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Dualshock 3 (PS3) Wireless Controller (New/Damaged box) £12.96 Delivered @ Cheap Electricals
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Posted 11th Dec 2015Posted 11th Dec 2015
Dualshock 3 (PS3) Wireless Controller (New/Damaged box) £12.96 Delivered @ Cheap Electricals£12.96
It is always better buying this particular item from a reputable retailer rather than ebay. Item is new but box is damaged. Good price imo. Slight damage to box item perfect The … Read more

buy from for 5.99 only problem its from USA so you have to wait 2 months for it free postage only bonus


They probably had one :(


When I posted, you could have ordered online! Must have gone so quick...


"Use the form below to receive a notification when this product becomes available. You will be emailed when this product becomes available if you sign up to receive a stock notification for this product."


Cant add to cart, maybe oos?

LG 65EC970V 65 Inch 3D Smart 4K oled TV £4294.99 del inc 5 year warranty @ cheapelectricals
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Posted 16th Sep 2015Posted 16th Sep 2015
LG 65EC970V 65 Inch 3D Smart 4K oled TV £4294.99 del inc 5 year warranty @ cheapelectricals£4,294.99
Cheapest I can find for this blockbuster of a tv

Buy a used car or this


Free LG Warranty until 31st July :|


Dammit, that's me taught.X)


Given it's 8.3 million pixels, time to get out your wallet! :D


Warranty on these TV'S appear to be by redemption from manufacturer (correct me if wrong) so for anyone who is seriously considering this TV it may be better to get another supplier to price beat this offer. I.e. According to PRC they will beat by 10% of the difference (worth a further £70 off). Think I'll wait until it's cheaper than 1 pound per pixel though.

{PS4/PS Vita} Sony PlayStation TV (Includes voucher for three PS Vita games) £35.99 Delivered @ Cheap Electricals
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Posted 30th Jul 2015Posted 30th Jul 2015
{PS4/PS Vita} Sony PlayStation TV (Includes voucher for three PS Vita games) £35.99 Delivered @ Cheap Electricals£35.99
11 in stock This is PlayStation TV, the small, sleek, and simple to use micro-console that lets you stream your PS4 games to another HD TV. Cramming loads of features and amazing… Read more

gone up?


Is there any way of watching live TV on this? Using Fire TV with FilmOn TV sideloaded at the mo...


it's mainly for playing Vita games on TV.(not all games are compatible tho) some people use it to stream PS4 games also. but it's original name was VITA TV,and that's what it is. it is a VITA without screen. I bought one and I love it,because I want to play certain Vita games that cannot be found on any other platform and I no longer own a Vita.


I bought the camera. Still don't know what it actually does. This would be the exact same. So, doeat it actually serve a significant purpose?


They're Vita/PSTV games but OlliOlli is cross-buy.

LG 47LB650V 47 inch 3D Smart FULL-HD LED TV FREEVIEW HD £410.99 @ Cheap Electricals
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Posted 7th Mar 2015Posted 7th Mar 2015
LG 47LB650V 47 inch 3D Smart FULL-HD LED TV FREEVIEW HD £410.99 @ Cheap Electricals£410.99
LG 47LB650V for £410.99. Cheapest I've seen it anywhere and the 42" version is more expensive! I've not heard of myself before but the have a 8.7/10 rating … Read more

I thought I'd expired this post.... But yep it has gone up in price a lot :(


516 with vat and delivery


40 FEET!? I'm definitely interested! ;)


Asked John Lewis to price match in store. Meh :(


Think he's talking about a 40' version from what I've found...

Monster DNA headphones £109.99 @ Chapelelectricals
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Posted 6th Jan 2015Posted 6th Jan 2015
Monster DNA headphones £109.99 @ Chapelelectricals£109.99
Was out and about the other day looking for a decent set of headphones, tried just about all in currys and was really impressed by the sound of these very full crisp and deep sound… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Oh well these where £139.99 in Currys so got myself some better than Sennheiser or Sony for sound reproduction and thanks for the sarcasm... :)


Horrible looking things and I prefer Sony or seinnhauser (or however it's spelt)


but decided on Beats instead! X)


These are great headphones for the money and never get the credit they deserve.


Get some of these if you want headphones. Fantastic for the money

Sharp 90" (yes ninety inch!) LED Smart 3D TV £8668.99 @
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Posted 1st Jan 2015Posted 1st Jan 2015
Sharp 90" (yes ninety inch!) LED Smart 3D TV £8668.99 @£8,668.99
For screen 'real estate', this is unbeatable - 90" for under £9k Not sure how good Sharp TV's are nowadays, but the Samsung 85" posted a few days ago at £35k makes this look super… Read more

Just be thankful they haven't invented smell-o-vision yet.


No the tv is a selfish lover, it always comes first


Shush now. You're boring. Nobody likes you.


Im sure you will meet many when you are signing on and filling in forms for benefits


...only in the dark

Weber One Touch Premium BBQ 57cm - £99.99 -
69° Expired
Posted 1st Nov 2014Posted 1st Nov 2014
Weber One Touch Premium BBQ 57cm - £99.99 -£99.99
Cheapest I can find elsewhere £170. I've ordered and received this product for those in doubt of the website company. Weber One Touch Premium BBQ 57cm - Black. The iconic Weber … Read more

It's not available!





That's a bargain, the only thing i would add is that the actual grill bit is'nt exactly rust proof, but still a good quality product. If you get the pizza stone for it, they make superb pizza's, i think i paid about thirty quid for one, but well worth it if you make your own pizza's.


I think this is OOS

LG 50LN540V 50 inch Full HD LED TV & FREE HDMI CABLE £619.99 @ Cheap electricals
Posted 5th Nov 2013Posted 5th Nov 2013
LG 50LN540V 50 inch Full HD LED TV & FREE HDMI CABLE £619.99 @ Cheap electricals£619.99
LG 50LN540V 50 inch Full HD LED TV With freeview HD, you can enjoy free high-definition programming with stunning picture quality boosted by LG’s cutting-edge motion processing Int… Read more

Isn't this like £399 somewhere else? i swear i saw it!


But it comes with a FREE HDMI cable!


Cold it ain't even a smart tv

LG 42LA620V 42 inch 3D SMART WIfi LED TV @ for £505.95
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Posted 5th Nov 2013Posted 5th Nov 2013
LG 42LA620V 42 inch 3D SMART WIfi LED TV @ for £505.95£505.95
Seen this for £549 almost everywhere else so this seems like a good price. ---------- LG, the only Smart TV with NOW TV brings you a great offer. Buy a 2013 LG Smart TV (see t&am… Read more

John Lewis won't price match as is online only.


I've given it a go. Also going to get the Magic Remote from Currys ( EDIT: or from here: for £30


price match jl for free 5 year warranty!!!!!top tv hot!!!!!!!


Also if you want a 5 Year guarantee its £529 at richer sounds They may even price match.


Almost identical tv without 3d here for £419.

LG 42LA620V 42 inch 3D SMART WIfi LED TV from - £505.95 delivered
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Posted 28th Oct 2013Posted 28th Oct 2013
LG 42LA620V 42 inch 3D SMART WIfi LED TV from - £505.95 delivered£505.95
I'm been considering buying a new 3d TV and for my price range this LG looks good. I think it's a good price but if someone knows of a cheaper option, I'd be very happy to be prov… Read more

What mhz is this? good enough for xboxOne and ps4?


yh the passive 3d is good, with these tv to get the best out of it, fine tune the image quality in terms of colour and clarity.


Ha ha ha! Sounds like the reasons I'd normally buy a tv. Trying to understand the technical stuff this time though. ;)


Just bought a Panasonic TX L42ET60B from Richer Sounds for £549.99. It's a 42" LED Smart, Passive 3D TV. This includes a 5 year warranty. I know I was supposed to consider picture quality, motion blur and a whole lot of other technical stuff but I got it basically because the wife liked the thin silver bezel!


awesome tv its worth buying a decent 3d player aswell to watch films!!!!!!!!hot.