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Gillette Fusion Proglide Gel 175ml £1 instore @ Buyology Torquay
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Posted 24th Mar 2018Posted 24th Mar 2018LocalLocal
Gillette Fusion Proglide Gel 175ml £1 instore @ Buyology Torquay£1
Bought in Buyology Torquay. Usually retails at £3.50+

Tested it, not really worth it. No foam at all, and you have to apply that on your skin multiple times. Personally not satisfied. Cheers

2x medium Yankee candle jars £14.99 at buyology instore
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Posted 14th Dec 2017Posted 14th Dec 2017
2x medium Yankee candle jars £14.99 at buyology instore£14.99
2 x medium Yankee candle jars £14.99 Found in biology Plymouth

Hundreds of Clintons stores.... £13.29


thats last years packaging but still a good price


Wow, the Yankee candle factory has been busy this year!!!

The world of Eric Carle art set 87 pieces £1.99 @ Buyology
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Posted 28th Sep 2017Posted 28th Sep 2017LocalLocal
The world of Eric Carle art set 87 pieces £1.99 @ Buyology£1.99
I picked a couple of these up today and couldn't believe the amount you get for £1.99 - I had to share it. Paints Crayons Pencils The list goes on Fabulous stocking filler.

I think they are made by Robert Frederick and they do a lot of stationery and copyright stuff like Peter Rabbit etc and to be honest they are usually good, but in one of my shops a customer brought this exact item back and the pens were all as hard as rock, so another item was brought out and the same thing happened etc etc. The fact that it was this price three years ago makes me worried. Although we were probably selling it for £5-10 and probably knocked a couple of quid off and the customer was happy, so £2 is a bargain price even if 10-15 of the 83 items are a bit naff.


I had no idea buyology is just for us southerners! It's actually an amazing store - they quite literally sell any household item you could think of at incredible prices!


In all fairness you sound as if you know what you are talking about but for two quid......


I used to sell these and they would get returned due to all the fibre tips being dried up. Unfortunately if you've put this away for Christmas some of it will be ruined.


Heat added for the find and price, but freezing for the stores 3 in South Wales and 3 on the South coast so nobody else can get them in the other 99% of the country.

Bertolli Pasta Sauces - pecorino/ basilico/ bolognese/ primavera/ Marinara (400G) 59p each or 2 for £1 @ buyology
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Posted 31st May 2017Posted 31st May 2017
Bertolli Pasta Sauces - pecorino/ basilico/ bolognese/ primavera/ Marinara (400G) 59p each or 2 for £1 @ buyology£1
As above.

Why vote cold just because it's not in your area? Very unfair. Yes, it's HUKD - and the South West and Wales are part of the UK.


You can specify if this is just a local deal (for local people) in the listing.


Well this is hotUKdeals... not hotSWdeals


Buyology is in SW England and South Wales. Its a great store if you have one nearby.


6 stores in the uk...

Carr’s Crinklys Variety Pack Cracker Crisps (7 Pack X3) - 99p @ buyology
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Posted 28th Mar 2017Posted 28th Mar 2017
Carr’s Crinklys Variety Pack Cracker Crisps (7 Pack X3) - 99p @ buyology£0.99
3 Seven packs for 99p. They’re baked not fried, so are way healthier than normal crisps.

Good deal esspecially if you live close to any of their stores!


i see in the west country well im in east anglia and not going all the way for some crinkleys however for all that can this post is hot 8)


this is fat ive never heard of the place ill check it out and let you know my feelings.cheers op

McVities Victoria *900G* £2.49 @ buyology
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Posted 9th Mar 2017Posted 9th Mar 2017
McVities Victoria *900G* £2.49 @ buyology£2.49
I don't know how much these big boxes usually retail at but Tesco and Sainsbury's sell 300G boxes for £4. Bought in Buyology Torquay this morning. Hopefully available in other stor… Read more

Nice price shame they have so few stores.


These biscuits are really terrible,just chucked A virtually full box

Yankee wax burners - £2.99 instore @ Buyology
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Posted 14th Jan 2017Posted 14th Jan 2017
Yankee wax burners - £2.99 instore @ Buyology£2.99
Yankee wax burners in buyology £2.99 they also have wax tarts small med and large jars the large jars are £13.99 (churned ice cream triple berry punch amber moon aloe water lots mo… Read more
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It turns into carbon dioxide and water. Vaporised wax exist only right around the flame. Don't put your nose there..


Me too wonder. Did not know wax also evaporates like water?


Does no one wonder - when you burn candles etc in your home, the wax disappears as it burns - but where does it go?

Walkers 40 pack box - £2.79 @ Buyology
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Posted 15th Dec 2016Posted 15th Dec 2016
Walkers 40 pack box - £2.79 @ Buyology£2.79
Saw these in town this morning.

nice find op, heat added


good for bargains if you happen to live near a store


Store in Swansea


I'm guessing they mean Torquay store :D


Heat added.

Walkers Sarnie Flavours (14 pack) - 99p @ buyology
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Posted 13th Dec 2016Posted 13th Dec 2016
Walkers Sarnie Flavours (14 pack) - 99p @ buyology£0.99
14 packs for 99p. Picked up a couple of packs at the Torquay store.

Did you get your confirmation ?


You sound butt hurt buddy, it's only potato chips. I'm reaching out to you. Awesome.


The cravings ;)​


Ham and mustard were superb


nothing wrong with the cheese and worcester sauce

non stick saucepan set £11.99 @ Buyology instore
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Posted 15th Nov 2016Posted 15th Nov 2016LocalLocal
non stick saucepan set £11.99 @ Buyology instore£11.99
3 pans sizes: 16,18,20cm says 6 piece but its because they are counting lids as pieces. bargain at that price for those sizes
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Barry Verlon Close, Cardiff Road, Barry, CF63 2BE Tel: 01446 721200 Email: Bridgwater Unit C, Gallagher Retail Park, The Clink Bridgwater, TA6 4AB Tel: 01278 448166 Email: Newport Unit One, Maesglas Industrial Estate, Newport, NP20 2NS Tel: 01633 921990 Email: Plympton Errill Retail Park, Plymouth Road, Plympton, PL7 4JP Tel: 01752 424124 Email: Swansea Samlet Road, Llansamlet. SA7 9AG Tel: 01792 344344 Email: Torquay 90 - 96 Union Street Torquay TQ2 5PY Tel: 01803 659131 Email:


Hope they are better than the Tesco non-stick pans!