BUY ONE GET ONE FREE FOR WHAT HI-FI AND Best Of STUFF show this weekend!-50%

Get code & visit siteBGF


Great thanks for the heads up but it doesn't seem to be working properly. Card authorization fails.

Arr, that's why my thread got deleted - you beat me to it!

Voted hot - not bought mine yet though. Anyone bought successfully?

LOL the whole of England is within the M25.
Voted hot good find.

Shame it's in london rather than anywhere the rest of the country could go

Thanks... got 2 tickets for Saturday.

Voted hot!

really hot, got 2 for fiver on ebay !!

Original Poster

Forgot to mention - with the BGF code I thought Id be cheeky and try for 2 free tickets from the drop down when ordering 1 paid for. It worked! I got 3 tickets for £13.50

Wonder if I could have just selected the free ones... hmmm...
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