3457303 and he done the deal without the hassle of leaving and new routers that might not work or tcb that doesn't pay out. Thanks garble fot not sending me your deal or replying so I got the info elsewhere. On tje next price rise might be able to get £21.99 or maybe the £23.99 but with full fibre


Haha that’s the difference then sports was costing me £18 via sky so basically phone and fibre broadband for £15 !


Wouldn’t say it’s an amazing deal. I’ve had that for years and still leaving for a better deal. edit: I don’t get sports though.

Students Only - BT FTTP Full Fibre, 900Mb - £46.99/month + £9.99 P&P, 12 months contract £573.87 total @ BT + £84 Quidco
-196° Expired
Posted 7th OctPosted 7th Oct
Great deal for students that are in Openreach FTTP area (like me, where no other ISPs are offering FTTP - or not at this price point anyway) No landline 12 months contract only… Read more

Comes with 12 months gamepass


Half arsed fttp. Unless it's symmetrical speeds it's garbage. Typical British isp nonsense failing to do things correctly.


BS This is the cheapest 900/110 fttp fibre in the UK in areas that only have openreach cabinets. The deal is only crap because. 1. It's been this price for at least a year and isn't a deal. 2. You don't need a uni email address, any email address works despite what it says. 3. You can choose 9 month contract for same price as 12 and it doesn't state this in the deal on here.


Hyperoptic have their 1Gb for £35 a month 24month contract, or £40 for 12month.


I would be waiting for Black Friday if you are looking at this package. I managed £43 last year after cashback for 900mb on a 24months. And that was for everyone not just students. Bound to be similar or better offers this year now its available to more people.

BT Sport + Now Sport + Euro Sport £1pm for 3 months (24m contract 21 months at £40pm) BT TV addon at BT Broadband
-129° Expired
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
BT Sport + Now Sport + Euro Sport £1pm for 3 months (24m contract 21 months at £40pm) BT TV addon at BT Broadband£843
Noticed when logging in to BT account. I think for existing BT customers. BT Sport + Now Sport + Euro Sport £3 for 3 months BT TV addon

Have joined. Many thanks for the info. :D


You can downgrade this from Big Sport to only BT sport at £15 a month after the 3 months for £1 is up


Cheapest monthy option is GO5050 at £13.99 per month for the pass (just google them) as was already recommended by other users. It's a social network for users looking to share the cost of subscriptions and save (like a facebook for sharing and saving) and the best/cheapest way to save on streaming. They've got NOW Sky Sports at £15.99 pm too and Spotify at £3.97 pm. Bargai! I get all my subs from them now


You get a bt tv box but can just watch on now app or bt sport app instantly



BT FTTP Full Fibre, 900Mb - £46.99/month / 300Mb - £39.99/month / 150Mb - £34.99/month for students, 12 months contract @ BT + Quidco
197° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Great deal for students No landline 12 months contract Quidco tracked straight away (£83 for 900Mbps) university email "required" (could try your child's secondary school ema… Read more

Just had my £84 Quidco cashback confirmed this morning (party) didn't expect it tbh, so it was a nice surprise :D




Whats the rest of the postcode as I cant seem to get Zen to show the price in the picture?


NE4 Should be 900mb


What postcode did you put in to get that price as when I put one close to Zens head office in Rochdale it doesn't alter (I would expect it to be different in Rochdale as Zen have their own equipment in some exchanges?)

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Free 6 months Britbox for existing BT Broadband customers, £5.99 a month ongoing (can be cancelled at zero cost after free period) @ BT
255° Expired
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Perfectly timed if you're not interested in watching football go home: Free Britbox for six months if you're an existing BT Broadband customer. Just log into your account and add i… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I have to admit, reading comments like yours makes watching the old stuff even more enjoyable for me.


Love Hate on Britbox well worth a watch, especially if you are a fan of mindless violence, but a brilliant series all the same.


Adam and Joe show is on here, trip down memory lane.


Doesn't seem to be available for me, but maybe 'cos I've only got 6 weeks left on my contract.


Won't give me it as it says I have already had the deal.

BT FTTP Broadband: 100Mb - £29.99/month / 300Mb - £39.99/month (£719.76 / £959.76 over 24 months + £9.99 delivery) @ BT
1182° Expired
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Thanks to @mvisram for previous post. Unfortunately in my area I had no other cheaper ISPs available (TalkTalk or Vodafone FTTP). This offer is still better than other ISPs … Read more

Yep all went through, guess will see deals at Black Friday


Any news on if this happened?


Fttp prices are meant to come down significantly in October if some new openreach legislation goes through, I think by 1/3, may be worth holding out a couple of weeks


If anyone is still considering this, the offer is still valid, i ordered fibre 100 this morning. I called them and they removed the compulsory £5 telephone option.


And moving won't help you.Same line same issue.

BT mobile 30gb data, unlimited texts and calls £12 a month / 24 months at BT (British Telecom)
68° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
BT mobile 30gb data, unlimited texts and calls £12 a month / 24 months at BT (British Telecom)£288
Bt mobile £12 a month on 24 month contract 30gb data, unlimited texts and calls. Price includes £5 bt broadband discount. Offer ends 27th may. Was looking at the plusnet deal po… Read more

£49.99 for 1Gpbs and phone line with weekend and evening


What deal you get mate


My fibre was actually cheaper from bt than the competition. Yes, it’s not much of a crowded market at the moment for full fibre, but still…


Any luck


I'm going to check mine as they sorted my internet and i'm on the halo 1 I think it is and get double data on 8gb on both phones. If I crack this deal then it's 60gig per phone so let's see.

BT Broadband Full Fibre 150Mb (FTTP) - £9.99 Up Front / £29.99pm x 24 Months - Total Cost £729.75 @ BT
626° Expired
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Ultrafast and super reliable – stream and download as much as you like Download speed 150Mb Stay fast guarantee 100Mb Upload speed 30Mb Possible Quidco? Admin feel free to edit … Read more

Got my Quidco cashback today £100 after several weeks Thank you to op for posting this deal Installed broadband 29.07.21 deal 300mbps speed £39.99


20th April - installed £29.99/m 7th May - £96 cancellation fees reimbursed 18th June - £113 Quidco paid out If anyone interested in the timeline


Ordered 29th June for £59.99 a month + 110 quidco 24 month contract


Check the expected speed from your chosen provider. I was offered 10meg on copper and 150meg on fibre. The only reason I left Virgin was a local fault that results in frequent disconnections (others in my area experience these too!) You can beat Virgin down on price and get an 18month discount off them on renewal (I was paying just over £20 a month for 100meg when I left them) Your local network equipment makes a huge difference (that's another advantage of FTTP, it's all passive equipment all the way back to exchange)


Depends on your distance from the local exchange. You can check on BT website and it’ll mention your maximum speed that you can get.

BT Full Fibre 300MG (+phoneline) for £39.99 / 24 months via sales team live chat at BT (British Telecom)
-94° Expired
Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
BT Full Fibre 300MG (+phoneline) for £39.99 / 24 months via sales team live chat at BT (British Telecom)£969.75
If you speak to live chat, selecting Sales support, then you can get 300 meg down / 30 meg up, fibre to the property for £39.99 a month over a 24 month contract. This normally cost… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I'm an existing BT customer on BT infinity (or whatever it's called this week). Even though I'm mid-contract till next May (yes...I know...) I can still upgrade to one of their Full fibre offerings. It's annoying when clicking through on my MyBt account to upgrade, you can't checkout, because BTs website is a joke. I've just got off the phone from them, and this is what they offered me: 100 halo 3 39.99 300 halo 3 48.99 500 halo 3 50.99 900 halo 3 56.99 I tried to get them to budge, and got put through to their loyalty no avail, so I just walked away :-(


Yeah annoys me you get the downvote brigade appearing even though this is probably one of the best deals right now for FTTP that isn't something like city fibre which is only available if you live in a tower block in a busy city centre.


how :O what sorcery is this :D


@mango888 Thanks for taking the time to reply, and for the info. Much appreciated.


Oh yeah I found the deal through a glitch when I went to upgrade and they fixed it the next day but still honoured everyone who got in with the contract before fixing. Some people managed to get 24 months 300mb for like 99p a month lol But yeah that deal was a one off, sorry lol Although, you can probably get something just a tad over if you are a new customer