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I just booked a round trip ticket to Vancouver for £378 incl taxes.

Dont forget 2% Quidco!

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Dont forget 2% Quidco!

Since when have Canadian Affair been on Quidco? I've booked two flights to Vancouver recently. Could have saved another £15!!!! Damn!

Rep added! Thank you.

You just saved me £60. Thanks a lot!

When I linked directly from Quidco, I was taken to:

At that link, the prices were about 1.5% dearer than the normal website (without the "aff" at the end of the url):
Also, there was nowhere to put in the promo code.

So what I did was to manually delete the "aff" in the url, and pressed return.
Now. I got the field to put in the code. But best of all, later on I still managed to get the Quidco email saying that the transaction was being tracked.
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