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Samsung WB35F Wifi Smart Camera Red White Box Offer 16.6 MegaPixel CCD for Ultra Sharp Images ONLY £66.99 @
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Posted 12th Jun 2015Posted 12th Jun 2015
Samsung WB35F Wifi Smart Camera Red White Box Offer 16.6 MegaPixel CCD for Ultra Sharp Images ONLY £66.99 @£66.99
Samsung WB35F Wifi Smart Camera Red White Box Offer 16.6 Mega Pixel CCD for Ultra Sharp Images ONLY £66.99 12 x Wide Optical Zoom Built in WiFi for Easy and Instant Image Transf… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

just quoting you so maybe you see this, 2 of us asking for model number of that Sony please!


would like to know also... the DSCW800 is CCD. OP is tempting, but WB350f is tempting also for £109 ? the DSCWX220 is CMOS but not same price bracket.. for that you get a Samsung WB350F which is also CMOS and excellent. no idea why this is cold either, normal price is £75 on Amazon etc. although red is a bit.. red :p


What's the model number of the Sony camera please?


probably the CCD sensor for most people, there a much better Sony for much the same price with a MOS sensor, far better quality.


Whats wrong with it?

Sony TX30 Waterproof Camera £176.98 @ Buy A Camera
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Posted 8th Jul 2014Posted 8th Jul 2014
Sony TX30 Waterproof Camera £176.98 @ Buy A Camera£176.98
I have the TX5 which is a really good waterproof camera. This is the upgraded and latest version of Sony's waterproof line. I love these cameras because unlike other waterproof … Read more

To be honest, my 3 or 4 year old TX5 is still going strong. I would assume that this TX30 should be of better quality and rated to go deeper underwater. I've not had any problems with battery compartments. Only complaint I have is the silver colouring is chipping away although thats only cosmetic and doesn't affect functionality.


Sounds like its worth buying for a trip where you are doing a lot of underwater snaps, grabbing them off it quick and then returning it within warrenty if it breaks but not expecting much more than that....


had the TX10 and this TX30... both prone to crack housing and battery compartment becoming flimsy... both within 6 months of use.... great underwater snaps thou...


What's it like re waterproofing - a lot of reviews I read seemed to suggest all of the waterproof compacts give out within 12 months or so as the seals can't take much use under water....are these longer lasting?

Nikon 55-200MM F/4-5.6 AF-S VR DX Black Lens £94.99 @ Buyacamera
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Posted 20th May 2014Posted 20th May 2014
Nikon 55-200MM F/4-5.6 AF-S VR DX Black Lens £94.99 @ Buyacamera£94.99
2 year warranty brand new white box offer free next day delivery and comes with bag and lens hood. Bargain at this price!! A high-quality compact 3.6x DX zoom lens that features N… Read more
Sony Cybershot DSC H200 20MP 26x Zoom Bridge Camera £106.98 delivered from
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Posted 16th Feb 2014Posted 16th Feb 2014
Sony Cybershot DSC H200 20MP 26x Zoom Bridge Camera £106.98 delivered from£99.99
Sony Cybershot DSC H200 20MP 26x Zoom Bridge Camera only £99.99 + P&P £106.98 delivered from Main Features 20.1 MegaPixel Super HAD CCD Sensor 26x Optical Z… Read more

I said I 'nabbed' it for £105, didn't say that is the current price on the link. The lense on the Olympus is incredible it outperforms many cheaper bridge cameras even those reaching up to the £200-£250 mark. It also comes with many features that one would normally consider to not be available on a compact. The lense also has a feature which will turn the 24x zoom into a 48x zoom without loosing pixels! don't ask me how it works but its not just your standard digital crop and loss zoom. You wont notice a difference between 24x and 26x zoom You also wont notice a difference between 16mp and 20mp unless blowing the image up to poster size and even then the better lense would capture more light per pixel which results in more detail and colour per pixel so will still look better!


No reason why it couldn't if the lense is decent unlike this one. Megapixels and zoom mean nothing if the optics are poor, a 10 Megapixel camera with a good lense will still take better pictures than a 20 Megapixel camera with a poor lense!


Mine is 100% the UK retail version!!


so a 16 mega pixel camera, with 24x zoom, will outperform a 20 mega pixel camera with 26x zoom will it?? also the one you linked to is £147.08!!


For this price grab yourself a decent compact with a high zoom from Olympus or similar. That's what I got and nabbed it for £105 will WAY out perform this Sony.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 Compact Digital Camera Red (20 x digital zoom, 18.1MP) - £186.89 @ Buyacamera
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Posted 5th Jan 2014Posted 5th Jan 2014
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 Compact Digital Camera Red (20 x digital zoom, 18.1MP) - £186.89 @ Buyacamera£186.89
Just been browsing for a decent compact digital camera and found this deal for the Panasonic TZ40 online. If you don't mind the red version this is a reasonably decent deal. Good … Read more

For anyone else interested / following this thread, the TZ60 and 55 were announced at CES today. It looks like they will keep the TZ40 in the range for a while, and it doesn't look as if the new models will affect the TZ40 price in the short term (in fact Amazon prices have gone up again):


..and title updated... :-)


dont forget 2% cashback (quidco & tcb) I'm looking for a TZ40 too, am hoping that Panasonic will announce a replacement at CES this week that'll bring prices back down (black was only £199 at Amazon a week ago, albeit without the case and 8GB card - red and silver still £199). £30 cashback offer from Panasonic runs until 19th Jan. The case is worth about £18 - but a nice Lowepro "Napoli" leather one can be got for approx £10 and a 8GB class 10 SD card for around £8, so the bundle looks pretty good value as you'd almost certainly buy a card and case afterwards anyway. Great tool for monitoring camera prices here:


Same price @ John Lewis with the 2 year guarantee and free delivery or click & collect.


You need to focus on better titles bro..

Bundle Super Zoom Bridge Camera 14mp MASSIVE 30x Zoom. £119.99 @ Buyacamera
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Posted 4th Dec 2013Posted 4th Dec 2013
Bundle Super Zoom Bridge Camera 14mp MASSIVE 30x Zoom. £119.99 @ Buyacamera£119.99
Pretty good deal for a bundled price and UK stock. Comes with 2GB SD, SD reader, Premium Carry Case Shoulder Strap, USB cable AV Cable and manual on CD. The camera isnt a new model… Read more

I got an S8500 refurbished from the Fuji site.. 46X Zoom.. £129..worth a wee look there I'd say. He who dares, wins.


YES 60X are available but NOT at this price!!!!!


So its a decent cam, a decent price and yet -36.....Personally i would rather buy from a reputable site than Ebay. I dont think i will bother taking time to post anything else i find.


Lol... equivalent to 24-720mm... I think that will be enough for most :)


Hardly taking a chance with a 12 month RTB?

Nikon 55-200mm VR Lens @ £149.99 / £114.99 after cashback! @ Buyacamera - with two years warranty and freebie!
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Posted 10th Nov 2012Posted 10th Nov 2012
Nikon 55-200mm VR Lens @ £149.99 / £114.99 after cashback! @ Buyacamera - with two years warranty and freebie!£114.99
I posted this lens before, but that was with Amazon but unfortunately, the third party dealers don't give the cashback so it's more expensive there. Here it is, at cheaper than Am… Read more

Cheers AV1985, sorry for my ignorance. I had scanned the post but not appreciated the third party sellers tended to provide a Worldwide warranty whether or not they were based in the UK. Thanks for the heads up, I'll probably go for your posted deal.


As stated several times in this thread and in others, no, most likely Nikon would not honour the cashback if bought by third party traders. Confirmed by Nikon, the sellers themselves and I actually bought one from a third party seller and had to return it due to lack of cashback eligibility.


Hi, am interested in the deal but is there any reason this wouldn't be the better deal? Does anyone know whether Nikon would still honour the cash back if sold via "pink deals"?




They're from Hong Kong!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ18 Black £129.99 @
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Posted 25th Jul 2012Posted 25th Jul 2012
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ18 Black £129.99 @£129.99
The 14.1-megapixel DMC-TZ18 features a 24mm ultra wide-angle 16x optical zoom LEICA DC lens(35mm camera equivalent: 24-384mm), including Nano Surface Coating technology which drama… Read more
Panasonic SD90 Camcorder Olympic Edition £279.99 at
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Posted 26th Jun 2012Posted 26th Jun 2012
Panasonic SD90 Camcorder Olympic Edition £279.99 at£279.99
I've been trying to get one of these for a week now and everywhere is out of stock or saying discontinued. Not as cheap as the previous Amazon deals but by far and away the cheapes… Read more

I don't understand that last comment ;) this one comes with the coin as well. Which to be honest doesn't go for much at all on eBay. Certainly not the £100 John Lewis et all are charging!


Better pay 299 which you get the 5 pounds silver coin as well. Google is your friend. Seach panasonic distributors. I found the nearest to me is in sheffield


maybe I got the only one?! mine is out for delivery tomorrow apparently. lets see what shows up tomorrow!


EXPIRED My order has been cancelled. They said they don't have it in stock. Somebody might have bought all of them to flog on eBay.


Yes, I saw all the reviews are quite good. Some people even say it is better than newer V500

Fujifilm s4000 Bridge camera £139.99 @ Buyacamera
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Posted 11th Apr 2012Posted 11th Apr 2012
Fujifilm s4000 Bridge camera £139.99 @ Buyacamera£139.99
My first post! 1. More functions and optical zoom than a compact and cheaper/easier to use than a dSLR 2. I think this is a good deal and will probably buy it 3. Ulterior motive -… Read more

Interesting replies! title to be changed when i find the edit option agree with simmobb2 though ;-)


Thanks for posting & welcome to HUKD savvyshopper2012.


Lose 'travel zoom' and add brand and model in title to warm this up.


why not buy a.......................... for several pounds more?????????? Surely that's not the point, this seems to be the best deal for this camera so it has to be hot, doesn't it?


Expensive for what it is. If you want a superzoom, I can recommend either the HS10 or HS20 from Fuji refurb site at not too much more than this, but several times better.