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citroen c1 1.0 VTI amazing £23.99 per month and upfront £1727.86 at Car4leasing (£2185.69)
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Posted 26th Jul 2015Posted 26th Jul 2015
citroen c1 1.0 VTI amazing £23.99 per month and upfront £1727.86 at Car4leasing (£2185.69)£2,185.69
Car lease, for an Amazing £24 per month after the initial payment of £1728 and £50 fee from the company. let the lease company take the hit with this bargain, also this company DO… Read more
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Is there VAT or something else missing from the info for this deal? (23 x 23.99 = £551.77 + £1727.86 + £50 fee = £2329.63 or £97.06 pm).


maybe a roller skate in bandwagon tunnel eyed vision but it can be parked easily in a small space :-P


If you've got the best part of £1800 cash upfront I doubt you'd be driving this rollerskate...


It's not a bargain. You can get quotes for the 1.2 5dr Feel for an average of £105 per month (8k miles, 24m) with Charters Citreon. People need to do their research before just throwing random stuff on here regarding leases.


I think you're getting treated harshly. have some heat...bargain!

Citroen C1 Lease £25 per month + vat at
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Posted 8th Apr 2015Posted 8th Apr 2015
Citroen C1 Lease £25 per month + vat at£30
Found this car lease deal for a new Citroen C1 which is only £30 a month including VAT (£25 + vat). It's the Feel model which has air con and bluetooth. I was looking to buy a seco… Read more
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Exel1966 plus its a lease deal which seems to be frowned upon on here...appears most people on here can afford to buy new bmws for cash or post how you can buy a second hand one for the same money...check the other countless lease deals on here which get shot down with silly comments like 'its a french car...' its not its just not...i do realise they are probably just trolls or just ignorant to the facts of the car market today. The skoda ones are funny, seen posts with 'why would you drive or even lease a skoda?' pointless comments which should be banned - if anyone knows anything about the car market today you would know the golf, a3, ocatavia, leon are built on the same base From experience my wife owned the previous shape c1 and the only problem with it was the paint was wafer thin..apart from that a great little car for the money which she did around 40k miles in only to replace tyres and service which was cheap also. She also owned the previous shape which she did over 70k miles in, again only servicing and tyres and an exhaust were changed and always did 60-65 mpg.


Think the OP now realises that if you post a deal with absolute minimal detail inferring the cost is far cheaper than it actually is then your deal will be voted very cold ;-)


They are all screwed together in the Czech Republic. So really makes no odds which one you buy. We went for a cash deal on the 108 as we got 2K off list from Peugeot dealer, Citroen and Toyota were not interested!


These headlining monthly costs are a joke. How about "£2 per month*" * plus £1837 initial deposit + VAT + arrangement fee. £127 a month doesn't quite have the same ring to it.


No it's a Peucitota, some bits are to French quality standards some to Japanese. From experience the French bits fall apart, the Jap ones don't. Anyone who says it is a Toyota, is either trying to sell you one or is gullible enough to have believed someone who sells them.

Citroen C1 1.0 VTi Touch 3dr - 18 month lease £26.70/month after initial payment of £1728.15 - £2241.92 at car4leasing
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Posted 9th Nov 2014Posted 9th Nov 2014
Citroen C1 1.0 VTi Touch 3dr - 18 month lease £26.70/month after initial payment of £1728.15 - £2241.92 at car4leasing£2,241.92
Cheapest Car Lease around at the moment, in terms of monthly payments. Initial Payment of £1728.02 for personal lease + 17 monthly payments of £22.25 + admin fee of £60. Total fo… Read more

Lol. Think about what youre asking, you really believe you can have a brand new car for 18 months at a cost of £468? No, you dont get the 'deposit' back.


What does happen after 18 months, regarding next leas car? Do u lose the deposit ? Am seriously thinking of taking up this deal but not if have t find anther deposit in 18 months!


This works out at £125 a month, plus its for the flair model, and is 2 years so you dont have cancel insurance and pay a fee. Plus only £600 upfront then £100 a month. Ignore their pic, it aint the airscape. Its also in stock.


Does one get whacked with a huge repair and cosmetic re-tart up bill at the end of lease?


This is what you wrote earlier Maybe it's because you came in halfway with brookysm earlier, he is convinced that new car depreciation is because of VAT. I believe that it is down to supply and demand and any relation to 20% is purely coincidental and not VAT related. To clear things up what do you believe happens?