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Posted 27th Dec 2015Posted 27th Dec 2015
Ok so here goes: I was looking for a cheap car deal and couldn't believe it when I found this!! £41.15 for one weeks car rental in Edinburgh. (which was a mini although I went for … Read more

I just booked a car in London via for 46.00 for 4 days. It is for mod feb so I can cancel it if I think it is a bad deal. Where can I read reviews about this company and also Green Motion? OP: What was your experience? Did you find any major problem? My contract says no mileage limit. Should I be worried about cleanses? It says that I should pick up the car on time, what that means? If I try to pick it up say 1-2 hours later, an they refuse to give to me? Any suggestion/information is very appreciated.


Clearly we have had different experiences. During my rental I had to go back a couple of weeks later to sign some new paper work. The car was dirty so I (cheekily) asked if they could clean the car. If it was not so late in the day they would've done so but the valeter had gone home. The few times I have used them they have always picked me up within the slotted time I asked. I do agree there is a mileage limit & if you go over then it's X pence per mile. However I don't think most people will be doing a couple of thousand miles or so/week. Afterall these vehicles have to be sellable after a period of time.


and my experience moan about the mileage you do and say the car is dirty and pick you up ......... eventually


I got quoted something like £70 a week for 1 week car rental in London by small firms via price comparision site but ended up leaving it at last minute as some of the reviews are quite scary. I called a few companies CS telephone number, it rings and rings. no anwer. They are a bit like EasyJet of the car rental business. Super low prices but they will take every opportunity to charge when you return the car. If anyone experienced pleasant experience, i would like to know.


WOW. I know car rental places vary their prices throughout the year but a few years ago I had to rent a car for about a month as my (company) car broke down. I managed to get a Hyundai i30 for a little over £18/week from Enterprise & they pick you up!

Cheap Car Hire for Balearic Islands (Mallorca Only £14.80 for a week i.e £2.11 a day) Spain (Lloret De Mar only £27.49 for a week i.e £3.93 a day) Canary Islands (Only £33.99 for a week i.e £4.86 a day in June) @ Car Rentals
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Posted 19th May 2015Posted 19th May 2015
Cheap Car Hire for Balearic Islands (Mallorca Only £14.80 for a week i.e £2.11 a day) Spain (Lloret De Mar only £27.49 for a week i.e £3.93 a day) Canary Islands (Only £33.99 for a week i.e £4.86 a day in June) @ Car Rentals
Might be a bit niche but thought I'd post this up for anyone who is heading on holiday in June as this lot works out cheaper than 'airport transfers' and you get the car for a week… Read more

How did you get on with Momple, as we are looking for car hire recommendations for our holiday in menorca next month. Thanks


I've always used doyouspain for car hire in Menorca. They're usually the cheapest I can find, and I've never had a problem with any forced add-ons.


Just give you an update - autoriesen are coming up cheap but if you book the car online they rent you the booster seat for free. Payment when you get there. Looks good to me. Might be travelling a bit lighter this year


lol no I don't take a jerry-can - I meant buy one out there and ditch it with the car. I personally don't go for full-to-full policies now, rather lose a 1/4tank worth of fuel than have to pay the equivalent of a full tank we didn't use. :)


You have a jerry can on holiday? Seriously, thats one of the well known scams. Most reputable companies will allow fill ups within X miles of the airport and you have to show the receipt. Ironically the nearest petrol station on PMI is the one on the way out...

Audi A6 or Jaguar XF rent-a-car (Luxury Class) over the holidays £21.43 per day over 14 days = £300 with Alamo & National via (looks UK wide)
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Posted 9th Dec 2013Posted 9th Dec 2013
Audi A6 or Jaguar XF rent-a-car (Luxury Class) over the holidays £21.43 per day over 14 days = £300 with Alamo & National via (looks UK wide)£300
Fancy rocking up to your in-laws / family in an Audi A6 or Jaguar XF over the holidays? Automatically answer lifestyle questions from your family by arriving in class. "What car … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Agreed people think all jags are mega expensive but the bottom range ones cost less then the top end of most non premium brands


Why because he/she apparently has more disposable income than you? Is it that inconceivable to you that someone might earn more than you and also be relatively intelligent? Cracking deal as well. The excess would not phase me either, I also have third party excess insurance.


HOT.....same price in Cardiff for 2 weeks (£300). Strange it is £584 for one week, possibly a misprice for the 2 weeks.........


Cool, thanks for all that (liked) I honestly know nothing about cars. Just seemed for double price of a corsa it would be a bit of a treat. More tempted now that I know it's covered under my insurance. Plus I don't have any family to impress - just a flippant remark. Additional info on deal: I checked a few towns around me and the same £300 is coming up so it might be national deal. Can't get it to work with other date tho. Has to be two weeks - going one week puts it above the £300 mark.


Looking at whats exiting, it appears to be the XF 2.2 (4 cylinder) business version which looks a lot different to the normal V6 diesel variants. Single exhaust, black plastic, small alloys etc. A6 2.0TDI SEs, similar to above. Neither of which will impress many people but there are decent cruisers and there a few in my fleets. The XF's cost around £28 -29K retail, a tad more for the A6 and take about 10 real seconds, list 8.5s to get to 60 so no probs there with the excess! Your upgrade to there full size SUV is probably the mid spec 7 seater Land Cruiser.