CD-WOW : £1 off DVDs, 50p off CDs (automatic discount) link !!

CD-WOW : £1 off DVDs, 50p off CDs (automatic discount) link !!


[SIZE=2]£1 off DVD's £5.00 or over! Nice one edi, this may come in useful if the other vouchers expire... See the CD-Wow link in my signature to make sure you get the maximum saving![/SIZE]

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Thanks Gary

Having vouchers may be +

you can never have too many vouchers...thanks to all

Thanks for this edi

Tested with 'whitest boy alive' CD and the price didn't discount, still £8.99.

Any tips on how to use this?



I've probably done something daft as well but I tried this with the Sugababes CD which my daughter wants for Christmas but the price appears to be the same with or without the link. Is there some kind of code that needs to be applied?

Thanks in advance.

It seems the Sugababes CD isn't discounted - I suspect this is because that CD has only been released in the UK, and therefore they can't get cheaper copies from other sources like they can with their other CDs. They probably have to import it in order to export it!



As it will save you 75p (Atleast)


YOU REALLY SHOULD USE … YOU REALLY SHOULD USE THIS....] it will save you 75p (Atleast)

Bizarrely, that 75p link takes £1 off the Sugababes CD. :thinking:

(In any case, it's only £5.95 on - strangely a "budget version" which doesn't include a full booklet. Weird.


Wow. Thanks all. What a site this is!! The BangCD offer at £5.95 looks excellent, I think I can live without the glossy booklet :-)

I've never used BangCD before, is it reputable and people have used it happily from herea before?

Thanks again for the help.

has this expired? when I visit it I just pages with no cds/dvds on them...

Ah, it works if you change the URL slightly:



has this expired? when I visit it I just pages with no cds/dvds on them...

Again, use the link in my signature as you will be able to save more than this discount is offering!
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