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I recently purchased a bed using one of the buy now pay later codes, and a month later, having initially confirmed the order by phone and long since taken delivery of the item...I've received a statement requesting the first payment next month!

Just called them up and a very rude lady spoke to me who was adamant that Buy Now Pay Later codes cannot be used by new customers, that it would have only been valid for items in the main catalogue and not in a leaflet [??] (er, it was ordered on the internet you silly bint) and that as such I am not entitled to this payment scheme. This several weeks after receiving and setting up my bed.

I also haven't received 20% off my first order (through opening a credit account online) because according to her "the systems don't show that I placed the order online".

What are my options? I'd appreciate any advice anyone has to offer.

hi does any one have a upto date buy it now pay later code for grattan ?
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