Do you have the terms and conditions? I had this offer mailed to me but it was only with pruchases over 100 weeks or more which attract nearly 30% interest

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Mmmm...well I've ordered and I never set them to such a long term and the code worked fine.

Cant find the terms and conditions, sorry.

I have this offers TC's, you can order and check out fine, your payment term has to be over 104 weeks, the APR is then 29.3% if you don't pay it off.

I just used this on a chest freezer priced £165 and over 50 weeks interest free and it was accepted also checked via phonecall and it was fine

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Just got my statement through and everything has been excepted, don't pay until Feb 09


I used this late saturday night, but still says my order is being processed. Is that right? When i've ordered in the past my orders been done and confirmed within about 30 mins.

doesnt work for some reason
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