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CEA Card - entitles a disabled cinema guest to get a free ticket for someone to accompany them to each film for £6 annual admin fee
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Posted 31st May 2019Posted 31st May 2019
CEA Card - entitles a disabled cinema guest to get a free ticket for someone to accompany them to each film for £6 annual admin fee£6
The CEA Card is a national card scheme developed for UK cinemas by the UK Cinema Association (UKCA). The Card is valid for 1 year and as such there is an Annual "administration" fe… Read more

We just got out card and looking how we will use it And I totally agree with your post


Please may I note to the argument for and against this sort of card which I am not going to get involved in I would just like to add that for anyone that wants to book cinema tickets in advance and select seats then the validation of this card number alone at many a cinema is worth the outlay cost.


Just reminded me to apply for this as our local Vue cinema would not accept DLA letter on last visit, even though they have in the past. Heat given.


Yes he most definitely can, I would say only providing there was space for an additional person in the theatre.


But you do think that for a £6 outlay, he could take a friend everytime he went to the pictures (2 or 3 times a week, it's his main leisure activity)

The CEA Card is a National Card Scheme Developed for UK Cinemas for Disabled patrons £6
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Posted 13th Apr 2019Posted 13th Apr 2019
The CEA Card is a National Card Scheme Developed for UK Cinemas for Disabled patrons £6£6
The Card enables a disabled cinema guest to receive a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them when they visit a partisipating cinema. 90% of cinemas in the UK are part of … Read more

Couldn't agree more , my son gets super stressed at queuing , well worth 6pound for a whole year


Voted hot. The ability to book a carer ticket in advance online and not have to spend time queuing at the box office, then having to explain to the cinema staff why I need a carer ticket, every single time I go to the cinema, is more than worth the £6 annual processing fee for the CEA Card.


Check the eligibility criteria and you may want to look into a benefit called Attendance Allowance.


For those who don't benefit from PIP because, although now severely disabled by a stroke, they are beyond "working age" and can't get PIP or any benefits after a lifetime of working into old age, this card sounds a great idea. Thanks Op (highfive)


Just take a picture on your phone, show them the time and date of the photo should work...

CEA Card for free cinema seat for carers.
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Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
CEA Card for free cinema seat for carers.£6
What does the CEA Card entitle me to? The CEA Card entitles you to ONE free ticket for someone to accompany you to the cinema to provide the assistance you may need during your vi… Read more

Good point about less visible disabilities.


I always carry a copy of PIP and carers allowance letters in the car with the Blue Badge. That way your covered for all occasions. To be honest The person I care for is wheelchair bound and so far has not been asked for a PIP letter etc. The only place that wants PIP letter that I know of is the theatre, So it can go on her account making booking in the future easier. Plus I think it allocates a blue badge bay parking pass when booking.


Quite right - I don't know where I got the 6 months idea from - I decided to get one as 1 year is not so bad!


It last for 12 months. It’s easier and less embarrassing than having to show a DLA award letter, not all disabled people have a blue badge and not all disabilities are visible.


I have no problem getting a carer ticket free without one because of the extent of the disabilities of the young man I accompany (very obvious) It's inconvenient that I am unable to book online though ( you need the CEA code) I keep meaning to get one for OH who's disabilities are less obvious I think it used to be annual and I agree it should be for the length of the award because unless you are a regular cinema goer it does not save you much and I have quite enough to do without having to renew this every 6 months!

CEA card time again (for me at least) - £6
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Posted 12th Aug 2018Posted 12th Aug 2018
CEA card time again (for me at least) - £6£6
The Card enables a disabled cinema guest to receive a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them when they visit a participating cinema. The Card is also one way for cinemas… Read more

I have been delivering post to these for years (highfive) and never knew what they did. Well you learn something new every day !


Thanks X


For those in Northern Ireland, my local Omniplex (and I would assume all others in the chain but please check with your local cinema before purchase) accepts the card despite not being listed on the CEA website. The free ticket can only be purchased in person unfortunately (no online or telephone sales).


No as some movies you don't need a parent over the age of 8 depending on it's rating .


Never used to be, guess they’ve changed it at some point? They claim that it’s because cinemas require anyone under 8 to be accompanied, this card gets the holder a carer’s ticket, hence they’re accompanied? sort of contradicted itself to me, probably just the way I’m reading it :/

CEA Card - Free cinema ticket for carer with disabled person
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Refreshed 18th May 2018Refreshed 18th May 2018
CEA Card - Free cinema ticket for carer with disabled person
The CEA Card is a national card scheme developed for UK cinemas by the UK Cinema Association (UKCA). The Card enables a disabled cinema guest to receive a complimentary ticket f… Read more

I don't see why not?. ADHD is a Mental Health Condition after all?. And under the Mental Health Act, the counts as a Disability ... Is that child on DLA, ESA, PIP, or anything?. If so, then you're definitely on to a winner in being eligible for one, etc.


Can you apply for one if you have a chid with ADHD?


There’s no telling some people. It’s not even referred to it as that on the CEA website. And it clearly says ‘someone’ NOT carer. End of conversation.


Going round in circles here. ITS A CARERS CARD, not a “my friend, relative, colleague fancies a free ticket card”if they want to come along and watch a film they can pay like everyone else.


Quoted from the CEA website; “The Card enables a disabled cinema guest to receive a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them when they visit a participating cinema. The Card is also one way for cinemas to make sure they look after their disabled guests. If you require an adjustment to visit a cinema because of your disability, cinema staff should make them for you whether you have a CEA Card or not.” Name me anywhere is says anything about having to have a carer. The card isn’t even called a carers card anywhere on their website. They set the criteria and people have to prove eligibility for the card and they decide. NOT YOU. Their site says nothing about having to need a carer to be eligible. Says nothing about being a ‘carers’ card. You’re obviously very sour towards disabled people who are eligible for this card. If you’re not disabled or not eligible for this card I’ve no idea why you’re trolling the thread. Your attitude doesn’t give you the right to judge people on whether you think they are entitled or not. That’s for the provider of this card to do and they do it with very stringent checks, not least you have to be in receipt of disability allowance (now PIP). END OF!! Doesn’t even say they complimentary ticket has to be for a carer. It says a ticket for “someone”. There are a plethora of disabilities, not all of them visible, one of which might mean someone might not need a carer but they might need someone, a friend, a relative or a colleague to go out with them in public for any number of reasons. Why should they be denied a complimentary ticket just because you say so! You have absolutely no right to judge other people for using this card or whether they fit YOUR eligibility criteria. You don’t know their life!!

CEA card - disabled cinema pass £6
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Posted 26th Jul 2017Posted 26th Jul 2017
CEA card - disabled cinema pass £6£6
Just renewed mine for my youngest which prompted me to post it on here, just as a reminder for those that know or a heads up for those that don't :) Not for me to take any credit … Read more

how many time can you use your car card for free entry also I have a carer does he get a card too..


Just signing up again for another year and thought I post this deal again, but then it’s been posted recently-ish within other things so didn’t want to post it separately. more just sort of a reminder/heads up to anyone who’d looked at this last year :)


I just phoned up my local cineworld to ask if they accept DLA letter and they said it's just for people with care.or need Care. I tried to explain that my disability is Not obvious. I guess I'll have to apply for this cea card. it clearly states for people that receive DLA


So if we just take my lads dla award letter would we actually need the card?


I have posted details of a similar deal for theatre and the arts which may be of use to some - https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/hynt-card-disabled-carers-pass-for-theatre-and-arts-venues-in-wales-similar-to-cea-card-2751015

3 for 1 cinema using CEA Card with Meerkat movies and NUS card @ participating cinemas
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Posted 22nd Feb 2017Posted 22nd Feb 2017
3 for 1 cinema using CEA Card with Meerkat movies and NUS card @ participating cinemas
Well so I have found out recently that you can do 3 for 1 tickets by combining CEA Card with meerkat movies and if the CEA card holder is a student you can add NUS for a further sa… Read more

I don't see why it should apply to the cea card.


will that apply to special seatings as well (at cineworld - box, star and balcony seatings etc)? I know I will have to pay uplift fees for upgrading to special seatings but will that apply to my cea card 'compansion' too?


Nice one. :)


Thanks. Just watched Beauty and the beast in 3D. .. combined these two concessions and paid £12.40 for 3 instead of nearly£38!


Has anyone a for today please

Carers Cinema Card - Free Entry For Carer With Disabled Person
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Posted 26th Jul 2015Posted 26th Jul 2015
Carers Cinema Card - Free Entry For Carer With Disabled Person£6
If you are a carer of a disabled Person or Child above the age of 8 Years old you can get free access to the vast majority of UK cinemas when accompanying the said disabled person.… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Cineworld require the CEA cardholder to also have the unlimited card not two different people like yourself so you must be lucky to get in. So either you should have a CEA card or your partner have a Cineworld card


Its the carer that goes free ....but this CEA card can be used with any cinema card such as cineworld unlimited ... my partner and i are both disabled & she is a wheelchair user ... I have an unlimited card she has a CEA card ... technically i act as the carer as i push the chair... as i have a paid monthly card then no further cost unless its for bump ups such as 3D 4DX (Dbox) or VIP ... note if you have a CEA card Cineworld VIP is charged at £19 only if you eat the buffet or snacks ...otherwise its actually optional! ... only thing they have to sort now is non carers booking the "carers seats" right next to wheelchair spaces ...in such cases we cant even sit togethet as some people are A-holes and won't move


I just saw your reply. I wasn't going to reply but I'm confused about your comment that "EVERY modern building is more than capable of accommodating all but the severely disabled so there is no reason for a carer to "work" by holding open the doors". I don't remember if you were the guy with an autistic son but I'm surprised that you assume only severely disabled people need help in modern cinemas. Our local cinema has very heavy doors and I struggle to open them for my husband who is in a wheelchair. I don't know what you consider severely disabled. There are such a variety of abilities out there and they affect people in different ways. Your assumption that a small percentage of disabled people need significant help is not true. I'm not sure what you think the carer card is there for exactly, if not to assist the disabled person. Do you think it's just a freebie for being disabled? I just found your comment strange. It seems you have very little knowledge of the disabled.


Please don't lets start this game. If you read the post properly, you would see that it was written in response to their judgemental post (I was highlighting how easy it is to assume!!). However, I stand by my comment that "carers" are NOT required in the majority of cinemas (I'm talking PHYSICAL as opposed to mental disability). Also, you're quoting the wrong person, please at least lets get that right :). Look, I have a disabled family member, he's in a wheelchair, he also openly brags how he can get people into cinema and Alton Towers for free so I know how it works. I still have issues with the entitlement issue, it SHOULD be seen a valued bonus, not a right :) As for "disabled people count and are a valuable part of society", of course they do, there but for the grace of god etc. HOWEVER, I don't think that a free cinema ticket goes even half way towards helping that.


If I want to and see a film, both I and the person I go with pay £8 EACH, why should you get it for half price,?? It's this sense of ENTITLEMENT I have issues with!!! If you genuinely NEED a carer to go to the cinema, fine, but lets just be HONEST for one second, hardly ANYONE NEEDS a carer to go to the cinema as law dictates that they are disability compliant. If I'm a troll, you're a scrounger.... you see, its easy to throw insults if you want to start that game. Chances are, I'm ALREADY paying your way through life, so go ahead, have a freebie cinema ticket on me too, in fact, tell them to chuck you some sweets then get someone else to pay for them too! This thread was pretty much wound up, don't know why you felt the need to stick your fat head into the mix at this late stage, but I wont be checking it again and I've clicked the good old ignore button. You will no doubt feel the NEED to respond, so feel free, you clearly have nothing better to do than spam old deals and in that sense, I really do pity you. You have a great life and keep picking up those freebies.... it's not problem, I'll keep paying :) I also see that you're a brand new member on here??! That means that you're either VERY arrogant and mouthy OR (more likely), you're a chicken who doesn't have the integrity to post on your MAIN account. Either way, you joined today just to spam a dead conversation and you say I'm a troll?! I think you need to have a good word with yourself and jog on :)

Free cinema for carers
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Posted 16th Dec 2014Posted 16th Dec 2014
Free cinema for carers£6
I posted this over 3 years ago and the Autism friendly showing of Night At the Museum - Secret of the Tomb @ Cineworld post by angelhaseyes prompted me to reignigte the CEA card de… Read more

I got my bus pass before I claimed DLA luckily, not sure if being in Scotland its different but used to anger me how you would get well known or obvious junkies and alcoholics come on the bus and get their friends and partners on free, often they would sit at back of bus and talk about what drugs they are taking or how they are using their giro to get drunk yet I couldnt get a companion on despite being autistic and needing a motivator and I had carers but just sat at home because to go anywhere I had to pay petrol.


This is why I find it unfair how dla people get all these extra perks people that claim that benefit most times can also work people who claim esa because they are to sick to work and then have to use friends or family as carers who get nothing. Same with bus pass esa can't get one dla can and the companion thing is a joke only some councils offer it.


Maybe I missed something, but each time I have applied for a CEA card for my disabled wife I had to prove she was in receipt of DLA . It's not available to Just anyone. Secondly for those of you who are caring after another please please make enquiries with the benefits people, you may qualify for benefits, such as DLA, Carers Allowance or attendance allowance, there are a number of sites which are very informative and offer guidance if you are uncertain. Thirdly can those individuals who write derogatory remarks about this thread, just thank the lucky stars they aren't in that position of needing care or being a carer and simply GROW UP!!!!!!.


my wife has one of these cards and it is great that someone who couldn't go on their own to watch a film can without the extra cost useing the card. Disabled people have a tough enough time and it's nice when they can get some help for free.


Some carers may be asked to go to presentations that they just don't want to see. But may be happy to escort a friend or relative so that they can attend. The cinema is getting a paying customer and a carer to enable the customers well-being. I need a carer as I have heart failure, diabetes T2 and had 2 strokes; I wouldn't want to be alone in the dark if I had any complications and was unable to summon help.

Free cinema for carers
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Posted 25th Oct 2011Posted 25th Oct 2011
Free cinema for carers£5.50
Welcome to The Cinema Exhibitors' Association Card Website. This is a national card that can be used to verify that the holder is entitled to one free ticket for a person accompany… Read more

Thanks , am seeing her later on today so will ask her but I think she may earn more than £100 as she works for 20 hours a week & above min wage I think this cinema deal makes perfect sense as how can someone with a disability be left on their own in the cinema to fend for themselves , it just couldn't happen so is a good / practical solution for those with disabilities to be able to attend the cinema in the first place as it would be impossible without a carer there I just hope my DGS gets used to going to the cinema again as last time I took him it was too distressing for him as he hates change / new places etc and we had to leave after 5 minutes as he was too distressed being in a 'strange' enviroment , bless him xx I had so much trouble even getting him to go into the cinema screening because it was down a long dark corridor and then he wouldn't settle at all , was too uncomfortable there :( ( I used to take him when he was 2 - 3 and he was fine , but is more sensitive to his enviroment now at 4 ) I think my daughter is going to persevere with it though as he does get used to places in time and he has his favourite restaurants now which he won't even let her walk past without going in!!! LOL


I haven't read all the comments, but here are the facts: This is a voluntary thing that cinemas opt into. There's no financial incentive for them to do so, and they have no obligation to honour it. The card simply verifies that you, according to the CEA, require care. It's meant to let people who couldn't come to the cinema on their own be able to. If someone has a physical or mental issue that prevents them from making their way to the cinema and/or being able to hang around a long period of time without a trained carer, then they're who this is aimed at.


If anyone's a student and gets the CEA card, then you can use them together. Plus if there's any offers going on, for example fews ago..there was 40% off Odeon Cinema vouchers, i used my CEA card, student discount, plus 40% off...giving me a total of £3.87 for both. i didnt get to try o2's free cinema deal - now finished, however in theory you would off got 2 people in for free!


As long as she cares for at least 35 hours and doesn't earn over £100 a week she possibly would, though they do take income support into account too. Working Families Tax Credit also has a disability component if he is receiving DLA at (I believe I'm right in saying) middle or higher rate they pay a higher rate of tax credit. She might also qualify for other support, I won't post it on here but search direct.gov.uk or send me a message and I will help if I can, I just don't want to get people started if I start listing other entitlements.


Thats because I am ;)