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Ghost trick: Phantom detective (DS) £12.28 @ Carbonfusion
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Posted 13th Feb 2017Posted 13th Feb 2017
Ghost trick: Phantom detective (DS) £12.28 @ Carbonfusion£12.28
This game has become harder to find and is a lot more expensive elsewhere. It's a brilliant game and well worth it at this price.

Finished this on the iPad a few years back. Suitably weird. Great stuff.


Going by the games they are selling, it looks like a website that was abandoned 3-4 years ago. It's a shame as it's a really good game.


It is on iOS and is on sale sometimes


Really fun game. Site seems to be a bit lacking, can't get through to payment either and no response to my email. They also have Alien Isolation and Spirit Camera at fairly good prices for those who have been after a copy.


didnt enjoy this one. thought it really dragged on and some of the puzzles were complicated to work out

Sonic Generations 3DS @ £14.77 delivered @ CarbonFusion
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Posted 6th Feb 2016Posted 6th Feb 2016
Sonic Generations 3DS @ £14.77 delivered @ CarbonFusion£14.77
Really good game. Combines classic Mega Drive style Sonic along with modern Sonic action. Sort of like a remastered and graphically improved Mega Drive game + New for 3DS stuff. H… Read more

He is just 'at it' as they say :)




Avoid avoid.


If I am not being biased, its at worst an average game, but I genuinely do feel it is a bit above average, it should give a lot of fun if you like Sonic. Only used CarbonFusion once before today to be honest, no probs on that occasion. I am kinda thinking if there was anything to be concerned about, then the good people of HUKD are not the shy quiet types and would not have exactly been hesitant to speak up, if there was any cause for concern with the retailer. Can always buy it at Grainger Games for an extra 23p NEW, or get it used even cheaper:


There we go, and fair enough comment to boot.

Family Party 30 Great Games - Obstacle Arcade Wii U £13.54 @ CarbonFusion
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Posted 6th Feb 2016Posted 6th Feb 2016
Family Party 30 Great Games - Obstacle Arcade Wii U £13.54 @ CarbonFusion£13.54
£13.54 delivered! Typical review is 3 stars (average rated game). Party Games are few and far between on the Wii U and this is an excellent discounted price. Been watching for age… Read more

DK country mile. heat


Here are some video reviews from other reviewers because hurr durr IGN's bad and unfair. Wiiviewr - CGRUndertow - Btw, it's laughable they had the balls to add "great" to the game's title as if it'd make the game actually, you know, great. lol


Wii Party U, Nintendo Land and the old Mario Party games from 64-NGC are better than this pile of vomit that costs £13. This only really is going to attract Wii U collectors but that's about it.


I haven't played it so can't challenge Metacritic score. It aint showered in glory at IGN either. But there are equally reasonable reviews out there and its worth a pop for me at this price as I need something fresh party game wise.


Metacritic: 1/5 Even the Nintendo Official Magazine gave this game the award of worst 2013 Wii U game. lol X)

New Super Mario Bros U - Nintendo Wii U - £16.50 Delivered @ Carbonfusion
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Posted 8th Sep 2014Posted 8th Sep 2014
New Super Mario Bros U - Nintendo Wii U - £16.50 Delivered @ Carbonfusion£16.50
Mario and Luigi bounce onto Wii U in New Super Mario Bros. U! The Super Mario Brothers make their HD debut as traditional Mario side-scrolling gameplay get a massive visual boost… Read more

Yeah the price is £17.82. Mmm. I'm tempted to wait to find a bargain on the Mario and Luigi Bros u packaged game.


Ordered..Thanks :D


Good spot op, though it now looks like price may have increased slightly to £17.82? Heat! :)


Umm...your welcome?


I've never heard of them either, I'd rather pay a few pence more and buy from shopto to be honest. Thanks for the post.

Xbox 360 Tritton Headsets: Trigger - £29.95, Detonator - £48.96, Primer Wireless - £64.84 at Carbon Fusion
Posted 1st Jun 2012Posted 1st Jun 2012
Xbox 360 Tritton Headsets: Trigger - £29.95, Detonator - £48.96, Primer Wireless - £64.84 at Carbon Fusion£29.95
All three headsets are the cheapest I could find, I personally went for the Trigger one. Mind you on all three it says they will post them a week on Monday (11 June). Link to all … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*



I got a set of Tritton 180s about 6 month ago from a deal here for my 11 yr old son. He used to get through the normal ones nearly every 3 weeks through breaking them but these are still going strong and still work and look new.


Hot. Bought a pair of Turtle Beach XL1 this week and they were bust out of the box.. touch the midi controller and sound distorted. Also sound cut from one ear to another and distorted at high volume. Took them back and got a pair of the Triggers. Far better build quality, better bass/overall sound and thicker cables. Also comes with all necessary connectors unlike the turtles... May have gotten unlucky with the Turtles but im glad as the Triggers are better build and for a budget set they are hard to beat.


Should have just bought a nice Turtle Beach Call Of Duty MW3 Ear Force Foxtrot PX21 Headset for £35, much better.


Would never buy a Tritton headset again, their support is useless and they never last long not even worth the warranties that come with them, you'll be out of pocket in the end

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Collector's Edition (360 & PS3) - £22.14 at CarbonFusion
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Posted 19th May 2012Posted 19th May 2012
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Collector's Edition (360 & PS3) - £22.14 at CarbonFusion£22.14
Limited Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2 for £22.14 - cheapest price I can find for this. Same price for either the Xbox 360 or PS3 version. I haven't used CarbonFusion … Read more

Yeah, that's the question. Like I said, I haven't bought from them myself, but I mentioned this deal over on the thread for the Limited Edition strategy guide at Amazon and one person said that they had bought Rock Band drums from Carbon Fusion a couple of months ago and they arrived in a couple of days with no issue. If I decide to upgrade from the regular edition I'll report back!


Really want this.. If it dips below 20 I'm grabbing it!


Reputable retailer?