Burger King £20 voucher sheet - free download-£20

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£20 Burger King vouchers

BOGOF Whopper or Bacon Double Cheeseburger
BOGOF Chicken Tendercrisp or Chicken Royale
BOGOF Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap
Free fries and drink with adult burger
Kids Meal £1.99
Sausage Egg and Cheese Butty 99p
BOGOF BK Fusions


Good stuff.Thanks

List of participating stores:

Edited by: "markinldn" 7th May 2011

should be in freebies.:)

and here i was trying to cut junk food out of my diet......thanks


should be in freebies.:)

The bin you mean
Edited by: "gogboy" 7th May 2011

im not sure but do you still get the buy 1 get one free alton towers vouchers etc with this? or would that allow you to get 2 vouchers as there is two meals?

as its even more of an incentive than you already needed


should be in freebies.:)

How is it a freebie, when you have to pay for the first one, to get one free oO

I'm going with voucher section, on the basis its a booklet of vouchers oO
Edited by: "loll1es" 7th May 2011

Neither of my local stores are included - guess we in Devon spend too much there already!

Thanks... makes it the price they should be ;-)


Even though you have to buy something (which normally means you can post in the deals section) these BK offers generally go in Vouchers section because you have paper vouchers......

Thanks for the post Newbold - was going to post but you beat me to it......

fattastic or is it spelt fantastic?



is their BK fusion vegetarian?



should be in freebies.:)

No... should be in vouchers



List of participating … List of participating stores:http://www.burgerking.co.uk/files/documents/Participation list.pdf

Apparently the Edinburgh Princes Street store, which shut months ago, is participating

seems im having two icecreams for dinner tomorrow

brings them down to proper price

party at BurgerKing.......yahoooooooooooo!!!

Wooooo, lovely stuff!!
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