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BuzzAgent try and test products
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Posted 11th Apr 2014Posted 11th Apr 2014
BuzzAgent try and test products
Not sure if this has been posted for a while but its a great way to try new products for FREE. Benefits are 1) Try cool new products 2) Share deals with friends 3) Influence top b… Read more

signed up. let's see what happens.


I was an agent for nearly six years. I wasn't asked to pay a fee until five years in. That's when I stopped getting any decent invites. I was just giving my experience. COLD.


I've been a member for about a year and in that time get at least one trial a month and not cost a penny. At the moment I'm am trailing Sure, Veet and about to start the scholl as well Heat added


I was a member from about seven years ago to about two years ago. I received two invites for items where they wanted me to pay a "fee". One was a set of hair straighteners that I was to pay £35 for. On googling I found three sites that were selling them full price for the same amount. When I rejected these "invites" I was asked why I had rejected them by a bzzzagent. I told themand why and then didn't get another invite for ages after that, and then not very good ones. I did do some okay tests, incliding activia drinking yogurt, but they started giving out vouchers all the time latterly, which isnt much use to me as I find it difficult to get out to supermarkets. For the effort involved and the bad experience re the ones where they wanted me to pay, I stopped doing it. Perhaps that is why some people have voted it cold, maybe like me they were members for a long time and it had gone downhill for them and they'd been treated not very fairly.


Heat added, been a member for about a year now, had mustard, shampoo, conditioner, frizz ease, etc, vouchers for luxury cheese and yogurts, dry shampoo and conditioner, jacket spuds, crisps...and more :D

Trial Free Products @ bzzagent
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Posted 8th May 2013Posted 8th May 2013
Trial Free Products @ bzzagent
Signed up to this website a few weeks ago and filled in the Surveys, got an e-mail last week asking me to trial NESCAFÉ AZERA Barista style instant coffee. You will get offered al… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I've been there around a year, haven't found it time consuming much, plus 25 tesco clubcard points per activity you do (had 650 points off them this year). So far trialed: Dairylea, Halo (ladys stuff), Sure Compressed, Vanish Oxi Action, McVities breakfast biscuits and now Veet Easywax (woth £30, plus the refills for it!) Great for nothing!!


I have to say, apart from the original surveys which took about 15 to 20 minutes, I haven't found it time consuming at all. A few minutes once or twice during a campaign is pretty much it. You can spend longer if you want but you certainly don't have to. I have been a member almost a year and have had about 4 or 5 campaigns, I think as I am in my 50s with adult children I don't get as many as some people. But considering you get decent products for free I think it is well worth it.


I signed up November 2012 and have sampled dove deodrant Vanish oxi Azzera coffee and cappuccino Colour catchers Halls micro mints Right guard deodrent and a few others. I usually do 1 form of feedback per item. I think it has a lot to do with the way in which u fill out the surveys and whether you keep on top of them as well. I personally think It's worth the small effort.


Also, for most of the 'bzz' you report on, be it reviews, conversations, tweets etc, if it meets the requirement they set, ie, for Aero Bubbles one of the tasks is to 'tweet' to say which snack you're replacing with Aero Bubbles... they'll give you 25 Tesco Clubcard points. With around 150 points available per campaign, as well as the free stuff you've already got and then the subsequent invites you get for submitting quality reviews, it's well worth it in my opinion.


I've had loads from Bzz, only submit 1 report and do the surveys. Had loads of Dove samples, Colgate electric toothbrush, hair straightners, electric epilator, razors, shampoo, food type samples and currently awaiting a new heated wax machine to come in the post from them. Shall have a go at supersavy too though!

BzzAgent - Free samples to test
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Posted 19th Jan 2013Posted 19th Jan 2013
BzzAgent - Free samples to test
BzzAgent is a site where you can test products for free. The site also wants people to tell their friends about the product they have tried and get their opinions.



Hahahaha, does this mean you need bulking up, you have armpit issues then your clothes need washing lol brill cant wait to see if i get any will let u know my story then !




Just became a member hope to get trials soon would love to hear of more sites like this as I am @ home a lot


Just became a member hope to get trials soon would love to hear of more sites like this as I am @ home a lot

Free stuff - just sign up - free electric Colgate toothbrush worth £89. Plus other stuff.
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Posted 11th Dec 2012Posted 11th Dec 2012
Free stuff - just sign up - free electric Colgate toothbrush worth £89. Plus other stuff.
I checked and this was on here 3yrs ago. I have joined this site and I have not had any spam or anything from it other than direct mail. Any way you get the chance to try new produ… Read more

Never had any sales calls and had loads of free stuff - other side of the coin !


I think they sell data....I've never had so many sales calls. And no freebie, naturally.


I've done loads of questioners not with this company. Problem is I never seemed to fit into the demographics they were looking for.


I've signed up, hope I get something!


Signed up, sounds good! Got my Clubcard linked up and stuff, so going to see how it goes with them! Heat.

Free Trials of stuff via Bzzagent WOM (word of mouth) Marketing
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Posted 7th Jul 2010Posted 7th Jul 2010
Free Trials of stuff via Bzzagent WOM (word of mouth) Marketing
Why should you join BzzAgent? Sample products and spread the word When you sign up for BzzAgent, you'll get the opportunity to join our word-of-mouth campaigns. As part of the cam… Read more

Yeah i did the petrol one they sent me a £20 voucher for shell and a ferrari model car and pens etc. I then did the tampon one lol Got loads of free samples - supposed to give them out and get feedback but i just keep them all lol Just doing the one for splenda at the moment - got a big box of sweetners, fluffy sugar, all sorts. Its great & free. I was offeredt he hair straightner one but didnt want to pay.


me too.......:D


im also trialling splenda at mo. past campaigns include steam generator iron too, heat n rep from me too


I did, I paid £30 for a Phillips steam generator iron! not bad considering they were over £100 to buy at the time, I have also done testing for shell petrol, lady shave, colgate toothpaste and currently doing the splenda sugar. Heat added :):D


was rubbish when i joined, some testers you have to pay for and never offered anything else in 2 yrs of membership. Not voting.

Sign Up To Bzz Agent  **Shell V Power Fuel Campaign**
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Posted 25th Nov 2009Posted 25th Nov 2009
Sign Up To Bzz Agent **Shell V Power Fuel Campaign**
I know Bzz agent has been posted before, but i have just received an invitation to join the Shell V Power Campaign, so thought it would be worth a mention to those that did not sig… Read more

Thankyou so much, it's nice to know that there's some generous people still out there somewhere! :)


when my pack comes through if there is any where to recomend people i will let you know, i saw on the hair straigntner one there was a place to recomend people to also try it, so i will let you know if any one can get vouchers this way as well, sorry for those that did not get invited xx


would of loved this been filling up for asges with this fuel would of lvoed to save a bit =[


Aww... I'm a carpenter bee too but I didn't get the email :( I'm also trialling the toothpaste at the moment


im a carpenter bee and got email last night but missed it, campaign is now full grrr trialled allsorts with bzzagent. currently doin toothpaste but did steam-generator iron b4 this one

Sign Up To Bzz Agent **Lil-lets Compact Applicator Tampons Campaign**
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Posted 28th Mar 2009Posted 28th Mar 2009
Sign Up To Bzz Agent **Lil-lets Compact Applicator Tampons Campaign**
I know Bzz agent has been posted before, but i have just received an invitation to join the lil-lets campaign, so thought it would be worth a mention to those that did not sign up … Read more

Have signed up. Ta :thumbsup:


i got the invite 4 maybe 5 weeks ago my camppain finished now u should hear soon x


lol i got the steam generator iron to happy buzzin lol


Thanks for reminding me about signing up, it was nice and easy and just got the invitation.


omg pmsl, brill also a buzz agent but not had e-mail, and on early invites too mmmmmmm?????

Sign Up to be a Bzz Agent and get freebies to try at home
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Posted 10th Sep 2008Posted 10th Sep 2008
Sign Up to be a Bzz Agent and get freebies to try at home
I'm currently a BzzAgent and I have sampled Fuitabu, Danone Activia yoghurt and Wilkinson Sword intuition razor, all you have to do is report a bzz back and its that simple. 10 Mi… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Signed up yesterday and got offered my first campaign today! Just got to wait for it to arraive now....nothing special, just womens products!


Has anyone else had any interesting campaigns?


here's hoping to get the iron joined up tonight. voted hot.


Thanks for this, signed up a couple of weeks ago and have got offered the iron trial today. Great news as our old iron is looking very much worse for wera having been dropped several times. :)


nope... not a load of kids or a housewife! Just a couple living in south london with a young baby.