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48 Samsung UE48JU6445 Ultra HD 4K Freeview HD Smart LED TV £429.99 @ Cheap lcd tv
71° Expired
Posted 22nd Apr 2016Posted 22nd Apr 2016
48 Samsung UE48JU6445 Ultra HD 4K Freeview HD Smart LED TV £429.99 @ Cheap lcd tv£429.99
Electronic World TV - The Home of Cheap TVs presents the Samsung UE48JU6445 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. Bringing you beautiful pictures and deep sounds at an unbeatable price. 4K Ult… Read more

I don't think it does. PQI is picture quality index, which takes into account 'how high the resolution is, colour, brightness, contrast, motion, noise reduction, screen panel and backlight refresh rate' etc.


Would use credit card for extra protection just in case.


In their explanation it states various reason among them returns under 30 day customer return. How can these be As New?


"1000 PQI" How does that translate into *real* Hz?


Graded "As New"

Samsung UE32ES5500 - £199.99 @ Cheap LCD TV
-217° Expired
Posted 20th Aug 2013Posted 20th Aug 2013
Samsung UE32ES5500 - £199.99 @ Cheap LCD TV£199.99
Graded stock old model Samsung smart tv Worth a punt?

I've got the 40" version of this TV and it's a fantastic HDTV without the extra bells and whistles. However since this is apparently a faulty unit - not so much a bargain. That's the kind of fault that makes you want to buy a new TV in the first place...


OP you should have put at the start 'this is my 1st post so go easy' with this one...oO


that is in no way cheap for that sort of issue. if i was scuffs to the rear or the bezel thats liveable but the unknown on where the screen will have the dark patch. no thanks.


Additional Information : ***Please note: This TV is supplied with a minor dark patch on the screen. This is where a small part of the screen has a dark patch. This patch will be visible on some backgrounds but will be ignorable on some. A real bargain!***

22 HD Ready Digital Freeview LCD TV £69.99 @ Cheap lcd tv
61° Expired
Posted 24th Nov 2012Posted 24th Nov 2012
22 HD Ready Digital Freeview LCD TV £69.99 @ Cheap lcd tv£69.99
Just found it online, seems like a good deal, cheap price, just bought one :) Condition : Graded Stock - Reser
Get deal*Get deal*

Seems to have been lost on most posters. £2 3pins (formerly TVRUS) state same registered office, but quote a nearby trading address.


Should the bit in bold not be of concern?


Tesco has been seen to shift similar size TVs around this pricepoint, as did M&S pre Oct 2012. Difference with those vendors was at least 12m warranty as opposed to 3months for this deal, compounded by warranty return costs compared to walk-in-store (unless you live near the non-disclosed address in Birmingham).


Looks pretty good for the spare room!


yeah keep looking .. me thinks there will be better deals in the run up to xmas

LG 42LK450 42' Full HD, £329.99. Pick Up Only @ Cheap lcd tv
-40° Expired
Posted 22nd Apr 2012Posted 22nd Apr 2012
LG 42LK450 42' Full HD, £329.99. Pick Up Only @ Cheap lcd tv£329.99
Same model that previously made 632 degrees from eBuyer that expired. HOWEVER, pick up only. Graded : Yes Full HD 1080p : Yes FHD Ready : Yes Contrast Ratio : 100,000:1 Get Digit… Read more

Don't buy from companies that have 0845 numbers


But the ebuyer one was new tv this is not.....


i think the shop is in birmingham , click on contact us and there is a map for birmingham


awesome advert......


Pick up FROM WHERE???????

32 LG 32LV2500 Ultra Slim Full HD £250 at Cheap LCD TVs.
-22° Expired
Posted 22nd Apr 2012Posted 22nd Apr 2012
32 LG 32LV2500 Ultra Slim Full HD £250 at Cheap LCD TVs.£249.99
Listed as formerly £440, features Full HD, although not Freeview HD, seems a decent deal. Graded : Yes Ultra Slim : Yes LED Backlighting : Yes Contrast Ratio : 40,000:1 3 HDMI : Y… Read more

Would rather buy a new one....this is graded below link is brand new with 2 year guarantee, £252 plus £13 delivery - Panasonic TXP50GT30 Viera Full HD 1080p Freesat HD Freeview HD 3D Plasma £849.99
63° Expired
Posted 1st Feb 2012Posted 1st Feb 2012 - Panasonic TXP50GT30 Viera Full HD 1080p Freesat HD Freeview HD 3D Plasma £849.99£849.99
This TV is vastly superior to the ST range which can be bought extremely cheaply at the moment. The cheapest price I have seen for this model in this size is £1100. I'm wondering… Read more

they will notice (_;)


What you need to do is find a site like hyperfi who have a shop/warehouse and JL will PM this they wont on internet sites and you get a five year warranty well thats what i did.


Nice one OP thats what put me off mate think you would be pretty pi55ed off to part with this sort of money only to find the panel ect is scratched.........tbh they should put that clearly in the description & i reackon it wouldn't be easy to get your money back as you purchased it as graded stock....;)


Don't buy this please. I just phoned the company and there are some "small marks on the screen that are easily ignored".


To answer my own question: sells 'graded' televisions. These are TVs that High Street retailers can't sell for whatever reason. We buy these TVs in bulk from them and they might be either surplus stock, end of line, discontinued models, TVs with damaged packaging/no packaging, 30 days customer returns or unwanted presents.

32 LG 32LD320 HD Ready Digital Freeview LCD TV  £199.99 @ Cheap lcd tv
-54° Expired
Posted 17th Oct 2011Posted 17th Oct 2011
32 LG 32LD320 HD Ready Digital Freeview LCD TV £199.99 @ Cheap lcd tv£199.99
Does anyone know if this site is for real? Some pretty good tv's for pretty cheap prices, this is just one i picked out a big bunch! Graded : Yes HD Ready : Yes SIMPLINK : Yes Con… Read more

same price here for a new one!


its not 1080p its 1080i which offer 720p res so its a no for me as even my 5 year old 32" viewsonic is better than this. (lg ips panel inside)


They are used / graded tv's, what grade??? God may only know. Buy new for a little more is a better policy.


You're the one posting the deal. You tell us!


this is the returns policy

Samsung LE40R88 - 40" LCD TV - £279.99 @ Cheap LDC TV
11° Expired
Posted 26th Sep 2011Posted 26th Sep 2011
Samsung LE40R88 - 40" LCD TV - £279.99 @ Cheap LDC TV£279.99
Don't know if this site has ever been posted on here. Super cheap TVs. I've bought one TV from here and at least 3 of my friends have also bought from here. Never had a problem wit… Read more
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Not saying they aren't good deals...just that it's better to put 'graded' in the title as it isn't clear that they are not brand new.


LE40R88 ... when does this fossil date from ... 2007?


As I said, you inspect the TV on the day you buy it, if you're not happy then you don't have to buy. My friend actually bought a 32" Sharp LED last year for about £300 (when they were double that from most other places) from here, the guys showing him the TV even pointed out everything that he could possibly nit pick, the most extreme being a slight chip on the back of the stand. It was practically brand new. It's used 10+ hours a day by his whole house and has been for the past year or more, not one single problem. This isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for someone who wants a stupidly cheap TV for a fraction of the actual price.


The word "Graded" implies some sort of minor cosmetic fault. See their FAQ for info before you buy. They are selling end-of-line and Returns. Returns are often "Returns" for a reason. But looks a good bargain if you are lucky.


Aren't these 'graded' tv's? eg. returns, maybe refurbs. From the About Us section of the website: "The graded items we sell are TVs High Street retailers can't sell on for whatever reason. This may be because the TVs are surplus stock, end of line/discontined models, 30 day customer returns, unwanted gifts, or items with damaged/no pacakaging." (their spelling, not mine) It does say 12 month warranty (though repair only after 30 days, not refund or replace), but best to put in the title that they may not be brand new. Also, there is a HDUK thread from last year about them with some unhappy customer comments:

32" Philips - 32PFL5522D HD Ready Digital LCD TV (Graded) - £189.99 @ Cheap LCD TVs
257° Expired
Posted 20th Jul 2011Posted 20th Jul 2011
32" Philips - 32PFL5522D HD Ready Digital LCD TV (Graded) - £189.99 @ Cheap LCD TVs£189.99
Go easy my first ever deal post so hope i get it all right. After purchasing a 42" TV from a link to Next on here i stumbled across this. Seems a good price for an average 32" TV … Read more

Now £179.99


Thanks for your message. Voted hot because you put it so eloquently. But still not 1080p, doesn't run android and is a relatively unknown brand, pay a bit more and get a wondrous wonderful Sony x


What are you on about? It's a bargain TV, was you expecting a Free Blu Ray Player and suround sound system at this price? It's still a HD TV and to be fair you won't even notice the difference watching a TV at this size! I know because I have 6 TV's in the home in various sizes and specs! You may not want to purchase a TV without 1080p which is fair enough but it's certainly NOT reason enough to vote cold! Maybe though you can explain to me and other members why not having 1080p makes a deal cold? Maybe were missing something in your logic? It's like me voting your old DDR 3 deal you posted cold because it wasn't top spec DDR3 2133 / PC3 17000 memory and that would be just silly! Thanks.


Cold. Not 1080p.


ha ha my cousin Jason (RIP) had the speccy 48k, but the commodore 64 ruled with its graphics and SID sound-chip. :p

32 LG 32LD790 FULL HD 1080P DIGITAL FREEVIEW HD LCD TV 200hz £329.99 @ Cheap Lcd Tvs
Posted 21st Feb 2011Posted 21st Feb 2011
32 LG 32LD790 FULL HD 1080P DIGITAL FREEVIEW HD LCD TV 200hz £329.99 @ Cheap Lcd Tvs£329.99
Equipped with a tack-sharp 1080p resolution, the LG 32LD790 32" Full HD LCD TV will feast your eyes to an incredibly lifelike visual experience, right at home! Colour seeps with l… Read more

Good price for 790model


This is the same company as Electronic World who had the same TV on here for £329.99 over the weekend.. Bit of a cheek selling graded TVs for the same price as new. They also do not offer delivery but have 5 stores around the country so depends If you are prepared to drive to one of their shops.. assuming they have any in stock.


Bought this January sales @ £420 from richer sounds. Looking at other peoples feedback (they were impressed as i am) and came across this immense deal.


"Even during the most action-packed of scenes, picture remains free of blur, thanks to TruMotion 200Hz technology"


Graded, not new. Also, given that most review sites recommend not using 100Hz interpolation on "full", is 200Hz really going to offer an improvement? Plenty of bells & whistles tho'