Got email from CD Wow with voucher value £0!!!! Cheapskates!

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Mine was £1.

Maybe it is not a new offer and I have used it before? Will try again :-)

Mine has done the same:

Your e-Voucher value :


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have you tried redeeming it?

Yeah must have used it before or something.

Sorry but your e-voucher has no more credit left on it!

...use a diferent email address then :whistling:

:-D Never thought of that :giggle:


Thanks for this gary

CD Wow with voucher value £0!!!!


Thanks Gary.
Another voucher to add to the bank

Logged on, put email address in, entered security code in and got £1 voucher. Then pressed back on explorer and entered different security code and got another £1 voucher. Did it a third time and got another voucher. Looks like you could go on all day getting vouchers if you need them.

Got 4 vouchers now, have to stop being so greedy.

Pavers you might find you have 4 vouchers but they may all be the same
so you still only be able to use it once , have a check & let me know

Doh, your right all codes are the same. Just aswell I stopped at 4. Have to use my other login details if I want anymore.

Used a different e-mail address :giggle: Got one now :thinking:

yes, as I posted in the other thread, it seems many older vouchers (and recent ones too) have been wiped, but they seem to send them to you again working if you try.

hmm, anyone elses "my orders" page not working?

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i have another £1 voucher link if people are interested?

i have another £1 voucher link if people are interested?

Yes please:thumbsup:
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