CheckMEND 50% off first single mobile IMEI check-50%

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Did you grab a bargain in the new year sales or receive an updated gadget as a gift? Many of us did leaving us with old kit that needs to find a new home, hopefully providing a welcome cash boost at the same time!
If you’re hoping to sell on an online auction site or marketplace, we’d naturally recommend listing the device with a CheckMEND report to enhance your listing.

Give buyers confidence, sell faster, get more money!
Give your buyers' confidence whilst helping achieve a better price when you sell with a CheckMEND certificate. All reports are easily verified online using the unique ID number.
If you're buying used avoid the hassles of faulty, stolen or blocked devices by checking first!
Check the status of a device prior to selling at second-hand stores to ensure they are accepted.

To check for just 99p simply find the device serial number or phone IMEI, complete the CheckMEND process applying the discount code* SAVE2CHECK17 during checkout.
One IMEI check

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