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Regatta Childs Wellies £4.99 -Includes some adult sizes! @ Caseys
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Posted 11th Dec 2015Posted 11th Dec 2015
Regatta Childs Wellies £4.99 -Includes some adult sizes! @ Caseys£4.99
A range of Regatta children's wellies - only £4.99 - elsewhere they range from £10-£20. Also includes adult sizes up to size 6 for £4.99! Bargain! DPD delivery is £3.95. Do check… Read more
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Thank you. Ordered 2 pairs X)


same delivery charge on all items. great deal. thanks.


Just received the two pairs I ordered Thursday! Such lovely wellies! Really can't complain for that price! :D


[image missing] Store locations


There is a discount code for 5% off - SIGNUP5, not much, but every little helps - managed to pick up a pair of these for my son for the total cost of £8.69 delivered.

Outwell Trout Lake 4 (casey's outdoor leisure) online £452 free delivery
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Posted 22nd Jan 2015Posted 22nd Jan 2015
Outwell Trout Lake 4 (casey's outdoor leisure) online £452 free delivery£452
A fantastic quality tent. I realise this is niche but for anybody looking to upgrade to this polycotton tent it really is a good price from a retailer that has a customer service a… Read more

Wow if you can spend £1500 in 10 years on tents that don't need replacement just for updated look. I would have thought many campers like the "non throw away" aspects of camping and price! Everybody to their own.


Who keeps a tent a lifetime? I've had 3 in less than 10 years, not because of faults but styles change and tech improves.


Excellent price for this. Much much better quality than "plastic" material type tents. Will last a lifetime if looked after.


Great deal, less than half RRP delivered.


Added thank you

Vango Airbeam Exodus V 2014 8 person Inflatable Tent with free Electric pump £549.95 @ caseysoutdoorleisure
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Posted 21st Jan 2015Posted 21st Jan 2015
Vango Airbeam Exodus V 2014 8 person Inflatable Tent with free Electric pump £549.95 @ caseysoutdoorleisure£549.95
I've been keeping an eye out for good tent deals. This in a inflatable tent using Vango's Airbeam system. Airbeam has been around for a while now, so the product has been tried an… Read more

Ordered mine last night. Cheapest price around. Just need to find the carpet and footprint groundsheet cheap now!!


just ordered still available bet they'll be more when weather improves


I have the older model. Great tent & the same as mooch, easy & quick to put up. Managed to get it all set up on my own in 30 mins. Ideal with impatient toddler & Mrs!!!


I would be tempted but for the fact I bought a 10 man pole tent last year and have only used it once so far, I did look at these but I preferred the lower cost bigger size, this is a great price though so heat added


good price for a reliable 8 man inflatable tent, am very tempted!

Outwell Trout Lake 4 tent £569.99 @ Caseysoutdoorleisure
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Posted 2nd Sep 2014Posted 2nd Sep 2014
Outwell Trout Lake 4 tent £569.99 @ Caseysoutdoorleisure£569.99
Grab an outwell trout lake 4 for £569.99, listed for £599.99 but if you sign up to their newsletter you save 5% on your first order.

I just want to say the comments on here are the reason why if I have ever found a bargain, I haven't posted it, because you are all so rude. How about "thanks for post, but I've seen it cheaper here" or "good price, but my experience of the tent is not a great one" - people like you lot make me keep any bargains I find to myself.


Yeah, I have been checking a few site for a few weeks now hoping for a bargain to come up. I have had a half decent tent for about 10 years, but it is getting a bit worn out recently (had a couple of new pole segments, zips giving up etc) so I am hoping to get one that will last another 10 years!


The quality and therefore longevity of this and other Outwell "lake" tents will be completely lost on most looking at this thread. Good post no surprise its so cold. Value for money (bargain) as opposed to Cheap (tat) is tricky concept for most on here.


Keep looking - tent manufacturers tend to change models on an annual basis, usually involving slight colour scheme changes or other minor tweaks - so near the end of the season last year's stock is unloaded at bargain prices. That's how I bought my Outwell a few years back and in addition the the discount the dealer threw in a free carpet and groundsheet.


Or £59 from Lidl! Outwell make high quality tents and are my brand of choice, and this looks like a good price for a very nice tent - though personally I'd go for just one opening on a tent this size but each to his own. Rest assured it'll be standing and bone dry inside long after cheapo alternatives have flooded or blown away. Has to be hot.

Outwell Tomcat MP Inflatable Tent, Save 40% £599.95 @ caseysoutdoorleisure
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Posted 1st Aug 2014Posted 1st Aug 2014
Outwell Tomcat MP Inflatable Tent, Save 40% £599.95 @ caseysoutdoorleisure£599.95
This a great deal for this tent, ordered yesterday and delivered today. Off to the Lakes to test it out, only took 5 mins to setup up in the garden. Now only £599.95 and there is … Read more
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Brilliant price. Wish I could afford it. I can't believe how quick it takes to erect, hope you have a great time at the Lakes. Heat added.


If gooutdoors sell this they will match it and beat it by 10% I've saved loads using this last couple of weeks. Really easy to do too!


good price

Campingaz Camping Chef Vario Camping Stove FREE REGULATOR@Caseyoutdoorleisure £54.90 & GoOutdoors Pricematch £49.41
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Posted 18th Apr 2013Posted 18th Apr 2013
Campingaz Camping Chef Vario Camping Stove FREE REGULATOR@Caseyoutdoorleisure £54.90 & GoOutdoors Pricematch £49.41£49.41
Details about Campingaz Camping Chef Vario Camping Stove FREE REGULATOR Dimensions: L56.5 x W32.5 x H11 cm Consumption: 150 g/h 150 g/h 80 g/h Runtime: > 7h20min on… Read more

Older version is available quite a bit cheaper and because, to me, they are a lot of hassle. Would sooner have 2 of the single stoves in the cases and a couple of cans of gas myself. Not voting either way.


I posted the older version on here for £30 and people still voted that cold!


Maybe because the older version is available from Amazon for £30 - or more likely just bored people who don't really know why anyone would want one.


Wish cold voters would explain why cold.

Outwell Vermont 6 Man Tent £589.95 - Casey's Outdoor Leisure
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Posted 4th Aug 2011Posted 4th Aug 2011
Outwell Vermont 6 Man Tent £589.95 - Casey's Outdoor Leisure£589.95
Been looking for a large family tent for our holiday this year as it is too expensive to go abroad. Found the Vermont tent through Google Shopping for 589.95 reduced from £849.99. … Read more
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Get Go Outdoors to price match less 10% You will then get it for £530.96 Good deal with the free carpet as well.


One piece of advice if it's a huge tent - make sure the campsite you want to visit can accommodate it. I used to work on a campsite and the pitches we had physically couldn't fit the huge tents that are available these days (and that's not saying the pitches were small). Just something to be aware of, especially if you're hoping to find a pitch this summer. Looks like a gorgeous tent. Have fun camping. edit - 415 x 770 isn't too huge (we had people ring up with 9m tents who were amazed we couldn't take them!).

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