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Bestway 9ft padding pool £19.99 with Free Delivery @ Charlie’s Direct
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Posted 6th May 2018Posted 6th May 2018
Bestway 9ft padding pool £19.99 with Free Delivery @ Charlie’s Direct£19.99£2520% off
We had the 6ft version but found this at Charlie’s Direct. Great padding pool and water can go near 2ft deep. These are sold at The Range too at £19.99 but others at £25 or £29… Read more
Bestway steel frame 10ft pool and pump £62.99 @ Charlies
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Posted 15th Jun 2017Posted 15th Jun 2017
Bestway steel frame 10ft pool and pump £62.99 @ Charlies£62.99
I've just been looking for a pool for the lovely weather this weekend and came across this which is a bit cheaper than I can find elsewhere. It says free delivery over £75 but this… Read more

This isn't America.


ordered one last night heat added


Pain in the ass to keep the water clean with chemicals, and stuff..... then the kids stop using it


Not a bad price. Got ours last year from Tesco for £60. Pump is a bit rubbish. 4000+ litres so good if you're not on a meter! Just filling ours up at the moment. Cover for this is £8.99 at Argos.

Intex Challenger K1 single kayak £49.99 plus £4.50 del @ Charles Direct
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Posted 13th Jun 2017Posted 13th Jun 2017
Intex Challenger K1 single kayak £49.99 plus £4.50 del @ Charles Direct£54.49
Amazing price for this kayak given the time of year. I have this one plus also the K2 Explorer which my partner and daughter use but I use this one and it's excellent and I can't f… Read more

LOL Thats cool...see what i did there?


On a side note (and i spent FORVER looking for this...) you could just make yourself a 'Canooler'


Or maybe you should grow a pair and stop looking for trouble where there aint no trouble. Stop being so politically correct -- its one of the reasons why this country has gone down the crapper.


Do you like using the "word" that you mention? Or do you agree that your quote maybe of bad taste to some people and unnecessary? I of course meant an emergency whistle if in fear of drowning. Very poor taste.


Not if you were drowning. Do you take every literally? Judging by your quote you are drowning yourself in whisky and a complete TW#T.

Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit £19.99 @ Charles Direct
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Posted 7th Apr 2017Posted 7th Apr 2017
Gardman Complete Feeding Station Kit £19.99 @ Charles Direct£19.99
This Wild Bird Feeding Station has all you need to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. It is complete with four feeders, as well as a bird bath and mesh feeding tray. T… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

"a wide variety of birds" Pigeons, pigeons, pigeons and pigeons? :(


Totally agree with you.I too used to enjoy watching the birds going to the feeder.That is untill I started seeing rats in the garden.The swines were coming there in the daylight too.Got rid of every bird feeder I had,and now the rats are nowhere to be seen.The birds still come to the garden to feed on bugs/seeds (though not so many) but the dirty rats do not.


​AveryTime i feed in the winter when they need it and put out fresh water, i live next to a large wooded area, so they are more than able to feed themselfs im summer


You can feed birds all year around but it is important in the winter as the frost kills off the grubs they'll find on plants and dead wood and if the ground is frozen they can't get the worms.


You are so wrong, birds need support all year round for different reasons

Premier 24 chaser icicle lights £12.99 charlies in store and on line £25.99 argos
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Posted 12th Dec 2016Posted 12th Dec 2016
Premier 24 chaser icicle lights £12.99 charlies in store and on line £25.99 argos£12.99
Found these instore at charlies queensferry ( north wales) but also available on line £12.99 Selling at argos and other stores at £25.99 installed and look very nice various option… Read more

still 12.99


there back up to full price!


good spot op


these lights are great quality for the price


on line add 2.75 delivery

Window Crashing Reindeer £19.99 - £24.98 inc p&p @ Charles Direct
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Posted 1st Dec 2016Posted 1st Dec 2016
Window Crashing Reindeer £19.99 - £24.98 inc p&p @ Charles Direct£19.99
This fun and quirky animated Crashing Reindeer decoration will give everyone a good laugh. He attaches easily to any window and with his moving legs, looks like he's crash landed r… Read more

Windows 10.... amount of recorded crashes per second ;)


windows crashes often enough on its own these days, bloody windows 10


It was flaming good fun though


Will be proper crashed and burned then.... ;)


Can always set it on fire

Scotts Evergreen Easy Spreader Plus £13.99 instore @ Charlies Stores (or £4.50 Del)
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Posted 13th Jul 2016Posted 13th Jul 2016
Scotts Evergreen Easy Spreader Plus £13.99 instore @ Charlies Stores (or £4.50 Del)£13.99
Just picked up one of these spreaders In-store. very well reviewed on amazon and the like. cheapest price I've been able to find and next best online price is amazon at £17.99 The… Read more

These things are useless - if any one wants one pm me and take it off my hands!


Maybe they meant 50 square miles? :{


Easy spreader? A bottle of prosecco would be far more effective.


Easy Spreader........................anyone?........Hello?................Awww come on guys...........


This spreader is advertised as a 53cm width spread, so from your calculations walking "4 or 5 times" on an 18m stretch (or 14m depending which direction) would not provide sufficient coverage...? oO You may deem it sufficient given existing lawn conditions, however it's not what they recommend.

Campingaz 2 Series Compact L Gas Barbecue - free delivery £99.99 @ Charlies Direct
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Posted 10th May 2016Posted 10th May 2016
Campingaz 2 Series Compact L Gas Barbecue - free delivery £99.99 @ Charlies Direct£99.99
Found this whilst looking for a BBQ looks like a good buy at this price.


I would highly recommend the nexgrill from Costco, £69 in store, not sure about online but the quality is superb


I've been looking for a portable BBQ, why cold?

Bryant and May self lighting logs 5 for £4.00 @ Charlies Direct
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Posted 28th Sep 2015Posted 28th Sep 2015
Bryant and May self lighting logs 5 for £4.00 @ Charlies Direct£4
£1.00 each or 5 for £4.00. (80p each) ideal for a firepit. can't find them online I picked some up in Carmarthen store. How long do they last for? Each log lasts for two hours. W… Read more

I tried wax on my wood once, ouch very painful!




Excellent price. 1 quid each in home bargains. Center parcs are 4.50 each!


Didn't realise he sold fire logs as well as playing guitar in Queen.


Great if going to Center Parcs, they are £2.50 each there.

Sevylor Quikpak Carry Bag For Inflatable Kayaks Canoes £12.99 (£17.49 Including Delivery) @ Charles Direct
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Posted 12th May 2015Posted 12th May 2015
Sevylor Quikpak Carry Bag For Inflatable Kayaks Canoes £12.99 (£17.49 Including Delivery) @ Charles Direct£12.99
Another Inflatable Kayak related deal I'm afraid. This bag looks big enough for most inflatable kayaks / canoes so I've taken a chance that mine fits (It will!). Looks very handy… Read more

"Quickpak Carry Bag give the dog a bone ..." etc. etc. etc...


Hi Colin, missed your post sorry! I bought the Intex Explorer K2 2 person on the £66 delivered deal. haven't used it yet but due to this weekend. At that price I can just about afford it to be disposable! I should get a few goes out of it...


what inflatable kayak do you have Im looking to buy one.


I like their description ... An ingenious idea ! ERM its a bag (_;)


I don't see why not! to be honest the reviews all seem to say that the straps are weak so i'll be getting the better (at sewing) half to strengthen them up first :-) Cheers