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BMW M140i Shadow Edition 3dr Auto - £28922.80 @ Car File
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Posted 26th Mar 2019Posted 26th Mar 2019
BMW M140i Shadow Edition 3dr Auto - £28922.80 @ Car File£28,922.80£34,80917% off
5Dr also available at £29406.80 are a broker just like no longer supply BMW's at the moment). Car is ordered and comes from a UK dealer and once … Read more

thanks but this advert is the 3 door and the deal Bestnewcardeals has is the 5 door so more expensive list price :-) the 5 door cash price is still cheaper than this price for a 3 door and sure if you called them they would do a bit better on a price :-) Can anyone share this deal ??


£333x48+£500+£13513.13= £29997.13 Thats £1074.33 more. Great if you don't have £30k kicking about. But remember if you want to keep the car you want to be saving about another £290 a month to cover the £13.5 at the end.


i think it even with processing fee its still £2k cheaper total saving over the term (popcorn) they have loads of other BMW's with big discounts on but when i try to post the deal HDUK blocked it (mad) i think they online like to promote firms which pay them ;-)


That is a good deal however there is a £500 processing fee also so more like a £833 deposit


well iv tried to post this deal on HDUK and they block it but wont give a real reason , i am more than positive they only allow deals on here from suppliers who ' pay ' back handers or something as its always the says sellers ! This deal below is £333 deposit and £333 per month the cheapest in market if anyone can share , my friend ordered last week and she is chuffed to bit at the saving :-)

Volvo S60 Saloon T4 [190] SE Nav 4dr [Leather] Cash price £19888.75 (saving £7536)
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Posted 6th Sep 2016Posted 6th Sep 2016
Volvo S60 Saloon T4 [190] SE Nav 4dr [Leather] Cash price £19888.75 (saving £7536)£19,888.75
Standard Equipment BODY GLASS Electric front rear windows Rain sensor windscreen wipers Tinted windscreen BRAKES ABS EBA DSTC-Dynamic Stability and Traction Control Electro… Read more





Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. Not much out there as you say outside of the VAG's and always had a thing for those understated polestar versions they sneak out at times.


I know I know, always like to weigh up the options before I buy but my heart had already been on the Giulia since it's conception despite the never ending wait for the actual release. Always had a thing though about the understated Polestar versions, I would think that Volvo should be shouting alot more than they do about those versions.


cash deal? do they charge an admin fee if paying by cash . much like car giant do

Lexus LS Saloon - £55.00 On the Road Price - Carfile
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Posted 20th Jun 2014Posted 20th Jun 2014
Lexus LS Saloon - £55.00 On the Road Price - Carfile£55
Seems a fair deal on the road for a brand new Lexus ! Also, have a Audi A3 Cabriolet for £230 (OBVIOUSLY mis-prices but sloppy webmanship on their part)

Yes. Buy as many as you can and then sue the **** off them. :{


me too ... see you on EBAY ....


Cold. It's an automatic.


Drat, sold out of white!



Seat Ibiza 1.2 FR  3dr coupe £10776.10 @ Carfile
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Posted 21st May 2014Posted 21st May 2014
Seat Ibiza 1.2 FR 3dr coupe £10776.10 @ Carfile£10,776.10
Good discount and nice people to deal with . There is a slightly cheaper deal on drivethedeal but you have to take finance so for cash this is best I can find!
Get deal*Get deal*

A focus is in the Leon category, Ibiza is in fiesta category ya numpty.


If this is a new car deal that your talking about please post it save someone some more money


Hot from me, my mother has just ordered the 1.4 (1.2 is better engine) and paid 10,500 but is lima green which costs 500 more, the Seat dealer had a new 1.2 TSi "63" reg in the showroom for 12,700 so this deal is 2000 cheaper. 8)


oh, it is a bit of cash you need ...

Skoda fabia VRS the hot one £14189 @ carfile
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Posted 18th May 2014Posted 18th May 2014
Skoda fabia VRS the hot one £14189 @ carfile£14,189
This is a really hot deal ! This car has a big discount off and somebody will get a great car for the money! Normally £17150 so as you see lot off the price! picture here http:… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

CAVE seems to be the old engine and CTHE is the new engine. A few of the Comments: * Sept 2012 CTHE 62 plate - Engine replaced at 6759 miles, now on 9265. * 2013 63 plate CTHE (engine built in Oct 2012 I think). Engine replaced at 6200 miles in September this year as it was using 1L oil per 1000 miles * Took delivery of new car in July 2012 and have 1st engine replacement in December the same year (over xmas and new year) and took over 3 weeks for job completion Just highlighting the possible issues for others, who can research for themselves via google if they are considering this car.


@Alex, if you actually read any of the comments you would see that this has been resolved with a new engine, a revised one, one with more power than the old one too. I know, I have one.


Replacement Engines due to Excessive oil consumption information here


Who talk about your opinion? The fact that you put a car down just because it's not a brand you prefer, that's the problem...


What you'll find is that when you ring CarFile tho they'll tell you about the £400 increase in Skoda prices across the range (which is true) and bump this price up £400. The better price is actually to be found at orangewheels (although not by much) as their prices are guaranteed. I have just last week ordered a Fabia Monte Carlo so am speaking from recent experience. CarFile are legit just haven't got around to updating their website prices...

Ford Focus ST - £4,114 discount. (19% saving). £17881 At Carfile
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Posted 17th May 2014Posted 17th May 2014
Ford Focus ST - £4,114 discount. (19% saving). £17881 At Carfile£17,881
Over £4k off a brand new Focus ST from the brokers at First time I've seen one under £18k. Standard colour is red. Spirit blue (you know you want it) is £525 extra. … Read more

Hot from me. A lot of car for money considering a pretty standard astra or focus can set you back in excess of £16k


Nice little review - bet you are loving it! They do sound nice. See this is the only problem for me, as you have said, you miss the LSD. I have a car with a Drexxler diff and I would struggle to get a car without an LSD now.


Thanks Monkeyhanger for your comments. Have PM'd you.


I put the box on at 4k miles, well run in by that point, although you probably wouldn't be daft putting it on anytime after 1000 miles for run in. The mpg i've been talking about is actual (brim method). Without the box on, the MFD is 3% optimistic and with it is about 9% optimistic, so appears to be overfuelling on average 6% more than the ECU thinks it is. Going to work (12 mile commute each way), the car reads about 52mpg in current weather, I take this to be around 47.5mpg actual. That's without sparing the horses. The car would appear to be more economical than stock when you're not putting your foot down, cancelling out it's additional thirst when you do. The car has been transformed with the box. Mine is the dual channel performance one.


Voted down because its a CHAV's car

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Posted 6th Mar 2014Posted 6th Mar 2014
Incredible value! We have had this offer three times in the past at our Vauxhall Dealership and all sold out VERY QUICKLY with lots of people missing out so if you are interested y… Read more

Ordered. There's an additional £99 "admin" charge, but at this price, meh! Oh, and I got free scotch guard internal protection and their "silver protect" or something external treatment thrown in. Hot from me!


looks like a good deal if you have the money.


Maybe the 1 at the back was washed and the foreground one wasn't.


is this the normal 1.8 or the more efficient and powerful vvt engine



Mercedes-Benz C class saloon C180 Executive SE 4dr £20656 @ Carfile
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Posted 24th Jan 2014Posted 24th Jan 2014
Mercedes-Benz C class saloon C180 Executive SE 4dr £20656 @ Carfile£20,656
"The C-Class has redefined style, comfort and innovation with over 2,000 improvements. From refreshed headlight designs to outstanding engine performance, the C-Class Saloon has go… Read more

That's probably the same people, who take extra shifts to buy discounted new Chevrolet Spark and drive it at 65mph in the right lane on their way to Tesco, because someone posted 50p off toilet paper deal.


Er, so why did you buy it?


I largely agree but it can be an eye opener for the brand-addicted who seem to think that anything built in Germany is good and anything from elsewhere poor. Not true of course: most Mercedes and many other German cars are mediocre at best. M-B are still recovering from a period of awful quality and many of their vehicles are, frankly, poor by comparison with others in their sectors. In the UK at least it's capped by a pretty poor dealer network too (overpriced and poor customer service). It's probably true to say that only the S Class has been consistently ahead of the game but you still have to use that dealer network. Back to the post - it really isn't a 'deal' for the reasons I gave earlier: good luck to the OP but the heat this has collected is naive and ridiculous.


Where it is built is pretty irrelevent. Its German designed and spec'd.


Got a couple to cover the potholes in the drive where the Jag wore it down. Received tracking number yesterday so expecting Yodel to deliver today.