Cheap Breakfast + Free Coffee - Instore only

Cheap Breakfast + Free Coffee - Instore only

Found 28th Apr 2010
Pop into Wetherspoons and pick up a Free copy of the ' Morning Spoon' free Paper for the following vouchers
Before 10am
Free Small cup of Coffee (x1)
Traditional Breakfast (x2)- 1.79
Small cup of Coffe (x2) - 49p
Porridge + Small coffe (x2) - 99p
Morning Roll + Small coffe (x2) - 99p
Teacake + Small coffe (x2) - 99p
Fresh Fruit + Yoghurt + Small coffe (x2) - 99p
There are also some 50p off main meals inside.
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Not too sure if this needs going into vouchers?
Instore only?....can't I order online and have it delivered to my work place?
That picture is making me want one
this is very good ta! got a few (they were behind the bar)
cheers im going to london on sunday and was planning on having brekkie here

Ooh lovely, heat and rep added - even better now that Wetherspoons are open from 07:00 :-)

I love Wetherspoons breakfasts, far better quality than most places and incredibly cheap...
Was in local Wetherspoons in Manc last nite and as usual their offers on drink and food is top notch
I'm not so keen now that they've changed the menu. You could get chicken caesar salad on the two for £7 menu, now it's all stuff I don't like. The breakfasts are great though, and the Lavazza coffee is very nice.
brilliant thanks for this!
The 'morning spoon' is online to read also - but no vouchers in that, shame!
I got them from behind the bar, Cheers
The Spoons breakfasts are superb and amazing value for money.
Had a bacon roll and coffee in our local spoons for only £1.79 the other day .Excellent value i thought .until a mate spotted me in there , and i stayed longer for a few pints.:roll:
I'll be in there before work tomorrow getting my bacon bun and a drink, 99p - :thumbsup:
In my opinion, the food in these places are dredfull very much like their appaling service from their staff. Most of the tables are minging and staff spend more time polishing the drinks chiller cabinets behind the counter rather than attending to customers. Won't catch me eating in these places regardless of how cheap the prices are and all they can shove all the ale gimicks.
Aaaawww bless - that's the spirit - build up the trade why don't you?
good deal - cheers o.p. heat added - where do you get the Free copy of the ' Morning Spoon' - thanks :whistling:

only joking - obviously wetherspoons own paper...........
great find. i will be paying a visit!!
no sign of the infamous morning spoon in my local. where do you pick it up??!
Most breakfasts i have had in wetherspoons have all been horrid.

The only decent one i had was in Birmingham town centre.
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