Posted 22 January 2023

Cash 4 Trash - £5 voucher for recycling ANY old electronics in-store (£25 Min Spend for voucher redemption) at Currys

£5 off
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About this voucher

Currys have quietely resurrected their Cash for Trash promotion, giving you a £5 voucher towards a £25 spend when recycling ANY electrical product (battery or mains powered):

  • Come in-store with your old, unwanted tech and we'll recycle it for free. It doesn't matter if you bought it from Currys or elsewhere.
  • We'll give you a discount voucher for at least £5 to redeem against any in-store or online purchase. Find out how much discount you can get here.
  • Use our handy store finder to see which store is closest to you and transform your old trash into cash!

GB only, must be 18 years or older. Limit one per customer. Minimum £25 spend to redeem voucher. Full T&Cs here.

Currys More details at Currys

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    Pro tip: Currys will price match. So if you're interested in buying something from Currys but a competitor sells it for cheaper, get them to price match the competitor and use the £5 voucher to bring the price even lower.
    Before that you will have to face staff’s mood, attitude and have a bit of luck.

    Example #1: Samsung Z flip4 was sold £300 cheaper by AO.Com or Box.co.uk. But Curry’s, both online and in store, were saying that competitors don’t offer 1-year or Disney plus for free. The thing is that this offer is from Samsung directly - not currys- and there was even a link but because other haven’t mentioned it currys took advatange to say “no” (both in store and online, I’ve tried 4x times).

    Example #2: BT Shop or LaptopsDirect were selling MacBooks £200 cheaper. Curry’s was just refusing because “allegedly” other websites don’t have the same stock warehouse system and there was a chance purchased MacBook might not be actually in stock ….. blah blah blah ….. you get the drill

    However there are sometimes logical and reasonable people who will help you there. Not often but it happens. And I wish you that (edited)
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    Can I trade in my old shaver and get the voucher against an Apple AirTag ?
    Shaver is (presumably) battery or mains powered, Apple AirTag isn't one of the excluded products and it costs £25 or more. So you should be able to, yes.
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    Can you recycle an old cable?
    No. It has to be either battery or mains powered.
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    Are multiple vouchers redeemable in a single purchase ?
    No. It's one voucher per customer, and even if you got around this (by getting multiple vouchers from different stores) it's limited to one per purchase.

    I think this is because it's not technically given out in the form of a voucher, but a single-use promo code (of which you can only apply one to any given order) (edited)
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    Would a battery powered milk whisk from IKEA do? 
    Yep, should do.
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    Why are people voting this cold? It's literally a free voucher. You can recycle ANY old tech, working or not. Baffling.
    Lotta people hate Curry's. I don't particularly, but I must confess it's been a long time since I saw something in their shop that I wanted, which wasn't >£5 cheaper online elsewhere ...
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    Turned up with some old tech today and they ‘ran out’ of paper vouchers, and the manager didn’t have it in her to offer a discretionary £5 voucher through the till. Computer says no, 10 mile journey wasted.
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    Is it 1 voucher per visit or can you bring a few items along in one go and get multiple vouchers in one visit?
    One voucher per customer.
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    Do they wipe it? I have a very old external hard drive from early 2000s which is not compatible with new Windows. I am managed to delete content myself but would prefer it properly wiped before recycling.
    Assume it will be read, safer to destroy the drive by removing and damaging platters inside.
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    Got some worn out Ann Summers gadgets to trade in
    You joke but there's nothing in the Terms and Conditions to suggest you couldn't recycle that type of product. I'd probably put them in ziplock bags, for the sake of the staff.
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    With no PC World around here anymore it’s going to cost more than £5 in petrol. However, I will give heat for those that can use it.
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    The only way you are going to get companies to change their attitude is to vote with your wallet. If I'm buying anything remotely expensive I would factor in customer service costs, bought a sofa from John Lewis was about £80 more than competitor but it was worth it after a leg developed a fault.

    We all love a bargain but sometimes with bargains come headaches. I'm now at a stage in my life that I don't need the stress. Stress is the silent killer.
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    £5 voucher for any old cheap electrical sounds great, but the thought of dealing with Currys staff doesn't motivate me ..
    Having dealt with less than helpful Currys staff on numerous occasions, I'm not sure much motivates them.
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    This could work well for someone who doesn't have a tip near them but has a currys.

    What ever you need to get rid of just solder a battery pack to it and then get currys to take it off your hands for free!
    Instructions unclear: soldered battery pack to the mother-in-law, curry’s refused to take her (can’t blame them tbh).
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    £5 off a video game
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    About time the bigger stores started promoting electronic recycling considering how much they contribute to the growing problem if E-waste.

    Anything to encourage people to dispose more responsibly is a from me.
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    Battery or mains powered you say? - I have a box of LED's, can I weld one of those to a dying battery and take that in? - Is battery powered and electronic
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    How about the missus old Hitachi Wand? It's a bit battered but still buzzes
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    I went in to my local currys and asked if they could sell me a new kettle. “Kenwood” the guy asked. I said “where’s he then?!”
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    I just refuse to use Currys . I went in looking for a high end laptop. Kept me hanging around for 10 minutes before they said no stock. Went out to the car and thought I would check online...they had 6 in stock. Went back in. 5 minutes later..asked someone else. They returned with one from the stock room... I just left...and went to John Lewis....which was a much better experience
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    I did this last year when i needed to get a new vacuum. You can use it straight away.
    Was it a discount code or a gift voucher?

    Asking because online you can only put in 1 discount code/offer per transaction

    If it was a gift voucher/payment voucher that's different
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    Can I cash 4 trash multiple items and use the all the vouchers at once
    No (see my reply above)
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    I only ever tried the price match once in Currys on an LG TV that was £80 less in Richer Sounds. They fobbed me off saying because the one on Richer Sounds came with some free headphones so it wasn’t comparable 🤷‍♂️ The only reason I wanted them to price match was because I had some Currys vouchers. In the end I walked out, sold the vouchers on eBay and bought the TV from Richer Sounds. (edited)
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    Cold because it is misleading. First tells you you get £5 voucher for recycling, then it puts a condition on you must spend £25 to get it!
    How is it misleading? It's both stated in the title and the description. I don't think you know what "misleading" means, and are just unhappy that Currys (understandably) won't let you have a £5 product for free (using a £5 voucher on a £5 purchase) (edited)
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    I once returned a TV to Currys to get it fixed, took photos of serial numbers etc and the TV to show it's general condition. They returned me a different TV with cigarette burn marks all down the side. I complained and got a refund.....

    Never bought a TV from them since funnily enough.

    Awful company. (edited)
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    Can you go to different currys shop near by or different days and recycle the electrical items to get vouchers?
    Theoretically yes, but you're still limited to using one voucher per purchase. So unless there's lot of things you want to buy from Currys there's not really any point. (edited)
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    Does the item has to be complete? IE I have a monitor without its stand
    I don't think so. It doesn't even have to be working, so I assume if it's missing parts then that's fine.
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    Will they accept old Sky TV remotes?
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    Does the voucher have to be used straight away or can you use it at a later date?
    Read the description
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    Never shop there again.
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    Will never go near this awful company. Went to trade in my Apple Watch 6 and made a half hour journey to go to them as the offered £145 which sounded amazing. When I got to store some chap told me that as it had a very minor scratch (which I did the day I bought it), he classed as broken and offered me £16.
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    Can I just dump electronic waste there without getting any vouchers? Have a box of wires / cables etc.
    Stick it on freecycle.
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    Terrible terms and conditions such as Minimum spend of £25 on redemption. This offer is limited to one voucherper customer and not the quantity of products recycled......but great for enviroment knowing a specialist company is handling specialist products.
    You can only redeem one voucher per transaction anyway, so what would the use be of getting multiple vouchers?
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    can you recycle and old bike light? it has battery and small electronics in there too.
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    would they take broken electronics? i have got an old kettle with broken lid.
    Should be fine.
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    Just put a quote through for my old iPhone. offered me £1. Does it have to be in store?
    You have to recycle in-store to get the voucher. It will be a minimum of £5, but depending on the model iPhone and whether it works you might be able to get more than that through eBay, CEX or Facebook Marketplace.
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    Probably not much I want from Curry's but I've definitely got some old tech I need to be rid of. If nothing else I could get £30 of PSN credit for £25 by the looks of it. Anyway, voted hot (edited)
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    Just looking over the games they have on their website - you could use this to get The Callisto Protocol on PS5 for £30 or... well, that's kind of it. Maybe The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me for £23, or Goat Simulator 3 for £17? Their choice of PS5 games is kind of limited. Maybe there's a better choice on Switch or Xbox.
    There must be a law against Goat Stimulation, surely?
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    Does not apply to monitors having e-mailed them to ask .
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    I've got a Dell 690 Workstation & a 20" monitor which I was going to take to the local tip. If anyone wants to come and collect for £10 worth of vouchers I'll let them go for free.