Burger King BOGOF - delicious autumn deals campaign

Burger King BOGOF - delicious autumn deals campaign



Back in the game!
just got the email and was about to post, doh! Heat added
Same here Max - heat added!
King of the day meals are normally £3.99
nice thaks
Nicely done! Cheers! +Heat.

King of the day meals are normally £3.99

Yeah but with the vouchers you can pick any of them and not just the one on that day
anyone find a list of the participating restaurants?
well thats me tea sorted for the next 2 weeks
nice thanks heat added
Please excuse my ignorance here but do you simply print them off and present one when ordering or do you need any sort of code to go with them, if nothing else is required couldn't you just print as many off as you wanted?
Sorry for sounding dumb but never actually used one.
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hi got mine in the weekend tabloids good through til 30 /10
Only a dog.....Yes it's that simple...Just print and use.....But remember to vary your diet a bit and not use them every day!
lol thanks for that, there for my son at Uni . Bit late for me to start worrying about diet at 47
Thanks - heading down to London this weekend and this will allow me to eat for a bit cheaper. Does anyone have a link to the list of participating restaurants?
4 hours left.
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