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Adopt a Reindeer from Cairngorm National Park!! £39 @ Cairngorm Reindeer
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Posted 14th Dec 2018Posted 14th Dec 2018
Adopt a Reindeer from Cairngorm National Park!! £39 @ Cairngorm Reindeer£39£403% off
Not White, Silver or the elusive Gold, but a shameless attempt at trying to a get a hot deal! But, If just one person adopts a Reindeer (£39 per year) then at least some good co… Read more

Do you get to ride it ? Quite fancy seeing the north pole!


Love this. In stitches here! Surely some flamedeers should appear :{


Whilst I’m getting kinda desperate to catch a gold Flamedeer, at least today at 4pm I get my life back :D


So lovely


Me too what's app and Twitter happened loads

Adopt a reindeer in the Cairngorms for £37 with Cairngorm Reindeer
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Posted 6th Dec 2016Posted 6th Dec 2016
Adopt a reindeer in the Cairngorms for £37 with Cairngorm Reindeer£37
Fed up with virtual deer? Adopt your very own real-life reindeer, part of a herd roaming the Scottish Cairngorms. I saw them earlier this year while hiking and they're simply stunn… Read more

Flaming heck! No flamedeer...


come out


My son would love this - voted hot


​They were reintroduced to Scotland by this organisation...


oh dear no deer :(

Real Reindeer Skin - £90.00 + £2.00 delivery @ Cairngorm Reindeer
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Posted 7th Dec 2013Posted 7th Dec 2013
Real Reindeer Skin - £90.00 + £2.00 delivery @ Cairngorm Reindeer£90
Beautiful real reindeer skin from Finland. "These skins come from reindeer kept by the sami people as free ranging livestock. The Sami do not waste any part of the animal; while … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Seems you really have a problem with this. Seems there are many people like you that go through life with blinkers on. Absolutely no idea how the REAL world functions. Back to directing IT pal, your opinion is completely blinded. Just to add... as an IT director, your use of the English language and punctuation is terrible.


Are you vegan, Sir? If not, your opinion on this matter seems overtly hypocritical, and you can claim no higher moral ground than any of the other people who's opinions you are denigrating. :{


Really scare your kids by sticking a red nose on it ;)


well its pasted an hour at least as the misses watched the tv. hot topic cold item


Interesting this goes sub-zero (as I fully expected) but chickens for £1.75/kg go flaming HOT.

adopt a cairngorm reindeer for £34 a year @
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Posted 1st Dec 2012Posted 1st Dec 2012
adopt a cairngorm reindeer for £34 a year @£34
if you cant find a flamedeer, why not adopt and cairngrom one You can Adopt a Reindeer from our very special free-roaming herd. All the Reindeer in our herd each have a name and … Read more
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What a stupid idea. I'm no David Attenborough but I am Scottish. I know that these guys don't belong here. So let me guess, someone bought a few reindeer and brought them over to Scotland so people can sponsor them? WHY? I agree with charity and helping endangered species but bringing a very common animal into a country that lacks that animal and asking for money to see them. So stupid. You can see these animals all over the damn place near Christmas. Go and give your cash to a local animal shelter or human charity.


You can adopt a whole herd for less than £13.


I'd rather donate £34 to my local pub :)


I'll combine both your ideas and donate £34 to a local animal rescue.


Or, alternatively, donate £34 to a local charity where actual humans in genuine need will benefit. oO