Carparts4less are doing 25% off all engine oils

Carparts4less are doing 25% off all engine oils

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If like me you have to use Castrol (rip off) oil, then this deal is very good I have to use their 10w 60 oil and my car takes 5litres an oil change so yes as I say rip off as Castrol only do 4litre cartons. When I searched and searched a few months ago for my oil ebay was virtually the same as CP4LESS so with 25% off this is a good deal for me as BMW want £22/litre
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Do you mean, there still full price but you only get 75% of the oil?
That's not a deal!
The percentages are a joke with cp4less and eurocarparts. Just look at the final price and don't worry about the reductions.

So that castrol 10w60 becomes £28.71 for a 4-litre

That's the cheapest I've ever seen it! Nice find. Hot! Shame I don't need any for about 18 months.
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Have a look in Wilko/ Wilkinsons they have a promo on various grades of Castrol Oil £15 for 4L .
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