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2 FOR 1 DINING FOR A YEAR +MORE @ capital one
JUST GO THERE: ENTER CODE: C14976 CHOOSE ONE OF THE OPTIONS: Unlimited 2 for 1 Days Out 2 for 1 entry at some of Britain’s best loved… Read more

Yes deffo need the card,we have one,use for meals etc,and they always want to see the card.


how to get the unlimited days out and dining out cards???


I got my capital one letter with these freebies and thoroughly enjoyed getting £20 OF MUSIC FREE


It appears that you need a card to use, the 2 for 1 days out says "Present your card upon arrival at the venue. Please retain your card for unlimited usage throughout the year" so without the card I dont see how it can be used.


Also there is stated if u want to share the deal with ur family/friends' u more then welcome so i share it with u . Hope it will be helpful for all of as...!

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Capital One Cup (Round One) up to 5 Kids tickets per adult ticket only £1 each
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Posted 5th Aug 2014Posted 5th Aug 2014
Capital One Cup (Round One) up to 5 Kids tickets per adult ticket only £1 each£1
Thought this was a very good price for taking the kids to watch some football. As clubs across the country are gearing up for the start of the Capital One Cup, we're giving young … Read more

as im a supporter of the holders and champions of England dont think i can get one


prob a "man utd" fan who's from London and never actually been to Old Trafford----Clown


Did you see Man Utd last season they should be on that list! X)


Man Utd or Chelsea fan by any chance?


dons vs fake dons is the tie of the round for me. not sure I want to drag any kids along with me but hit deal !

Capital One Credit card 0.5% unlimited cashback
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Posted 8th Dec 2013Posted 8th Dec 2013
Capital One Credit card 0.5% unlimited cashback
Capital One Classic Extra card is offering 0.5% cashback on all purchases with unlimited cashback. We have saved up for wedding/honeymoon so my partner and I applied for a card eac… Read more

Still getting the cashback and the yearly £10 bonus 8)


If anyone is still subscribed, a thread you might be interested in - Has anyone had a letter for this card saying the cashback will stop? Thanks.


Did anyone get the £10 bonus paid in this month's statement along with their other cashback from the year?


For me this deal should be a lot hotter. As mentioned in one post above, this card has no foreign transaction fees so great for travelers and has a £10 cashback bonus if you pay off in full on time each month.Definitely worth having as a backup card for places that don't accept Amex and also to use abroad if you don't already have a fee free card for doing so.If you have been rejected applying for an Amex before this also seems like a good card to have.[image missing]


capital one comp - upgrade local sports grounds. i tried to enter it at the comps page but kept getting blocked by a previous pop-up.

2 for 1 Capital One Cup Tickets (selected clubs - list included)
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Posted 8th Jul 2013Posted 8th Jul 2013
2 for 1 Capital One Cup Tickets (selected clubs - list included)
Fans will get a taste of the Capital One Cup for free this season, thanks to a brand new “buy one get one free” offer for Rounds 1 and 2 of the competition. Capital One, the Cred… Read more

good deal... paid £15 for 2 tickets to see Leyton Orient scrape past Coventry


my code was capitaloner1


Good football offer if you like any of the teams; The 'opt in Round 1 clubs' are as follow: AFC Bournemouth Barnsley Birmingham City Brentford Bristol Rovers Bury Carlisle United Cheltenham Town Exeter City Gillingham Huddersfield Town Leyton Orient Millwall Northampton Town Nottingham Forest Notts County Oldham Athletic Port Vale Sheffield United Shrewsbury Town Southend United Stevenage Swindon Town Tranmere Rovers Wycombe Wanderers


The code in our local paper (in Gillingham) is "Capital One P1" Am not sure if its the same code nationwide.


I'm after a birmingham city one, well two. It says to check your local radio station and newspapers for the code from 8th july... I havn't come across it yet. Dont know if code will be same for every team or not

Capital One Balance 0%  until April 2013 (card designed for people without a good credit rating)
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Posted 26th Sep 2012Posted 26th Sep 2012
Capital One Balance 0% until April 2013 (card designed for people without a good credit rating)
This will (probably rightly) get criticised by people who fell people with poor credit should not get more credit, however... Capital One has just launced a card for people withou… Read more

Completely agree, although the individual should have personal resposability for getting themsleves in debt this type of card aims to enhance that debt at the card issues gain.


Basically they are encouraging people who potentially cannot manage their spending/debt in a responsible manner, to borrow more on credit in the knowledge that the 0% balance will not be cleared by April 2013. At that point the interest rate will rocket skywards and the previously manageable payments will become unaffordable. Thus the person trying to improve their credit rating will default and once again fall behind on payments. I would discourage anyone from using this card unless you have a clear budget plan that works out how much you would have to pay each month to potentially clear your credit limit eg £2000 limit means you should be able to afford to pay £350 back each month minimum (not taking into account you may spend more than £2000).


They are more likely to accept you, if that balance is outstanding for some while before you transfer, then they're quids in should you fail to pay it off in time. There is a 3% transfer fee as well.


it may well be rubbish, and it may well be a poor deal, but for those of us who do get credit cards, we see these as rubbish deals, for those who can never get the 0% deals this may be good for them


Its not even a year, very poor deal, also it says you need average or good rating. so if you have a alright rating you can get most cards. My rating is not 100% but still get accepted.

5% cashback for first 3 months up to £100 with Capital One Aspire credit card
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Posted 30th May 2012Posted 30th May 2012
5% cashback for first 3 months up to £100 with Capital One Aspire credit card
Credit card with 5% cashback for the first three months (max £100) Up to 1.25% cashback thereafter and no annual fee. This card has quite a high APR (19.9%) so it is only worth it… Read more

Need a ladder to get down from your high horse? Did you read what I wrote at all? I'm NOT advocating using this as revolving credit. If you use the card and PAY IT ALL OFF then you will pay NO INTEREST but there is 5% cashback to collect. This is NOT a standard credit card deal for people who don't pay off the whole balance and pay interest. I have made that clear several times now. If there is no outstanding balance there's no interest to pay. That is true of most credit cards. You don't need a "legally trained mind" to understand this. For the record I've paid off my house too. I have no loans. Over the past 10 years points-back and cashback cards have earned me several holidays and hundreds of pounds. And I have not spent a single penny in interest. If you don't need to pay interest and take care these sorts of deals can benefit you.


sadly not many apart from the already extremely wealthy/ organised criminals can stump up cash for a house these days though


I'd rather take my own advice and dish it out than listen to yours - what gives you credibility above and beyond mine to dish out financial advice? I'm in debt to the tune of £150 - low limit cards I use for online payments so nobody's going to be emptying my bank account. We own our house outright, car outright and have no loans. I think my advice is sterling. These "deals" are not like a BOGOF or a free pair of sunglasses they are open ended revolving credit agreements that can last a lifetime, and in the worst cases get people deliberately ending their lives. Your encouraging people to sign up to something that is 20% per annum interest, for starters - what are you going to come out with next "It's better than Wonga?" Have you read all the small print in the credit agreement with a legally trained mind and reported a synopsis, or just the marketing bumpf?


spod you can try to explain it all day long mate but sadly not everyone's brain is wired up the same on here we got the capital one world mastercard with a similar deal, used it for a couple of months to rack up £2K of spending just normal household food, bills, petrol, a new tumbledrier and similar outrageous luxuries paid it off in full every month of course it means in january we will get £100 of free money as a bonus for buying items we would have bought anyway i think we even got an extra tenner credited for opening the account and still some cashback at a lower rate if we use the card any more this is a no brainer and too risky only for those unable to control themselves :3


People's problems with credit cards comes from abusing them. If you always pay off the balance (as I said in the original post) then you can make this deal work for you. This is NOT about using long-term interest-bearing credit. It is about using a credit card and paying the full balance at the end of the month. I thought I made that clear in the original post when I said this card has a high APR and should only be used if you plan to pay it off. In that context your "advice" is simply wrong. Of course the CC companies want you to spend recklessly on their card. That is not the point. If you are using credit cards and paying off the full balance each month you should ALWAYS use Cashback or points-back cards. If you don't you are losing out for no reason. It IS free if you are not paying interest on the credit facility. If you can't understand that you really should not be giving out "advice" on financial matters.

Free £10! Just get a credit card
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Posted 17th Mar 2012Posted 17th Mar 2012
Free £10! Just get a credit card
Open a credit card account and they credit you £10, simples. Some details Get a £10 bonus with every new account Apply by 31 March 2012.

i got my 5% cash back card so i've spent £2,000 on it to get the maximum £100 cash back during the first 99 days. i'll also get the promotional £10 so 110 quids in me pocket for nothing. yipppeeeeeee.....:3


got my online access today too :)


got my pin today too :)


got me pin number in the post today so i guess i passed their credit check. yippppeeee.... free money in me pocket. i am off on a spending spree. :3 cheers OP.


Credit cards don't spend if you pay it off straight away, and with CC you build up good credit, so when it comes to loans/mortgages you can get better rates and deals. Seems reasonable.

New Capital One World Mastercard 5% cashback (3 months) up to 1.25% thereafter
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Posted 12th Jul 2011Posted 12th Jul 2011
New Capital One World Mastercard 5% cashback (3 months) up to 1.25% thereafter
Found on MSE Worth looking at if you pay off your bill at the end of each month (as the APR is high) or have anything big to buy in the near future. Take one out in October or No… Read more

No, I have a friend that works for them, he tells me enough to stop me using their services.


I have this card and use it for business, I think it'sf fantastic.


Cash back for using the card - NICE. I have the AMEX card and will get this. I pay my balance every month and used to have a GM card until they stopped that, nice replacement!


they dont check the figures lol I havent worked for years but get a new credit card every 6 months when there are freebies about e.g post office credit card £50 cash back but wont ever use it!


Hot deal from me.

Capital One CC-No balance transfer fee and 6.9%PA until 31/01/2012
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Posted 15th May 2009Posted 15th May 2009
Capital One CC-No balance transfer fee and 6.9%PA until 31/01/2012
I got 5.9% fixed for 3 years from these guys 4 months ago but had a 3% transfer fee 0% on purchases until 01/10/2009 You do need an excellent credit rating to get 6.9% though

If you are going to get shut by 2012 then this is ace... If not it could bite you on the bum!


I think Barclays to a card with a similar rate. It is good for people who just want one card and don't fancy changing every year or so.


agreed, this is a poor deal


Hot, if you're too lazy to switch to a new 0% deal every 14 months.


I don't get it, why would you want this 6.9% ? If you have an excellent credit rating then you are probably better off applying for a 0% balance transefer for a year or so, even if they charge you a fee you'll be better off. won't you?

Capital One Platinum CC - 0% on Purchases (&BTs) until 1st Sept 2009!
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Posted 17th Jun 2008Posted 17th Jun 2008
Capital One Platinum CC - 0% on Purchases (&BTs) until 1st Sept 2009!
Please bear in mind that this card is rate for risk, in that you will need a very good credit rating to get the benefit. For those of you that have good credit, this is the best d… Read more

I got declined 2/3 weeks ago and a couple of days ago received another letter asking if I wanted the alternative card you mentioned. It was a really odd letter which started with "Dear Mr X, However..." Strange. As you say there are better deals around but also on principal I'm not taking this up because it does seem like they are trying to hook poeple in with the good offer, decline them and then offer them a worse one.


First of all I want to say that according to Experian my credit score is the highest you can get I have two other credit cards with limits in excess of 10K which I use but keep on top of, am a homeowner and have had several loans in the past 10 years which have been fully paid in a perfect manner. OK, got a letter through from Capital One saying that I have been declined the credit card posted by the OP but I can get a different offer which is basically one of the worst deals on the market currently along with all the neccesary paperwork to sign up to that deal. Good deal but personally I think this is a scam, you get pulled in by wha looks like a good deal but in actual fact it is almost impossible to get that deal and you are offered a really poor alternative rate and conditions.


Said I'd come back when I found out if I got the card, and I got an approval through yesterday.


I know about the "£10k" requirement but after reading so many negative comments here, I am not sure if that's the case. Did anyone managed to get approved for the card?


I think from what you've posted it is an example of what the charge for credit is at the minimum amount over their standard APR rate, once the O% is complete. I'm sure I read that the mimimum salary was £10k. Having read more replies, I reckon perhaps the selection process is rather random, which is unfortunate. I will post when I get my decision.

Capital One Balance Transfer Card
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Posted 21st Feb 2008Posted 21st Feb 2008
Capital One Balance Transfer Card
For those of you interested in transferring existing balances for free: 0% on balance transfers until 1st August 2008 No balance transfer fee Free Identity Theft Service Regist… Read more

Does anyone know how long Capital One take to process the balance transfer? ie Is 10 working days long enough?


If you want their cashback card you need to have a perfect credit history. I applied for one and got turned down and my credit score on CreditExpert (scam @ £5.99!!) is 973!! I've never missed a payment ever and I am reasonably good with money. I got an American Express cashback card with 3% for frist 3 months (HOT BTW!!) and then 0.5 - 1.5% (sliding scale) after that, and it has a £9000 limit on it. Don't go in to your interest bearign period though or else you will be hit big time. American Express customer service is second to none as well! ALL in the UK, no Indian call centres!!!! :-D


Similar experience with these toe rags a while back. Qualified for a Visa card with a lifetime rate of about 8.9% and given a faily high spend limit, not just an introductory rate. Solely intended for general internet purchases, nothing major or high value. Because of this I requested the spend limit be reduced to £500.....the principle being if my details fell into the wrong hands via the web the potential damage would be small. They accepted my request re the spending limit but over a period of the following six months edged my APR up to 19.9% for no good reason other than what they termed as "in line with market trends". Needless to say account closed.


this is just what i've been after... need to transfer debt off mrs' card for a while and clear it, may as well have 6months interest AND fee free too!


Just be very careful with these b@*tards. I had one of these a few years ago, and when the introductory rate ended they slammed the APR rate up to 22.9%. Like the guy in the Nationwide advert, they put the bait out there and once you are hooked they reel you in and whack the repayments right up. Ok if you are a card tart cos you can just swap anyway, but be warned, thats all :)

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